API® Vision Console Emulation Bundle

API® Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Regulärer Preis: $699.00


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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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G. Link

23. September 2016

Great plugin to have in your arsenal.

The API Vision brings a clarity to tracks that is unrivaled. I picked this as part of my 6 plugins combo I purchased when I registered my Apollo Twin USB. I spent a few intense weeks of just rigorously testing out various UAD plugins over and over, and researching to decide which ones to get. In other words, I spent a LOT of time making sure to pick out the bests. Out of all the preamps and channel strips, the API vision was my favorite (besides the Neve 1073 which I also got). Right off the bat it's easy to work with and make the tracks sound noticeably better. If you want a can-do-it-all type of plugin for compression, eq, etc, get the API Vision.

O. Scholz

13. September 2016

Sometimes less is more

This channelstrip brings the smack I like. Even if you crank up the compression, it's still nice an silky.
Even using "creative gain" (in other words: distortion) is nice, not harsh.

But what I like the best: fixed EQ switches/pots - go back and work with what you have, not use every single knob that's been found on the FX! Easier to use, more concentrated on the sound.

The channestrip ads some character, not to much, not to little.

I use it on most mixes (sometime SSL has the edge on API if it comes so clarity/non-character) and I won't do without it!

Absolutely a "non-regret".

j. dee

20. August 2016

Something for the weekend

i make my own luck and with that have been lucky enough to spend a lot of hours on an api console. This channel is really something. Like it really does have a sound and it's own character. Its pretty much the only channel that deals with really loud female vocals,i don't mean the prissy swedish whisper pop tripe,i mean like diamond galis,p.j. harvey. Brings it right to the front and as many have said before me the de esser is really good. For me it was a no brainer and with the bundle deal right now i got this and the amaze balls curve bender for the price of just the API.. Save up you'r beans and get this one.

A. Brits

18. August 2016

Punchy. Clear. Typically API.

This was my first purchase in UAD Land. The learning curve was straight forward and after getting used to the ergonomics of the device it became my default channel strip. When it comes to Electric Guitars and Drums, this channel strip really comes into its own. The fact that the Q of the EQ adjusts automatically to the gain allows you to save precious minutes which add up to a significant amount of time by the end of an album. It is what I would call an instant gratification strip.

The Dynamics section is as musical as you need it to be. I find a little goes a long, way with these guys. Very useful and taste full.

Great work UAD team, you guys smashed it. Again.

S. Giordano

9. August 2016

Amazing Channel Strip - API Sound Quality

This one is a winner! Amazing warmth & pristine quality. Even the presets are on-point. UAD did it AGAIN with this plugin .Can't believe its a plugin . Again, hardware quality with a fraction of the cost. Great color, clarity , warmth and punch - this thing sounds amazing!

C. Lee

6. August 2016

API, will be my next favorate!

I have been using neve 1073 and la610 for unison preamp.
If you have two of those, you need to get the third one, API.
The way I see those, 610 is smooth, API is solid, and neve is in the middle of two.
So When you have those three, you can do almost any recordinf you need.

J. Whitesides

3. August 2016

How Can You Not Have An API In Your Arsenal?

First used this on a vocal that needed to cut thru the mix. Ever since then, I knew I had to have it. The super crisp and snappy response of the API is unlike anything Neve or LA2A. When you need that precise and quick response, you need the API pure and simple. You won't be disappointed. Its now one of my go to inputs for Vocals.

R. Williamson

29. Juli 2016


GREAT ALL AOUND STRIP!!!!! Killer for Bass Shaping and Compression

N. Lifschey

14. Juli 2016

Sounds great, but GUI needs modernization.

This plugin sounds incredible. But it also suffers from the same problem that almost all of their vintage plugs do: UA refuses to move into modern times with the GUI. You can't see the values of anything you're adjusting, and in recreating the exact layout of the original hardware, it's not as easy to see and navigate as it should be. For people like me who do extremely rapid work with super tight turnarounds with very precise adjustments (post production), it's a real drag. They should also go the Slate route and offer more EQ points (or continuously adjustable), etc. UA makes great sounding plugins but they are stuck in old times GUI-wise -- if they moved their GUIs to the 21st century, I would buy more. I stopped after this one.

