API® 2500 Bus Compressor

API® 2500 Bus Compressor


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API 2500 Bus Compressor


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J. Morrison

13. Januar 2022


Use this on anything, track’s, groups, mixbus & mastering, awesome!

UAD User

11. Januar 2022


I put this on my percussion bus and the section just sing! You can hear the effect of the compression in action, but that's not a bad thing in the case of this plugin as the compression is incredibly musical. I'm lucky enough to have used a real API 2500 Bus Compressor and this plugin sounds just like it. Brilliant!

S. Eaton

7. Januar 2022

Produces expected results, which is a good thing!

Can be a little "thick" in the low mids like the hardware so you need to be careful if your mixes often suffer from low-mid build up, but overall it's very good and probably the best emulation out there. The only thing more 2500 than this is the actual hardware. I like the fact UA have now started including functions that aren't on the hardware too like mix controls etc.

N. Edwards

2. Januar 2022


Love this bus compressor. So useful having the mix control.

L. Martella

15. Dezember 2021

Great plug-in

Great plug-in, manages to give precision and character

R. Matthews

29. November 2021

Unreal!! This is amazing!! Great sound!!! UAD ROCKS!!

A. Thomas

9. November 2021

Wow, great & flexible compressor.

I have many of the UA compressors. I love this for a simple and flexible compressor with a bit of vibe.

Works great on almost anything: vocals, bass, busses…

It works really well as the integrated extension in Luna - nice to be able to dial it in just in the mix window and use native processing rather than the UA DSP resources.

Its variable compression ratio and switchable options really allow a lot of compression choices from one unit, but it also adds a bit of clean, warm vibe.


17. August 2021

API 2500 good to any buss but I recommend drum buss

just put it and 1,2 db GR then magic happen

C. Lema

16. Juli 2021


Un glue para el Mixbus , los hace suave y sutil.

W. Son

16. Juli 2021

The best compressor for Korean traditional drum.

I like this on Janggu sounds. Clean and beautiful.

P. Pacey

14. Juli 2021

Been waiting to pull the trigger on this for a while...

Just use it mainly for the mix glue and bus glue as intended and works a charm. spot on.

A. Miyamoto

7. Juli 2021


I also own a version of waves, but I feel that UAD is closer to the real thing. Both are wonderful.

F. zakariya

24. Juni 2021

Great bus compressor with caractere

I love it in drum bus very clean and powerful

Y. Lu

23. Juni 2021

Great bus compressor

Using it through LUNA now all the time, especially for mastering.

T. Turner

22. Juni 2021

Compression with character.

I have worked with this compressor in real life but never owned one personally. I’ve had emulations before that didn’t get it right until now. UA nailed it.

B. Jordana

18. Juni 2021



B. Vincent

16. Juni 2021

I lOVE it! my fav VCA comp!

I use waves api2500 . now my dream came true able to use api2500 UAD!

G. Perez

11. Juni 2021

Love it

Good for anything gives it that live juice and power

L. Tian Siung

8. Juni 2021

Always on Drum Bus

It stay on my drum bus all the time

T. Lanese

16. Mai 2021

The best way to refine a mix

very efficient on drums and mix buss; rich of harmonics and super versatile on everything needs more punch

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