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Hol Dir die komplette Suite der API Plug-ins mit Channel Strip, Compressor, Preamp und EQs.

Das API Complete Bundle für UAD Hardware und Apollo Interfaces macht all die Klangfarben des klassischen API Sounds zum Greifen nahe. Du sparst Hunderte von Euro gegenüber dem Einzelkauf dieser preisgekrönten UAD Plug-ins und bekommst mit dem API Complete Bundle die authentischsten Software-Emulationen von APIs heiligster Hardware.

Mit atemberaubenden Emulationen von APIs legendärsten Preamp-, Kompressions-, EQ- und Expander/Gate-Konsolenmodulen aufnehmen und mixen

Deine Stereo-Mixe und Subgruppen mit der weltweit besten Schaltungsemulation des renommierten API 2500 Kompressors verdichten

Ganz einfach "durch" die weltweit einzige authentische Plug-in Emulation des legendären Class-A, API 212L Mikrofonvorverstärkers aufnehmen

Audioquellen mit APIs Vintage 560 10-Band Grafik-EQ-Modul und dem geliebten 550A parametrischen EQ formen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Mit der API Vision Channel Strip Collection bekommst Du alle wichtigen Recording- und Mixing-Funktionen in einem einzigen Plug-in und kannst Deine Tracks mit APIs legendären Modulen der L-Serie aus dem Flaggschiff der Vision-Konsole gestalten. Mit dem legendären API 212L Preamp kannst Du Signale mühelos aufwerten, Audioquellen mit dem neuen 10-Band-Grafik-EQ-Modul der 560L-Serie und dem modernen parametrischen 4-Band-EQ 550L modellieren, Transienten mit dem 225L-Kompressor zähmen, Rauschen mit dem 235L-Gate/Expander eindämmen und Audioquellen mit den voll durchstimmbaren Hi/Lo-Pass-Filtern des 215L anpassen.

API 2500 Bus Compressor

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Das API 2500 Bus Compressor Plug-in ist eine obsessiv genaue Emulation von APIs Flaggschiff-Kompressor — einschließlich der detaillierten Modellierung der API-Transformatoren und der 2510- und 2520-Operationsverstärker — und verleiht Stereo-Mixen und Subgruppen Energie, Bewegung und Klangfarbe, genau wie die Hardware. Mit der patentierten Thrust-Technologie von API lassen sich tiefe Frequenzen mühelos anheben, Du kannst zwischen "Old"- und "New"-Style-Kompression wählen, Deinen Workflow mit den Plug-in Reglern für Mix und Headroom optimieren und vieles mehr.

API Preamp

API Preamp

Erhalte den Charakter und den Sound von APIs Hit-produzierendem 212L Mic Preamp mit einem einfachen Plug-in mit zwei Reglern und Unison-Technologie, perfekt für Apollo-Besitzer. Das API Preamp Plug-ins bietet einen Mic/Line-Schalter, einen eigenen Cut-Filter und ein -6 dB Line-Pad. Du kannst mit dem Apollo Interface in Echtzeit durch den legendären Vorverstärker aufnehmen, und das bei extrem niedrigem DSP-Verbrauch.

API 500 EQ Collection

API 500 EQ Collection

Die API 500 EQ Collection bildet den Punch, die Transparenz und die tighte Klanggestaltung der legendären Vintage-EQs von API deatilgetreu nach und emuliert diese klassischen Klangformer meisterhaft. Das API 550A Plug-in bietet drei sich überlappende Bänder des parametrischen EQs, einen unabhängigen Bandpassfilter von 50 Hz bis 15 kHz und einen wählbaren Peak- oder Shelving-Modus. Du kannst mit dem API 560 Plug-in mit zehn Bändern des grafischen EQs modellieren, ideal für die Bearbeitung mit chirurgischer Präzision. Außerdem erweitert APIs "Proportional Q" intuitiv die Bandbreite bei niedrigeren Boost/Cut-Pegeln und verengt sie bei höheren Pegeln, sodass Du mehr Kontrolle über Deinen Mix erhältst.

Hinweis: Das API Complete UAD Bundle enthält keine LUNA API Console Emulation.


The full suite of API plug-ins, featuring stunning emulations of API's most iconic preamp, compression, EQ, and expander/gate console modules

API 2500 Compressor glues together your stereo mixes and subgroups with the world’s finest circuit emulation of the revered The API 2500 compressor

The world’s only authentic plug-in emulation of the legendary Class-A, API 212L mic preamp

API's vintage 560 10-band graphic EQ module and beloved 550A parametric EQ


API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle



B. Wright

6. Februar 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Has become my go-to

F. Coloma Quiles

5. Februar 2024

Good stuff, but...

Sound is great, without any doubt. Unfortunately the upgrade doesn't include the API Console Emulation for Luna nor the API pre for some color without running out of DSP.

R. Miller II

2. Februar 2024



L. Kopanski

2. Februar 2024

Exceptional emulation.

My mixes sounds like never before. This EQ really makes a different. Dont be scare to put it on the mix bus. It's opening the mix like nothing else.