L. Herve

29. Juni 2016

5 stars for the sound but...

... Big DSP consumption and it's a little expensive (thanks for the Black Friday, and the Half-Year sales ;-p ). It would be very fine to have a version with only the preamp and the hi and low pass filter for the Unison tracking.
But it sounds very good.

L. Herve

29. Juni 2016

5 stars for the sound but...

... Big DSP consumption and it's a little expensive (thanks for the Black Friday, and the Half-Year sales ;-p ). It would be very fine to have a version with only the preamp and the hi and low pass filter for the Unison tracking.
But it sounds very good.

J. Johnson II

29. Juni 2016

Splendid Product

I just purchased the API Vision Channel Strip, I used it for the first time last night on a hip hop vocal session. I have been on a trip of running the few vocals i have recorded so far on an AT 2035 ($149) through my my new Apollo 8 Quad unison preamps. Just to see what results I can get. Let me say with the API Vision i was able to dial in on a nice sweet sound for the vocals. I wish UA had something integrated so you could place a sample of the work you have done with the plugins you're reviewing. The vocals were sitting up front before they were mixed. They were shining awesome during tracking. There is everything on this strip you will need! Buy It! You won't be disappointed!

UAD User

29. Juni 2016

A clean, pristine channel strip

The Vision has def. become my go-to preamp when tracking. If it wasn't so DSP hungry, I'd be using it a lot more often when mixing as well. The API definitely gives a clean, sometimes even direct-like response to my vocal and guitar tracks. Would've def. been 5 stars without the big DSP footprint!

UAD User

23. Juni 2016



D. Gray

21. Juni 2016

Great multipurpose plugin

This is a no brainer for how many uses it gets. I really like the gate on live drums (my go to). I do kind of expect a little more out of the pre and eq section. It is world class but lacks a bit of what i was hoping for (was hoping for more of what the HW actually sounds like). I would say its a must have in your collection!!

N. Christie

21. Juni 2016

Simply stunning

This is my go to for drum tracking.
It's always on my console preset I pull it up and get straight to tracking
It's unison and it sounds amazing!

M. Walter

21. Juni 2016

Incredible for Tracking! A Must Have Tool!

I have been using this channel strip for tracking drums and vocals over the past few days. However, I do not use it in the mixing phase. It uses a lot of DSP, so it isn't very economical during mixing, but It really shines during tracking. I love that (because of unison technology on the Apollo) I can track right through the API Vision Channel. Its actually been a lot of fun shaping tracks with this channel strip, and not having to do a ton of work in the mixing phase. The API lets me get great sounding tracks in a very portable rig (Apollo Quad) without having to take a ton of outboard gear with me. The API Vision Channel will definitely give you great sounding tracks that you won't hesitate to commit into your DAW.

UAD User

20. Juni 2016

Great and versatile channelstrip

I'm using the API Vision mainly for recording electric and acoustic guitars (with Apollo Twin) and I really love it. Coming from 100% hardware I'm surprised about the quality of the UAD-channelstrips generally. I'm also using Neve 1073 and UA 610 A/B, but the API Vision is the best for me.

j. hartmann

18. Juni 2016

unfassbar gutes Teil

lange habe ich gezögert, ob ich für ein plug in nochmal geld ausgeben will... aber ich bereue es keineswegs. der preamp macht einen so klaren, direkten, edlen sound – ohne kälte. vlt. norwegen an einem warmen sommertag. das gate ist das beste, dass ich je ausprobiert habe. compressor auch gut. nicht fett, aber gut. ... aber dann der eq. also mit dem es selten viel spass.
ein wirklich ganz, ganz tolles teil. maag und helios braucht man nicht mehr.

J. Le Saint

13. Juni 2016

Really nice channetlstrip

Warm, powerful and responsive: fine and effective tool for recording & mixing !

1281-1300 von 1665 Ergebnisse