Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB


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Apollo Twin USB


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E. Fischer

21. August 2017

Next level

No regrets and no turning back! UA is next level and has taken my sound to a professional mastered sound. Can't say enough about the sonic character!

K. Orman-Janowski

15. August 2017

So much magic in that small elegant box !

Great sound, great preamps, and of course plugins loaded to dsp gives me big advantage on composing and mixing, using just only one machine, even with very large orchestral templates. I also love design, cute and solid in the same time !

S. Soares Baptista

10. August 2017

A must have!

I have a small home studio setup, recently changed my old Presonus usb 22vsl for the Apollo Twin Duo and the difference it makes is beyond incredible. Now all my tracks sound professional, something I couldn't achieve before. UAD plugins are out of this world and the best thing is you can use them in the virtual console and record with no latency at all. I'll be using this for many years and songs to come! Just make sure your pc meets the requierements.

E. Gremillion

6. August 2017

If your PC has an AMD processor, don't buy this.

This interface's incompatibility with PCs that have an AMD processor, which causes pops and crackles during playback & recording, is not listed in the system requirements on sites like Guitar Center and Sweetwater. So check what kind of processor you have before buying the Apollo Twin. The interface works with Intel processors, not AMD.
Fortunately the store let me return it for a full refund with 14 days of purchase. I wish the store employees were educated about this incompatibility which would have prevented days of troubleshooting. I even talked to a guy who taught recording engineering at Guitar Center before buying this unit from him as sales clerk, and he was clueless about the problem, so I think the incompatibility needs to be more widely known to save other people the trouble I had. The UA marketing rep even came out to my house twice to help troubleshoot, and even he wasn't aware that folks with AMD processors shouldn't use it. Otherwise, I've read good things about the interface which apparently has worked for people with Intel processors. May you have better luck.

T. Sakurai

5. August 2017


"Unison" is a wonderful feature. My performance improved owing to Unison.

J. Bruce

30. Juli 2017

Excellent product for the money

Good so far...

F. Piterà

27. Juli 2017


This audio interface is all I needed to upgrade my studio! The sound I can get out of it is impressive and the plug-in are amazing!! THIS IS TOTALLY A MUST BUY

陽. 竹川

21. Juli 2017



S. Morse

12. Juli 2017

Game Changer

I've owned an Octo for a few years, but Unison with an Apollo is a game changer. Fantastic quality, great value.

J. Woolcot

2. Juli 2017

A sleep depriving monster!

It only gets better than this when you spend a million pounds on an awesome desk, with outstanding outboard. I have genuinely been getting no more than 3 hours sleep a night since buying this, I just want to use it all the time. The lack of latancy is a huge deal for me, tracking through (what sounds like) real gear is simply incredible, and mixing with their plugs achieves results that will blow you away.

B. Blackmer

2. Juli 2017

Incredible interface with great plugins

The Unison Preamps changed the way I record. Being able to record through a neve for less than an 8th of the price of a 1073 is amazing. I record mainly vocals and guitar so the Unison Preamps really help to achieve a great sound going in.

K. Hankins

21. Juni 2017

Apollo Twin is the best audio device in its class!

I've had the Duet 1, Duet 2 and the Apollo Twin to compare. The Apogee is a clean sound and was the best AD/DA audio device in its class until the Universal Audio Apollo Twin was released. No other product in its class can compare to the Unison Mode recording capability. The extra 3-4 stereo and 8-channel ADAT outputs upscale the functionality of this unit as well. Great product!

星. 周

9. Juni 2017

Apollo had many shortcomings

1., stability needs to be strengthened, the price of the sound card should not have such stability
2. switching sampling rate will have serious distortion, although solved, but can not casually switch sampling is not good
3., heat dissipation is too bad
4. words don't push enough. Big enough to make noise, noise, or current
5., Appollo, in my opinion, is a artifact of sound cards, but there are many problems
Before YAMAHA ur44 I think is block artifact card, great stability. Ah... Three times the price gap is not ideal... I hope Appollo can put it as soon as possible to solve the problems such as heat stable noise sampling compatible, want to open every day, it is impossible, too hot. In addition: this sound card without MIDI? I think the price is halved and there's a price to play. Here's no UAD, just talk about Appollo
Maybe my comment is low. I just want Appollo to go up


3. Juni 2017




m. salehi

22. Mai 2017


is the best <3

T. Nelson

20. Mai 2017

Best interface for the money hands down!

This is by far the best interface that I have ever owned as far as flexibility latency and sound quality. Great job universal audio.

C. Lambros

18. Mai 2017

Amazing audio interface

Love it! Sound quality is awesome! Hooks up easy and runs smoothly especially after I optimized my PC. I am very happy with this piece I just signed my new song to Sheeva Records called (Walk Da Floor) thanks to this incredible piece and all the excellent UAD plug-ins I purchased. Thank you UAD for incredible gear!


18. Mai 2017

Total comfort

I couldn't really work with my UAD2 Solo and searched for a less greedy solution. So I've been looking for plugs out of UA but, no, not as good.
Now with my Satellite thunderbolt Quad I can really do it, all my tracks are now SSLs with effects, amps and a Lexicon 224 on the drums etc, etc...
It is total comfort, no cracks, no bugs, no crises.
It is just about WORK!

J. Koslen

17. Mai 2017

Upgrade to Apollo Twin MK II Quad

I'm happy to report that the upgrade from my Twin Duo silver face to a Twin Quad black face is pure joy. The difference in the pre's is noticeable to me. And having 4 cores to add to my Thunderbolt Octo Satellite makes for even smoother sailing.

S. McKeever

14. Mai 2017

I love this!

I've had several interfaces, some great, from different companies. This is just the best. Great sound, and the dsp lets me add plugins wothout worrying about latency. I later added an octo satellite, it was so good. Buy one!

221-240 von 398 Ergebnisse