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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle


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10. März 2024


Very beautiful voice

M. Sesek

29. Februar 2024

Transparent preamp

Nice preamp with good headroom. With hi and low pass filters it would be perfect.

T. T

26. Februar 2024



J. Whitesides

26. Februar 2024

The More I Use It, The More I Love It!

The more I use the API channel strip, the more I love it. It's an amazing emulation of the infamous API gear. For those of us that need the ability to switch consoles based on client demand, this is a powerful tool to have in the arsenal. Magic on acoustic guitars; gut pushing punch on drums; crystal on vocals; power for guitars and keys. Altogether provides that API sound in-the-box for impact on mixes. Worth every penny.

B. Wright

6. Februar 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Has become my go-to

F. Coloma Quiles

5. Februar 2024

Good stuff, but...

Sound is great, without any doubt. Unfortunately the upgrade doesn't include the API Console Emulation for Luna nor the API pre for some color without running out of DSP.

R. Miller II

2. Februar 2024



L. Kopanski

2. Februar 2024

Exceptional emulation.

My mixes sounds like never before. This EQ really makes a different. Dont be scare to put it on the mix bus. It's opening the mix like nothing else.

L. Magnolfi

1. Februar 2024

Classic sound!

Feels just like the real unit! Great plug-in. Instant classic sound!

V. Stepanski

1. Februar 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Legendary compressor, great

R. Visbal

1. Februar 2024


Drum Buss… Mix Buss… It’s just MAGIC!!!

c. rosario

1. Februar 2024

EQ that pops

This EQ is amazing, the 550A simply pops out a vocal as soon as you apply a preset , that how good it is.
Can’t wait to see what’s next from UAD

j. banuelos

31. Januar 2024

Best channel strip you can get!

You just can’t go wrong with API! Bring life into your tracking or mixing sessions instantly. Been using this channel strip for years!!!

p. voltan

31. Januar 2024

Electric Violin

Most interfaces are not friendly violins directly plugin this channel strip and give me options from 1073 and 610 and once EQ all I need to add is reverb. excellent.

S. Kokeric

31. Januar 2024

One of the best channel strips

Lot of character, perfect tool.

m. criscuolo

31. Januar 2024

Api Preamp

Amazing , pity that the uadx cannot be inserted into the console with the unison preamps, I should buy the uadx preamp Neve 1073 to be able to use it for monitoring in the console of my Apollo x8

M. Navarro

30. Januar 2024

The Drum Buss Must

The API2500 is the compressor for the drum buss, keep the punch and glues every hit with a nice color of the circuit. In Parallel is a beast also.

A. chandra

30. Januar 2024

Tight & Warm

Exellent plugins and the most analog warm and natural sounding ones i have.

F. Frabetti

30. Januar 2024

How many records have you listened to, mixed in API console?

I really like using this channel strip. In my mixes I put it on many channels. Basically it has a very characteristic sound, it makes every sound rich and concrete. It is not a discreet instrument, in fact very vintage. The mids become doughy and silky, I like it.
I really like the HPF, very soft, which keeps the sound credible even with high cuts.
The gate and compressor are very easy to use, with limited options (e.g. three attack times, fixed) but they always sound good. That's easy, right?
Two EQS with different sounds and different modes of use, which equalize with a "sounding" naturalness.
At the end of the path there is a fader that allows a good dosage of the analogue sound. Personally I also use it (within certain limits) as an automated fader for the final part of the mix, rather than acting on the track level.
Since I have known it, I have never failed to use it.


30. Januar 2024

My favourite plugins

This is a very nice plugin. I use it in all my mixing. This is my favorite. Thank you so much for creating such plugins. I love this universal audio

41-60 von 2353 Ergebnisse