Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB


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Apollo Twin USB


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P. Haas

15. September 2020

Simple quick operation and very good sound

I use Apollo Twin for mixing and mastering. Excellent sound, great integration of UAD plugins and a good opportunity to use "virtual" UAD preamps (via Unison technology) when recording. I am a very satisfied customer! Good job.

T. Jones

13. September 2020

By far the best audio interface that I have ever owned

This is a great piece of gear that I would recommend to anyone. It definitely helps push your recordings from the ammeter level to the pro level. I only have two issues with the unit. I wish UAD made a USB QUAD version with ADAT inputs and (outputs) *imagine*.I know... lol But really those issues don't qualify as an issue with the unit... lol just dreaming.... Great work...

C. Bell

3. September 2020


Before this I questioned my front-end constantly...now I live in Unison World and I have dsp power! I'm blessed to know and be able to buy the greatest invention thus far, for home studios!

F. Waldhorn

29. August 2020


Mientras pasan los días trato de encontrarle alguna falla y la verdad que sólo sigo descubriendo un montón de maravillas con todas las funciones DSP y la amplia biblioteca de plugins que ofrece UA, cómoda de usar, increíble el pre, versatil, profesional, una interfaz bastante completa.


29. August 2020

Product was broken after 1 week of use

I was in first place very happy about this product and it's possibilities, quality and the plug-ins. I use this product for professional purposes (I do voice over). After a week of use suddenly in the mid of a recording I heard a click and there was no sound anymore.
I brought the product back to the shop and in first place they wanted to give me a new one but that seemed not possible because the product was registered with UA. They took contact with UA but there was no possibility to switch the registration from the broken one to a new one. To make a long story short, the shop had to send the product back to UA and I have to wait until it is repaired which could take month or longer. Do you understand that I was very upset about this, especially because I had bought some extra plug-ins and was trying out some plug ins which were only available for 9 days. I had to reconnect all my analogue stuff again to do recordings now. A real pity for such a company that was recommended to me by friends.

E. Koch

18. August 2020

Remain Calm...

when you have had it with wasting money, and the kind of latency that drives you to near suicide, on cheep 2.0 interfaces; you will eventually wind up with UA...and when you do, you will realize these interfaces were not as overpriced as you had originally thought; and as the pain melts away, you will realize it was the cheep interfaces that cost you more than they were worth, and that the UA Apollo Twin is worth every penny..

when you first get it running, you will get bubbly inside, to the verge of hyperventilating...so have a brown paper lunch sack on hand....once you get used to it, it will become more and more an everyday thing, and you will be just fine..

B. Baltruweit

18. August 2020

Great sound, disappointing software

I'm really happy with the sound the device produces. The software with Windows is frankly a bit frustrating. Nowhere is it obviously written that the I/O matrix does not work or even exist with USB3/Windows. For me, the I/O matrix was one of the reasons for the purchase decision. This is an impudence for all the money and must be improved urgently!

P. Pellegrino

13. August 2020


I'm happy about the sound quality, really good I have to say!But YOU MUST FIX THIS DRIVER ISSUE! is not a cheap audio interface and you need to listen to us CUSTOMERS. If we are happy we spend more but if we are not we switch to other brand. I hope you understand our frustration

J. Curvers

6. August 2020

Great Soundcard, USB Catastrophe

Not being able to assign internal system audio to the card if you do have the Firewire version is simply at this pricepoint.

a. pemasiri

6. August 2020


When I bought this I thought I was buying into a high quality product line but it's brought a fair amount of disappointment. Terrible USB3 compatibility, not so low latency, DSP usage maxes out really quickly, interface software crashing/unreliable.

p. Jamilpanah

5. August 2020

I love it

Best Sound Card the world!

K. Wright

1. August 2020

Exceeded my expectations

For a start, and most importantly the conversion is incredible. I was using an Eleven Rack for about 10 years which worked really well with my monitors, but it wasn't until I got the Apollo that I realized how much the Eleven Rack was coloring the sound, adding lows, and just wasn't as clear. The clarity is insane, my monitors (MR5's) and headphones (KRK's) sound so super flat. Music doesn't 'sound as good' through them but in a TRUE way. I'm hearing much more of the real thing, I bounced a couple mixes after adjusting them to what I was hearing through the Apollo and they just exploded in such a good way on a proper sound system. The sound is crystal clear, I've been hearing details I haven't heard in some music before. Next up is the monitoring control, being able to click the button in to mute the monitors, and easily switch between monitor and headphone volume control is nothing short of fantastic. This brings me to the SIZE, this thing is so small and portable, this, with my laptop, and a 500 series set up, and a fold out desk, I'm editing and mixing everywhere. I haven't even got near using the console yet and I'm blown away. Very happy. I don't usually take the time to write reviews as I'm busy, but this couldn't be helped. Get one!

T. Leite

29. Juli 2020

Muito feliz com a aquisição.

Incontestáveis as qualidades desse produto, os prés amplificadores, os plugins, só acho que poderia ter mais acessibilidade pra quem usa windows, outra coisa que não entendi, e que antes de cadastrar eu tinha 24 plugins disponíveis, após me cadastrar me limitaram a 12.

h. alfardan

28. Juli 2020

apollo twin

I found it little bit hard to handle the software since I couldn’t found how to run the UAD application for the recording because I didn’t find a way to run it manually and it didn’t run by it self automatically (I don’t know what the name of it .. but it’s the application from UAD ) so I tried the pro tools and it’s worked with it . but I still want to try your application

G. Brown

26. Juli 2020

Expensive but worth it.

Yes, the initial cost is high but you get a nice bundle of plugins which equates to the cost of the hardware. Other than cost, my only criticism is that the plugins are proprietary and can only be used with the Apollo hardware. Here’s the positives: low latency and excellent quality plugins. With my existing windows desktop there was no way I could record live without extreme latency. The Apollo has effectively eliminated all latency - this is huge! I’m only beginning to scratch the surface with the plugins but it is clear that they are among the best I have ever worked with. If you can afford it, the Apollo is well worth the investment.

A. Adami

18. Juli 2020

Love it

Great interface, especially love the plugins.

B. Kelley

16. Juli 2020

Not compatible with anything but Mac

Yall should do better for your prices i expect better support but im not buying into mac just to get a decent version of your products returned quick

P. McArthur

16. Juli 2020

Expensive for what you get and technical issues

When I bought this I thought I was buying into a high quality product line but it's brought a fair amount of disappointment. Terrible USB3 compatibility, not so low latency, DSP usage maxes out really quickly, interface software crashing/unreliable. I also encounter way more random clicks and pops in the DAW than I have with other reputable brands devices, especially using lower buffer sizes. For the price, I highly recommend another brand with more inputs and reliable connectivity (RME are rock solid, Focusrite have been amazing in my experience).

If you're buying into UAD plugins and this is your first interface then this is fine - if not, it's a terrible use of money.

J. Je

13. Juli 2020

굉장히 훌륭한 선택입니다

아날로그 장비들의 특징들을 익히는데 정말 큰 도움이 됩니다. 물론 복각 퀄리티도 상당히 뛰어나고 유니즌프리로 다양한 색채를 선택하고 인풋단에 다양한 이펙트를 걸 수 있다는 것도 매력적입니다. 동가격대 인터페이스 중에서 이만한 올인원 기기가 없습니다.

L. Kuoppala

12. Juli 2020

Something wrong

Sadly my computer did not like the device. Blue screen of death appeared in every few hours. Had to return the device. Now i have all these plug ins, but no device. Maybe next time i choose thunderbolt version, because this usb version is pretty old. (2015 said the box).

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