AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb


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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


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N. Borgen

1. Juli 2019

Sounds great

This is a fantastic spring reverb ... I use it on vocals and guitars and it brings beautiful "air" to my productions ...

K. Kajiya

19. Juni 2019

Amazing reverb

I just love it using on clean tone guitar.

s. santoni

7. Juni 2019


Most faithful!


1. Juni 2019

So good

Very great vintage reverb, Nice for the guitar and drum.
Very awesome for the vocal.


26. Mai 2019

So good

This Reverb is very very great for the vintage emulation.
Thx UAD the best


24. Mai 2019

Lush and Liquid

Liquid Gold. I am extremely happy I purchased this even though I had the UA Lexicon reverb. I admittedly thought "Spring" Reverb was a reference to the season a few years back. Now with a basic understanding of how Spring Reverb works it makes sense that the powerful emulation of such a classic piece of gear was only given a green light to UA. Used on an auxiliary track I have no issues with the upsampled latency and can substitute processed rooms and reverbs in my Roland TD-50 with the Ocean Way Plug-in and the BX 20 to transform the module into an entirely new beast, with the most organic and high end ambience available. Makes an enormous difference.

F. St-Gelais

19. Mai 2019

Delivers on the hype

Everybody says this is killer. Because it simply is. Another winner!

F. Pieters

19. Mai 2019

Top reverb

Ik vind hem fantastisch klinken zeer zeker aanbevolen!

F. Rossi

14. Mai 2019


Interessante, ma mi aspettavo di meglio dopo il trailer.
Fa il suo sporco lavoro sulle chitarre per riprodurre quei riverberi classici di quell'epoca, ma non mi ha entusiasmato la regolazione del decay che sui Synth può risultare fastidioso.
Attendiamo un aggiornamento!

D. Shacallis

3. Mai 2019

AKG BX20 Spring Reverb Genius

Always loved spring reverb and this is by the far the best emulation I have come across.Useful. Tasty. Took a little practice to get the levels right for me. However,,,wow!


18. April 2019

famelico ma stupendo

Ho subito messo al lavoro questo plug-in come riverbero di riferimento e mi sono subito ritrovato nelle mie antiche timbriche ricche e piene di profondità. Ottimo lavoro

UAD User

9. April 2019


Sounds like a beautiful

I. Semenov

7. April 2019

The best from reverbs

I never heard real AKG BX 20, but UAD plugin has changed my world. I can't imagine how I worked without it before... Smooth, HUGE, amazing enveloping space. It's the best reverb for vocals, leads, for everything. Great job UAD!

l. ray

6. April 2019


je suis séduit par la qualité et le réalisme des plugins que vous proposez.Je suis vraiment satisfait de l'AKG BX20 le son est chaleureux et authentique , je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de la comparer au hardware, mais est-ce vraiment nécessaire ? elle répond pour le moment parfaitement a mes besoins ,quoi de mieux!! vivement la 480 lexicon .

J. Davies

1. April 2019

It’s Spring!

I think this AKG spring reverb is a must have to add to your usual plate and chamber reverbs. I bought this plugin on a whim looking for a Fender style spring reverb for a guitar part I was recording and really liked the sound. The sound is big, warm and lush spring goodness, but you can dime it back enough not to loose your sound in the mix.

P. Dorahy

24. März 2019


Smooth, lush, dark and oozing character. Absolutely amazing reverb. Don’t hesitate. Get it.


23. März 2019

Track when using the AKG with a quad mk2 twin or better

Using a duo Twin MK2 , I found I had to be slim on using additional plugins in combination with the AKG BX20 , or simply put off using it until to mixing at a later time.
The sound quality is PRO, non the less. But processing power required is demanding. So take this in consideration, and demo FIRST. The precision plugins that come standard with your Twin MK2 work fine, really I mean legitimately Fine while tracking. Sounds “Rich” like the commercial . I would like Uaudio to create algorithms more efficiently designed to MATCH thier processors Built into this Apollo Twin Hardware interface.

P. Edwards

13. März 2019

Alright, but not great reverb

I've found this a very hard reverb to work with. I'd characterize it as mushy rather than lush. There are many fantastic reverbs out there today and this one is a bit of a regret as I've yet to find a way to utilize it that sounds either characterful or expansive and doesn't simply get in the way of a mix. It's simply a bit boring, seems like a generic sort of convolution verb sound.

T. Mäkelä

12. Februar 2019

Great Sound Comes With Great CPU Usage

This reverb has A LOT of character. I love the sound of it and as an ITB mixer I cannot hope for better spring reverb sound. The downside with the awesomeness is that it takes quite of bit of CPU off my Apollo Twin Quad. So definitely put this one on an aux channel if you fancy saving your UAD computing power.

H. Nakanishi

5. Februar 2019

One of my favorite!!

This is awesome!! Very easy to use and nice presets.

61-80 von 368 Ergebnisse