L. Magnolfi

1. Februar 2024

Classic sound!

Feels just like the real unit! Great plug-in. Instant classic sound!

V. Stepanski

1. Februar 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Legendary compressor, great

R. Visbal

1. Februar 2024


Drum Buss… Mix Buss… It’s just MAGIC!!!

c. rosario

1. Februar 2024

EQ that pops

This EQ is amazing, the 550A simply pops out a vocal as soon as you apply a preset , that how good it is.
Can’t wait to see what’s next from UAD

j. banuelos

31. Januar 2024

Best channel strip you can get!

You just can’t go wrong with API! Bring life into your tracking or mixing sessions instantly. Been using this channel strip for years!!!

p. voltan

31. Januar 2024

Electric Violin

Most interfaces are not friendly violins directly plugin this channel strip and give me options from 1073 and 610 and once EQ all I need to add is reverb. excellent.

S. Kokeric

31. Januar 2024

One of the best channel strips

Lot of character, perfect tool.

m. criscuolo

31. Januar 2024

Api Preamp

Amazing , pity that the uadx cannot be inserted into the console with the unison preamps, I should buy the uadx preamp Neve 1073 to be able to use it for monitoring in the console of my Apollo x8

M. Navarro

30. Januar 2024

The Drum Buss Must

The API2500 is the compressor for the drum buss, keep the punch and glues every hit with a nice color of the circuit. In Parallel is a beast also.

A. chandra

30. Januar 2024

Tight & Warm

Exellent plugins and the most analog warm and natural sounding ones i have.

F. Frabetti

30. Januar 2024

How many records have you listened to, mixed in API console?

I really like using this channel strip. In my mixes I put it on many channels. Basically it has a very characteristic sound, it makes every sound rich and concrete. It is not a discreet instrument, in fact very vintage. The mids become doughy and silky, I like it.
I really like the HPF, very soft, which keeps the sound credible even with high cuts.
The gate and compressor are very easy to use, with limited options (e.g. three attack times, fixed) but they always sound good. That's easy, right?
Two EQS with different sounds and different modes of use, which equalize with a "sounding" naturalness.
At the end of the path there is a fader that allows a good dosage of the analogue sound. Personally I also use it (within certain limits) as an automated fader for the final part of the mix, rather than acting on the track level.
Since I have known it, I have never failed to use it.


30. Januar 2024

My favourite plugins

This is a very nice plugin. I use it in all my mixing. This is my favorite. Thank you so much for creating such plugins. I love this universal audio


30. Januar 2024

My favourite plugins

This is a very nice plugin. I use it in all my mixing. This is my favorite. Thank you so much for creating such plugins. I love this universal audio

H. Lee

29. Januar 2024

I'm a big fan

Punch! Punch! Punch!

S. Kallimanis

27. Januar 2024

Very good idea but needs work

I like the interface as is laid out just as the original. I don't really care about the sound, I prefer separate plugins but its nice asset to have. I don't understand though why I cannot use it as extension in luna and I need to buy separate the preamp and summing. I like Neve summing better, so why buy API too if I am not gonna use it. I guess corporate policies to make us buy more....

T. Scarabino

25. Januar 2024

Crazy quality and sound

I've always wanted to understand why API sound has such an excellent reputation, after all I've always turned my attention to other channel strips usually related to brands like SSL or Neve.

I decided to try it and touch first-hand what it is. Ok, the game is over, I bought it right after because it has a beautiful sound, the sound that was missing from my trusted armory, today I can say that I use it as a priority compared to other channel strips, it's just beautiful.

The pre section gives an excellent harmonic contribution, especially if pumped to high levels and even more so if you want to become bad with the Mic mode. Nice the high pass filter already in the pre section, sometimes it's enough alone to sculpt a loop that's too swollen at the bottom.

The filters are very musical and allow a never drastic facelift but always full of musicality, I was really surprised.

I continue by saying that only the compressor is worth the amount that the plugin costs, I would say that it is able to control every type of signal without ever being pumped, it cuts the dynamics even by several dB without ever destroying the sound. Depending on the type of sound you want you can select one of the two retro or more modern modes, both beautiful depending on the situation, I love it. I used it on a semi-acoustic guitar and a particularly dynamic voice and the result was absurd.

Here I am at the eq: initially it was not easy to get into the perspective of using steps at 2dB at a time and at fixed frequencies but once you understand how to use it to the best you realize that those frequencies are all you need, the four bands are perfect to find the perfect sound and shape everything.

I wanted to wait to write a review to avoid falling into the excess of enthusiasm of a newly private novelty. After days of use I can only say that I love it, it give a beautiful and decisive sound, certainly its sound identity is clear and defined in the mid-highs but without ever becoming sour, in fact it was what I feared and fortunately it was not. The API sound usually remind to the rock genre but I use it with great satisfaction for jazz and pop/funk mixes.

This experience with Universal Audio made me touch the great quality related to the UA brand, I congratulate the developers.