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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle


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N. Jeremic

16. Oktober 2023

Fantastic bus compressor

Great bus compressor for any type of percussive material, as well as stereo mix bus.

F. Maffioletti

16. Oktober 2023


Best Channel Strip!! All in 1

A. Kamaruddin

16. Oktober 2023

API vision channel strip

Can’t do without it . Works awesomely well in hard rock/grunge guitars

J. Harris

16. Oktober 2023

I Quite like the Sound on the Bus

Without too much effort its one of those things that just works on the mix bus. glue it all together 2500 style.

A. Smith

15. Oktober 2023

Perfect on drums

Add this to your drum bus, you can also add it on your master chain and get great results.

R. Vignini

15. Oktober 2023

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Best bus compressor for drums excellent also for acoustic guitars

T. Don

15. Oktober 2023

My Favorite

I try it this vst first time, now I love it I will never miss this plugins! Mike dean Preset is also a nice start point for me ;)

r. pondevida

14. Oktober 2023


Very good on buss

a. mansilla

13. Oktober 2023

One of the best!

Good sound! Good gate! Nice color! One of the best plugins on my sessions!!
Thanks Uad!!

C. Gonzalez Bueno

13. Oktober 2023

The Best In The Game!!!

The dimension this thing has and how it handles low-end is top notch. My go to for drums bus and mastering.

P. Donovan

13. Oktober 2023


Excellent channel strip. Love the pre-amp and the switchable eqs!

D. Dunkin

13. Oktober 2023

Everyone Agrees…

It’s hard to argue something negative about this plug-in considering that most of the best records are on API consoles and if they ok’d this plug-in, which they did, I agree. Not to mention, UA continues to update and improve their systems/hardware…. They are quickly becoming the “Steve Jobs” of the audio hardware emulation industry. They are the Gold Standard.

M. Obuchowicz

13. Oktober 2023

Too much hype

Did get that as everyone here appraised it so much, but was kind of disappointed. Essentially, it's a good compressor, with its own kind of punchy, forward sound (actually, pretti delicate effect) and long, steep learning curve. To my surprise, I was able to get similar tones (a also a lot of others!) with my existing, modern plugins - and actually it's easier to dial them in. Seems this will be another bought, but not used products.

V. Ruzicic

13. Oktober 2023

Good one!

Very nice and realistic…

M. Muñoz

12. Oktober 2023


Amo este bus Compressor

M. Muñoz

12. Oktober 2023


Demasiado bueno, sonido genial

V. Ruzicic

12. Oktober 2023

Perfect drum buss!!!

Very nice on drum buss!!!

R. Chávez

12. Oktober 2023

Amazing plug-in

It really stands out in the mixing process, sounds great!

a. falesi

12. Oktober 2023

5 stars

Incredible API, incredible UAD. What can I say more?

C. Achilli

12. Oktober 2023

Best sounding channel strip by far

One of the best Uad plugins. It is sharp, respects the transients and according to your style manages to exalt them in an aggressive way. I like it because it is an 'all-around' and even if you do not use the various components of which it is composed, once turned on, making the signal pass through gives a slight extra really musical saturation.

161-180 von 2309 Ergebnisse