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Zehn retro-futuristische Soundmaschinen, vollgepackt mit Analog-Magie.

Verleihe Deinen Aufnahmen die farbenreiche Sättigung und die Effekte, die man auf unzähligen Hip-Hop-, Lo-Fi, Elektronik-, Rock- und Experimental-Tracks hört. Entwickelt für den modernen Musiker, Beatmaker und Produzenten — Verve Analog Machines bringt einen Sandkasten voller verspielter Analog-Sounds direkt in Deine DAW.

Enthaltene Versionen

UAD Nativ
Läuft auf Deinem Mac oder PC ohne UA-Hardware.

System-Anforderungen: UAD Native Plug-ins laufen sowohl auf macOS 10.15 Catalina oder neuer als auch auf Windows 10 und 11. Schau auf unsere UA-Support-Seite für Systemanforderungen.

  • Veredele Deine Aufnahmen durch Analog-Sound mit 10 einfach zu bedienenden Geräten
  • Schnelle Klangformung mit einfachen Reglern wie Drive, Tone und Tape Warble
  • Verleihe Kicks, Snares und Synths körnige Tape-Texturen oder füge Vocals, Gitarre, Bass oder Deinem gesamten Mix Röhrenwärme hinzu
  • Lass Deine Mixe sofort ausdrucksstärker und lebendiger klingen mit retro-futuristischen Analog-Sounds von UA

10 magische Maschinen, um Deine Kreativität zu entfesseln

10 magische Maschinen, um Deine Kreativität zu entfesseln

Verve Analog Machines stellt Vintage-Sound in Griffbereitschaft. Mit 10 farbenfrohen, von UA entworfenen Effekten, die sich kinderleicht einstellen lassen, ist es wie einen Sandkasten voller Analog-Spielzeuge direkt in Deiner DAW zu haben.

Füge Retro Analog Tone zu Deinen modernen Mixen hinzu

Füge Retro Analog Tone zu Deinen modernen Mixen hinzu

Willst Du Drums, Gitarren, Vocals, Synthesizern oder Deinem gesamten Mix mehr Energie verleihen? Von zusammenhaltender Bandwärme und Hi-Fi Röhrensättigung bis hin zu völlig verzerrtem Chaos — Verve Analog Machines lässt Deine In-the-Box Produktionen sofort ausdrucksstärker und lebendiger klingen.

Spiel mit Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi & Sci-Fi Sound herum

Spiel mit Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi & Sci-Fi Sound herum

Ganz gleich, ob Du auf der Suche nach dem seltsamen Sound von Secondhand-Bandmaschinen, dem winzigen Lautsprecher-Effekt eines Vintage-Gitarrenverstärkers oder dem großen Studio-Glanz eines erstklassigen Röhren-Kanalzugs bist — Verve Analog Machines wertet jeden Mix sofort mit einer unkonventionellen Analog-Farbe auf.

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  • Enthaltene Machines: 4
  • Kaufmöglichkeiten: Kostenloser Download
  • Regler: Drive
  • UAD Analog Modeling: Ja
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  • Enthaltene Machines: 10
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  • Regler: Drive, Tone, Warble
  • UAD Analog Modeling: Ja
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Included Machines



Verleiht allem einen warmen, klassischen Magnetband-Sound, der sanft übersteuert werden kann.

Hervorragend für: Tape Sound in Studioqualität für Vocals, Instrumente oder Deinen gesamten Mix



Verleiht Vocals und Instrumenten Energie mit knackiger Analoger-Sättigung.

Hervorragend für: Beleben von glanzlosen Aufnahmen



Lässt Tracks mit satter Röhrenwärme und Obertönen erröten.

Hervorragend für: Aufwärmen heller oder dünn klingender Tracks



Eine ältere und kühnere Bandmaschine, die jeder Klangquelle einen Vintage-Wabern verleiht.

Hervorragend für: Tape-Sound mit zusätzlicher Bewegung



Liefert körnige Lo-Fi-Texturen von vor einem halben Jahrhundert.

Hervorragend für: Zusätzlichen Vibe und Dimension auf jeglichem Track



Jener Sound einer Bandmaschine aus dem Secondhandladen, der älter ist als Ihre Großeltern.

Hervorragend für: Moderne Aufnahmen alt klingen lassen



Liefert Dir Röhrenound, der bis an den Rand getrieben wurde.

Hervorragend für: Tracks gewagt und aufregend klingen lassen



Wie Thicken und Vintagize, aber es knirscht und röhrt noch mehr.

Hervorragend für: Hinzufügen von körnigem Tape Sound zu Synthesizern, Gitarren, Drums, und mehr.



Ein sengender Analogsound, als würde man flüssiges, heißes Magma auf Deinen Track gießen.

Hervorragend für: Hinzufügen von Textur zu Vocals und Instrumenten



Dafür da, wenn etwas kaputt klingen soll... aber auf eine coole Art.

