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API 2500 Bus Compressor


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G. Ginux

20. September 2023

The best

Un grande compressore per il tuo mix bus

S. Ramsay

20. September 2023

Go to bus compressor for the mix bus!

I love how well this compressor glues the sound on the mix bus. I've also started using it on a Kick/Bass sub to glue them together before hitting the master.

R. Novak

19. September 2023


Essential part of every song

E. Okorocha

19. September 2023

Gotta catch em all

I'll call the sound aggressive and creamy, I tried it on some masters I thought were done and apparently they were not done, I've actually tried it on a drum bus too, It's quality.

S. Lontano

19. September 2023

The best drum bus comp

Your drums will love it.
Punch for days!

T. Fuxa

18. September 2023

Must have compressor

Fantastic tool, which glues your mix bring more clarity and highlight.

D. Minicucci

15. September 2023


Great on Drums end on Bass!!!

W. Rice

23. Juli 2023

Great for self mastering

I’m new to engineering so I started to use Mixea for self mastering but I use this on my master track. It really glued everything together.
I use the VU meter to really see if my mix hits where it m needs to before mastering

E. Ross

15. Juli 2023

API 2500

API 2500 is one of my go to buss compressors. I use it on every mix. It glues everything together.

A. Karabelas

13. Juli 2023


My favorite API 2500 emulation, such a lovely, transparent sound.

g. parenti

6. Juli 2023

Lo mejor

El mejor api 2500 qué tengo en plugin, es excelente, sin comparación

g. parenti

1. Juli 2023


El mejor plugin de emulación del api 2500 qué he probado, lo uso en todos mis buses de baterías y master bus!

A. Vaquero Taboada

29. Juni 2023

Love it

Love it , Love it , on drums, on snare and perc, Love it on bass .. love it loooooveeer it


18. Juni 2023

Best for Glue!!!

Tight, Thick that I really wanted !!

E. Toesca

4. Juni 2023


Wow, the API 2500 is very punchy and it gives that extra energy. The GUI is very beautiful too, really recommend it

I. Radic

23. April 2023

Top tier

It creates lively canvas trough all source material shine. Warmly recommended!

J. Branam

10. April 2023


the 2500 is one of my favorite bus comps although i have never actually used the hardware but i have tried the lot of plugins and to my ear the uadx version seems wider and the dual mono a little more 'playful'. it is not as thick sounding as the others out there but it is tighter and a well rounded bottom. thanks again to ua for putting this out in native form and for selling perpetual licenses. this one has made my day


8. April 2023


Amazing peace of gear!

A. Sala

9. März 2023

My dream come true

After years of using the xxxxx version... Now i have the right one! I use in tracks, buses and always have nice results...

R. Adams

30. Januar 2023

Enhancer Maximus

This does a beautiful job of enhancing the shape of your source material whether vocal or instrument or mix bus.

1-20 von 370 Ergebnisse

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