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A. Elfimov

16. Dezember 2015

An unexpectedly useful and versatile tool

I rarely use channel strip plugins, but went ahead and purchased this on a coworker's advice. Haven't had time yet to run it through places, but it's clear enough already I *will* be using it extensively. What a lovely plugin. Very tight and defined sound; not as 'dry' as the SSL but has just the right amount of color. The preamp is not harsh, and wonderfully warms bass & drums. The EQ is what you'd expect from an API EQ plugin. What I was surprised with is gate -- it is indeed so dynamic and responsive, just brilliant. Basically, that entire middle 'gate/comp' strip is brilliant and will surely find much use. Overall, I didn't expect to be as excited with this strip as I actually am. But, yes, it does it up DSP instances quickly [sigh].

T. Apikos

16. Dezember 2015


Nice GUI. I wish it wasn't such a resource hog.

A. Oseghale

16. Dezember 2015


I have never been a fan of channel strip neither do i know how the original hardware or the console sound like , In the past i tried a few but this thing here is the real deal.
i went back to few old mixes to try it out. it tortured the stack of drum kicks that i had a hard time putting together. I use a lot of drum kick stacked and the moment i cranked the PREAMP i could feel a sense of relieve finally. the comp is very good in all the things i have thrown at it and it is my now go to when stacking synth and drums. I would not go for the eq on a surgical mission but very good to tame things with. again thanks to UAD for bringing this to people like me.


R. Elliott

15. Dezember 2015

Actually 4.5 stars

I feel like an Olympic judge and will give a half point deduction for DSP usage. Other than that, this plugin is pretty incredible...especially for anything that rocks. I like driving the virtual front end of this thing and use some subtle compression just to tame any drastic transients. You guys are truly the best. I know being the best comes with a price, and you are worth every penny.

D. Hamilton-Leid

15. Dezember 2015

Great tone shaper

Enjoy using this plugin compared to the waves version. Great results on drums and guitars.

D. Hamilton-Leid

15. Dezember 2015

Great sounding with a fast workflow

No only is a great sound plugin but offers me a great and quick workflow which I rarely get from other channel strips


15. Dezember 2015

Sounds good

Very efficient preamp. So nice on drums, I recommand.

K. Ealy

15. Dezember 2015


Awesome emulation, Possibly prefer the UAD SSL over the Waves and API. Lindell 500 series, is a getting closer to the real thing.

S. Benn

15. Dezember 2015

Very impressed

I've never used any physical API gear but was impressed with the demo so went ahead a bought
It during the Black Friday sale. Definitely worth it - lots of bite, the preamp emulation, even with the eq flat really adds some bite to electric guitars when recording. Like the Neve Unison strips, it is DSP heavy, but track through it and be confident to going to sound great.

K. Lee

14. Dezember 2015

Everything you heard about it is true

This is a great channel strip! And easy on cpu.
I can add a few on my apollo twin. Like it on drum busses, vocals, bass! I wouldn't demo this unless you got the cash to purchase it. It's that good

J. Hare

14. Dezember 2015

Incredible for tracking!

In the analog struggle for "which version of API?", this has turned out to be one or the most cost effective/great sounding options. I love using this in real time recording because it gives you that analog feel without the price. I don't consider myself an "in the box" type engineer, but UAD real time is the exception.

Bottom line... The API Vision Channel strip is fantastic. So many options and honestly, you could cover anything you need to with this single plug-in. I do also recommend grabbing the Neve 1073 plug too! These paired together on drums really give a nice flavor and form to everything. Its a good way to get that "glue" when tracking.

P. Hird

14. Dezember 2015

Absolutey Brilliant

The API Vision channel strip is superb for tracking as a Unison plug through the Apollo console and I find myself using it more than any standalone EQ I have in my arsenal when mixing too!
Out of the park.

R. Oude Wesselink

14. Dezember 2015

Very nice one

Very nice plugin, preamp sounds great, very musical filters. Eq is a one of my favorite modelled analog eq's out there.
It's a bit to much DSP eating i think (quad setup)

B. Calmon

13. Dezember 2015


Amazing preamp, amazing channel strip, great character, have guts.

J. Medina

13. Dezember 2015


Me parece impresionante como suena el preamp API con mi u87.

Todo el canal es genial. Es justo lo que se espera del sonido API. Ni más ni menos.

M. Angehed

13. Dezember 2015

Great sound and functions in one strip

Using this one every time since purchase on most drum channels (though OH I like 1073 a bit more usually), also really like it on guitars, random percussion. Great to be able to crank the pre, lower the output and get that pushed API character direct to DAW with the Unison preamps. Every module is easy to use and the combination of them is great - you can really craft a mix quickly when you commit to use the strip's modules to get the sound you're after (why wouldn't you, it sounds great!) and not just add other plugins to achieve the sound. To be able to do that directly in Console 2.0 is saving lot of time and is giving everyone a much nicer headphone mix as well, which is always helpful to get inspired performances out of the musicians!


12. Dezember 2015

Sound can't be beat

If you *only* turn the gain up and listen to the rich sound imparted by the plug, it's worth the price of admission right there. The rest is really good gravy.

R. Saunders

11. Dezember 2015

Very powerful and high quality channel strip, sensational

The Gate and Compressor on this channel strip are worth it alone, never mind the superb preamp and EQ filters. A totally worthwhile purchase if you time the sales right and absolutely worth the DSP usage. Wait till you hear it.

J. Perez

11. Dezember 2015


I am so happy that I could bought this plug in.
I got a good deal during black Friday and I can't be more happy to spend money on this.
Sound great, work amazing as UNISON pre amp. I can't say more than WOW!!

M. Barberini

11. Dezember 2015


This plugin is anaxing, I'm only giving 4 stars because this thing eats up DSP so hard to use in a mix.

1901-1920 von 2309 Ergebnisse