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A/DA® Flanger


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K. Miller

18. September 2022

Great flanger!

I had a guitar part I really wanted to “bite” with the tone. I threw I small amount of the modern flanger and it was awesome!

d. curtiss

24. Mai 2022

guitar studio must have

real guitar mojo

G. Creasor

2. März 2022

Very Impressed!!

Demo’s this and thought it was good — but now that I’ve really made use of it I am blown away with how good it is!!

A. Belli

10. November 2021


I never used to like flangers... But I trialed this and loved it, I have to stop myself over using it.

a. caNTONE

8. September 2021



D. Cottee

14. August 2021

Jar Of Heaven

This flanger is amazing. It’s exactly what we’re looking for so I’m using it for Jar Of Heaven records

J. Orr

21. Juni 2021

Sounds like what I remember.

I still have one from the '70s in storage but I didn't want to go digging it out at the time!. It sounds great on my Rhodes. Just like what I remembered.

E. Kruse

11. Juni 2021


mit diesem Flanger sind tolle Sounds möglich. Habe den Kauf nicht bereut.

S. Shaw

10. Dezember 2020

Nice supplement as a real-time effect

This Flanger is very different from UA's MXR emulation. Really nice to have in UA arsenal and it is a Unison plugin!

K. Kouchian

15. November 2020

Perfect emulation

this is a great emulation, try this on high hats and of course guitares and synths, it brings a nice dirt to the mix and if you use the 1979 version you get even less range & more dirt. Too bad it is more expensive here than at plugin alliance where you can often get it for 30$. the only interest is that you can track with here if you own an Apollo. I'd give 4 stars but this goes to 3 because of the price (again).

UAD User

5. September 2020

Great Flanger

I was looking for a flanger effect. Looked at a number of different native plug-ins. Tried this one and fell in love with the sound.

K. Scott

14. August 2020

Not my favorite flange, but it works solid

I got this for a project and it didn't work as well as I thought. I ended up using the Valhalla SpaceModulator instead.

H. Mendez

10. Mai 2020


I have different flangers in my daw and other and all soud very chorus type, but this one is a true flange. Recomended.

R. Koenig

4. Mai 2020

couldn't find that specific sound elsewhere

awesome flanger, if you want that specific sound , don't look elsewhere.

M. Borgatta

15. Mai 2019

One of my fav flangeds

Absolutely love this thing! Pretty much usable on any source

S. Simmons

24. April 2019

A/DA Flanger ROCKS!

I LOVE this thing! I own several hardware flangers and this really does, "hit me," the way a flanger should. I was mainly impressed by how as I turned the "mix" level up, the saturation increased and it of coarse sounded thicker but didn't over resonate as it increased, AWESOME! I hear such a difference in the stereo field between the 2009 and 1979 models, it really is like having two pedals. This could also be used on a mix buss, which is what was after, so Get it. It is and has been my go-to flanger for guitar and overall mix effects. LOVE IT!

S. Campbell

4. April 2019

Best flanger i've ever heard.

The two models have their own distinct feel. Various controls to really shape the sound. Incredible and light on DSP. Worth the money.

C. Lattimore

29. Januar 2019

Great Flanger for my guitar

Very much like the one I used to have. I love it!

S. Keys

2. Januar 2019

A good flanger for guitar

I put it on some funky guitars and also and bass and it does very well the job. Sounds oldie if necessary. Work like charm as a pedal.

M. Park

22. Dezember 2018

Pretty Authentic

It's a nice emulation, sounds like I remember back in the day. I don't have the hardware anymore, so I can't do a side by side comparison.

Not an effect to be used on every track or every song, but perfect when it calls for its one trick.

1-20 von 39 Ergebnisse

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