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Apollo Solo


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W. Brady

19. August 2021

Studio in a Bag - Perfect!

Runs perfect under Windows 10 with an HP Zbook Firefly i7 14” G7. Use it for Voiceovers with the FREE included Classics Bundled UA 610B the Teletronix LA-2A, and the Pultec EQP-1. I have the Thunderbolt 3 and it runs fine when the notebooks power supply is unplugged. My mic is a Sennheiser 416 so it all fits in a Bag. My 1st plug-in purchase with be the Neve 1073, still have a few days on the Free demo. UA is Awesome!!!

L. Apan

5. August 2021

Perfect upgrade

The best product for home studios and mobile sessions. Works seamlessly with my Mac.

C. Garcia

14. Juli 2021

Secret discovered

I've always wondered: How do they get that warm sound in their recording and mixing?

The answer: apollo Interface. A sound so warm and of such quality as if you had the analog equipment of thousands of dollars in your bedroom.

No one is paying me to say this: Once you try it you won't want to change it, guaranteed.

S. Chernyavskiy

24. Juni 2021

Apollo Solo and MacBook Pro M1

Bought Apollo Solo for MacBook Pro M1 and it work great!

l. tom

19. Juni 2021


Extremely aggravated or maybe I should have did more research before I purchased it for my pc windows 10 which I have 32 gigs of RAM i7 all the good stuff just cannot get it to work properly and all the videos were not very helpful they to be more communicative about the problems this product has with Windows

M. Zan

2. Juni 2021

perfect upgrade or me

I play guitar and have been recording as a hobby just to branch out. After using a Focusrite 6i6 for several years, this is definitely an upgrade.
Currently using a Mac Mini with an M1 chip and Logic Pro X. The setup was a little weird because I had to adjust settings through my disc utility however, everything now works nearly perfectly. Only troubleshooting left to do is sort out the double signal output. The box outputs a clean channel and I use input monitoring in logic so i can play along with other plugins - confident i can youtube to resolve though.

A. Moore

26. Mai 2021

Oh yeah, love it

A beautiful design, solid build, all that I've played with inside the limited time I've had it has worked great with my MacBook Air with M1 chip. Love it, plus it looks seriously sweet next to the Mac and a Neuman TLM 103.

E. Presencia

21. Mai 2021

Don't buy this!

I bought the USB version because it is supposed to work on Windows .. to my surprise you can't even configure the inputs and outputs on the UA console! how is it possible that a Focusrite Sarlett 2i2 works better than this which is worth almost double! It is a terrible purchase, it is practically a scam that they say that it works in Windows when it really does not, a shame!

A. Arrigorriaga

21. Mai 2021

It does not work well

I bought an Apollo Solo together with an HP Omen computer with thunderbolt 3, but the interface has only been headaches. I did everything recommended by the company and now the interface is in technical service of the store that sold it to me. The problem is that there is interference when recording or monitoring. Too bad that Windows users are not covered but tell you that it is suitable for this. My steinberg ur242 may not compare but it has allowed me to continue working.

s. ali

18. Mai 2021


love it wish had more free plugins for vocals

D. Sidnev

5. Mai 2021

Shame on thee, no help, no future.

Well, what can I say, as always, we, the little, no name guys, like myself, being screwed by the „big brother“ of an Universal Audio adverts.
Bought Apollo Solo recently hoping to be the part of the promotion on plugins, but somehow turns out my Apollo is pre-owned and no plugins for me whatsoever.
But the interface is awesome, hooked up some of my musican friend on it. Haha.

r. caraballo

19. April 2021

Awesome Entry Level

I owned an Apollo Twin X Duo for Windows and switched to The new MacBook Pro M1 running on Big Sur, and it’s running beautifully. I give it 4.99/5 just for the fact that it could’ve came with a better headphone AMP, the volumen on the Duo goes way louder! And my Neumann headphones or my AT mx 40 can’t go any higher which is the ONLY BUMMER, the dsp bug happens to the best of us and has its way around. All in all Apollo is the industries best hands Down

E. Hallmer

14. April 2021


Wish I had bought this product way, way, way back! Great sound, the best plug-ins! It just turns everything I do to pure gold!

P. Stoppini

13. April 2021

Great but

Amazing product, not so plug and play, you need practice.
If you want to use it in its full power there are two main issues:
setup is not easy
it's not difficult to go out of DSP power, maybe a Twin would have been a better choice

N. Castillo

11. April 2021

Pésima en Windows 10.

A pesar de que se bajan todos los drivers. En un computador core i7 de 11ava gen. Funciona con muchos problemas, muchos clicks. No están bien configurados los drivers. Pésima compra, miren todos los foros y videos en Youtube antes de hacer la compra. Pésima.

B. Knutson

5. April 2021


Wasted my entire day dealing with this POS. If you have a newer Mac, don't waste your money. Likely will just give you a headache. Been on phone with customer service, watched tons of trouble shooting videos, still get no audio output from my monitors or studio phones. Janky, cheap, POS. Don't waste your money/time.

Z. Chen

1. April 2021

Apollo Solo

Sounds amazing.

S. Neron

30. März 2021

Appolo sollo

The son is bieatyfull i like it

K. Garcia

25. März 2021

Apollo Solo is Amazing!

great pre-amps, fast processing, little heat, absurdly fantastic.

J. Garry

23. März 2021

Shocked & Awed

that for unknown stupid reasons, I wait until now to get onboard with UA Apollo!

121-140 von 219 Ergebnisse