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API 2500 Bus Compressor


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A. Sala

9. März 2023

My dream come true

After years of using the xxxxx version... Now i have the right one! I use in tracks, buses and always have nice results...

R. Adams

30. Januar 2023

Enhancer Maximus

This does a beautiful job of enhancing the shape of your source material whether vocal or instrument or mix bus.

J. Tornay

15. Januar 2023

Must have

One of the plugins that cannot be missing in your collection, analog flavor extremely similar to hardware and also includes the plugin in native format, double the fun

J. Vanderhorst

10. Januar 2023

Best Bus Compressor Period

Best bus Compressor there is . And UA qaulity is unmatched

S. Rogers

6. Januar 2023

Great bus compressor

Absolutely fantastic.

C. Dahl

2. Januar 2023

Great 2-bus compressor!

...but also on pretty much anything else. Great emulation.

a. min

30. Dezember 2022

Punch and Clarity

it;s magic

s. galli

25. Dezember 2022


This is a great compressor!

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022

Punch and Clarity

Punch and clarity on my drumbus or 2bus. Recently I also got great results on a piano stereo track with it‘s piano leveler preset with my ravel!

G. Seminario

22. Dezember 2022


I couldn't believe it when I got it and tried it, it's incredible, it was worth it, honestly it's incredible

A. Mujic

20. Dezember 2022

Great products by API & Universal Audio

I use API 2500 by Universal Audio for drum busses & master buss. Great tool to glue all things together to get rich and continuous sound. Work off every paid dollar.

Thank you UAD,
Allen Rix

G. Grinko

15. Dezember 2022

Best compressor!

Api 2500 good compressor for drums and different instruments group. Thanks!

P. Sviyazov

11. Dezember 2022

Modern bus

Very versatile sound! Can be anywhere in the chain, not just bus. Great on parallels!

M. Fagnoul

11. Dezember 2022

even subtle

Highly recommend this one. It gives the glue to your mix.

M. Memley

9. Dezember 2022


Gives me the glue I need on my drum bus! Absolutely in love with this.

U. Audio Account

9. Dezember 2022

Imprescindible en tu bus de baterías

Aporta un cuerpo y una solidez a las baterías estupenda, merece la pena.

J. Coiffard

7. Dezember 2022

Great Bus compressor

Amazing compressor especially on the drum bus. The ability to dial in a mix percentage and remove the low and from the side chain is a big plus to creat big and impressive sound. Love it and highly recommend!

A. Viktorovich

14. November 2022

Great of 2500

One of the most beloved compressors

D. Lee

14. Oktober 2022

Sounds great subtle or aggressive!

I'm a fan of this. My favorite drum bus comp!

N. Liebich

14. August 2022

Like the hardware

I’m happy to own the HW of this… but the Plug-in is the real deal and so much more handy! Going to sell the HW!

1-20 von 352 Ergebnisse

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