Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB


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m. Brown

26. April 2019

I give it five stars

So far I love this interface at first I had a little problem getting it running on my PC but once I updated my USB port everything is running great very satisfied with this purchase.

C. Santiago

26. April 2019

Homestudio in a nutshell

Everything you will ever need from an audio interface. Robust construction, crystalline recording powered by the best A/D converters money can buy, jaw dropping plugins to power its Unison technology. Thank you UAD.

V. Karaulov

23. April 2019

I cannot live without him

I am very pleased with the choice of Apollo Twin USB. Beautiful, soft sound. Convenient interface. I want to separately mention the plugins, they are wonderful. Recommend to all. Buy and enjoy!

V. Karaulov

23. April 2019

I cannot live without him

I am very pleased with the choice of Apollo Twin USB. Beautiful, soft sound. Convenient interface. I want to separately mention the plugins, they are wonderful. Recommend to all. Buy and enjoy!

С. Аксееков

18. April 2019

Apollo Twin USB

Здравствуйте, не могу зарегистрировать мой Apollo Twin USB. + UAD 2 Sattelite OCTO

B. Szukala

17. April 2019

Das beste Interface was man kaufen kann

Das Interface ist der Hammer !!!!!! Klasse Sound , super Plugins schon in der Grundausstattung dabei. Kaufempfehlung Nr 1 .

M. Panichella

14. April 2019

No paro de jugar!

Es uno de los juguetes mas divertidos que he tenido en estos ultimos años!

D. Sposato

13. April 2019

Best Audio Interface I have ever used

This is the best audio interface that I have ever used. Setup was super simple, the free plugins were an amazing extra bonus, and I now have zero latency recording ability at my finger tips. I paired the Apollo Twin USB 3.0 with some KRK 5 Gen 4s and let me tell you!!! My recordings into Reason 10 sound amazing and combined with Universal Audio's mixing suite and plugins, I am set to make some amazing songs. This audio interface was one of the best recommendations that I have ever received. Thank you for taking the time to this hardware with true quality, it really shows!! If you are reading this and haven't bought this yet, stop reading and purchase it. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.


11. April 2019

top of the top

awesome but i have a message i can't have unisson i have a message error failed to lunch console app ( config win 10 i7 8700k 32go ram gtx 1080 ti)

A. Agun

9. April 2019

Best interface I ever had

I love my usb twin. I love it because of the complete control I feel when mixing. Also the plugin bundle it comes with is great. Sometimes what I do with my mixes, I will run my mix through the twin and use UAD plugins on the signal and print back into my DAW. It is such a great Interface. I sold my Focusrite 2i2 as soon as I bought it.

J. Rubio Almanza

7. April 2019


Very compact interface and very useful to use in your desk. One of the things I like more is the big control to turn up and down the volume of your monitors or headphones.

Very easy and accesible controls in the keypad so you can select inputs and ouptups and monitorize it with one button.

The plugins are really incredible. Very easy to use and very high qulity sound. This unit is capable to run many of the plugins without having porcess trouble so if you are thinking in buying a bigger interface because of precessing I think it is not necessary.

This model has only 2 mic / line inputs, 2 line outputs and 2 monitor outputs. Even you have 1 high Z input very useful to record directly instruments. I use 8 inputs more from another interface Motu 896MKII through ADAT connection and it works perfectly on 48 Khz frequency.

d. gray

18. März 2019

Professional Interface ver clean preamps

This box is kickass only problem it beeps sometimes but I quickly found the issue and fixed it, was the Bluetooth have to disable it and no more beeps so, now it has my 5 stars

S. Nichols

13. März 2019

This little box brings the sound of the studio into your home!

I absolutely love this audio interface. I've been doing freelance voice over for nearly 8 years and this is by far the best decision I've made. I sold a few things to afford it, but boy was it worth it! The Unison preamps are amazing. With the $50 off and sale, I got the Neve Unison preamp for $50 and boy is it gorgeous in all the right ways.

I definitely recommend this, it's an amazing piece of kit!

S. Nichols

7. März 2019

This little box brings the sound of the studio into your home!

I absolutely adore this unit. I recently upgraded from an Audient iD14, and while it's a significant price increase, it's also a decent quality increase too! This Apollo Twin USB is a solid step up into the world of audio recording and offers powerful and fast tools for the home-recording artist.

The unit does get a little warm, so be sure to keep it in an open area (on top of your desk should be fine) away from other heat sources. Make sure you look at the recommended system requirements too, as this little beast needs a lot of power from your machine to really give you the best bang for your buck!

Overall, this little box brings the sound of the studio into your home!

P. Cassel

1. März 2019

Apollo Twin USB

What can I say........the sound quality is amazing,seem's very sturdy and tough.The included UAD plugins are just the best.5 out of 5 stars!

Ö. Aytacer

24. Februar 2019

Always Problems with USB 3.0 driver

This device is useless if you don`t provide a new driver package which is compatible with windows. The second computer is also not running properly. The USB Twin costs almost 800€!!!! Please support us with a solution which is working!

C. Wieszczek

22. Februar 2019

Beyond a starter package

A descent comprehensive package at a competitive price. Wish it had AES input as well as the upgraded AD/DA of its siblings

E. Labonte

8. Februar 2019

Merveilleux produit

Appareil super performant et très facile à utiliser. Merci

A. Dubart

27. Januar 2019

UAD reputation keeps it's promises

During the last 2 years, I'd been gravely hesitating about the real necessity to enter in UAD world, as my technical equipment seemed rather satisfactory. Last December . . . ok, lastly I go
I needed to take some weeks to feel, evaluate, test, compare, and now I can affirm : It's fantastic, a real revolution
My new Apollo Twin USB is now the perfect partner of my ProTools HD which works now at 25% - 30% in hot situations, sometimes 40% in extreme demands, and for the most about 12 % in cruising period, always with reassuring efficiency and reliability
More stable and quiet than everything I tried before
(Windows7 pro, i5, 32 GB)
With Unison system of course, and more globally with UAD plugins and hardware performance, everything I produce today is totally enhanced, and sounds warmer and so much more pro if I compare to the past. How could I do without before ?
Great hardware ! Don't regret at all my decision

B. Leer

25. Januar 2019


Recently I updated my modest bedroom studio and was looking for a new audio interface.
Even though my budget permitted a more expensive choice, I still wanted a reasonable price for great sound quality.
I came across the Apollo Twin 2 USB and was immediately fascinat

121-140 von 415 Ergebnisse