Hervorragend für: Tracks über ihre Grenzen hinaus pushen


Verve Analog Machines




18. Juni 2024


Love it, the simple way it works is perfect for my workflow without needing to stay a lot tweaking knobs

A. Portillo

12. Juni 2024

My new go to sweeteners

I was wondering why some people have given bad reviews on this plugin. It is actually really good. in the beginning, I almost fell into the thought that "this funny looking things" cannot be any good. But I could not contain myself to give it a try; and i did! to my surprice, this is now an actual asset to my arsenal. Who would have though....!


7. Juni 2024

You can easily choose the tape effect.

Although detailed settings are not available, you can easily find a tape effect that suits you from a wide variety of presets.
For me, this effect is very useful.

J. MacDonald

3. Juni 2024

Using prolifically

These little machines are an unexpected secret sauce. I insert them immediately after an instrument before any other effect and they make for a simple way to add life to most sounds. Verve has become a go-to when I want to diversify the character of an arrangement.

J. Vallander

18. Mai 2024

Love it

Sounds great on everything

S. Chahley

14. Mai 2024

Nice flavours

Been enjoying using this plugin a lot! It's a real character machine, easy to use, and the results always seem to sit well in a mix. Sometimes you don't need a lot of tweakable options to be a really useful tool, case in point.....the LA 2A. Not much to play with, it just works....really well!

R. Morris

13. Mai 2024

Amazing sounds made easy.

Personally I love the sounds I am getting out of this. But being an old analogue freak I would have loved a great retro design, and the producer in me would have loved to be able to dial in more, getting more into the nitty of things.

This is made for kids, great fun, easy to use, sounds truly amazing but if it is the avenue for someone like UA to take? I am not so sure, it is retro starwars vs. lego, and I would hate to see things going Disney.

l. ramirez

6. Mai 2024

Colorful fun.

Instant color and vibe. Easy, fun and simple. It fits my musical style and mixing philosophy.

F. Narcisse

1. Mai 2024

I like it but

So I like it actually but not having a dry/wet knob and a mix knob is what is killing me. I have found away around it but using a bus and for me it gives some control. If it had this knob it would be perfect. Overall it sounds great. Simple not a lot going on I love that I don’t have to overthink

F. Narcisse

1. Mai 2024

I like it but

So I like it actually but not having a dry/wet knob and a mix knob is what is killing me. I have found away around it but using a bus and for me it gives some control. If it had this knob it would be perfect. Overall it sounds great. Simple not a lot going on I love that I don’t have to overthink

D. Silberman

30. April 2024

Needs a wet/dry blend

Don’t waste your money on the upgraded version. Sounds are fine, some even good, but offers very little flexibility for professionals. This is an ameuter hour release from a company that should know better. If the advanced model was free I’d have less issue but to pay $99 or $199 when promo ends is laughable. Do better UA, this is laziness.

S. Saied

29. April 2024

Very nice

Pretty awesome plug-in just plain and simple. I applied this to bass guitar and it really thickened and beefed up the bass. It’s hard to describe honestly, but it’s sonically warmer and thicker. I’ve also use this on drums and my synthesizers and again it really does take the coldness out of the mix. I find that I want to use it on every track, buses and main because it’s so simple and quick to use.

T. Osborne

26. April 2024

Underrated plugin (Essentials version)

Based on the reviews I've seen on here, it appears Verve is getting alot of bad press and I think it's painting an inaccurate picture of how useful this plugin is.

I've seen that most complaints are to do with lack of a wet/dry mix knob and also a lack of control in general. Both these factors are true and are fair comments. However, lack of a mix knob can be compensated for by placing this plugin on a send/return track in your DAW - or you could even duplicate the instrument track you wish to use it on, place Verve on the duplicate and then blend the two using the faders on your mixer. So this isn't the end of the world.

As far as a lack of tweak-ability goes, I completely agree... but we need to understand what UA were going for when they created this plugin. Clearly, the plugin is designed to be simple and streamlined in terms of usage and interface; each machine in Verve is essentially the same as having a list of presets to flick through until you get the flavor you want. They've gone for speed and convenience over complexity and the ability to customise the sound. So I guess you just have to ask yourself, is that what you want?

Most importantly, don't let the above factors get in the way of the QUALITY of the plugin - i.e. the quality of the sound it creates, or rather how well it affects the sound source you are using it on. Tonally, this machine sounds absolutely fantastic, it is absolute quality and whoever made it at UA did an awesome job... As 'Manipulators of sound' surely that is the most important aspect to us, right?

The quality is as such that, although the interface is simple and streamlined, there is obviously alot going on under the hood of this thing that we can't see.
Bottom line: Verve sounds great and is extremely useful. Additionally, the kind folks at UA are giving the Essentials version of this baby away for free until April 30th - companies rarely do that - and so what have you got to lose? Ignore all the naysayers and try it for yourself, I can pretty much guarantee you will find it useful for something!

Thanks UA for an awesome, free product of top quality. You have my full support!

N. Brooks

25. April 2024

Fast and Sounds Great

Bought the full version. It's super fast to dial in great sounding saturation and color. The plugin does what it says and sounds great.

D. Farnham

23. April 2024

Good - Fun Distortion/Audio degradation Tool, needs update

This plugin is a lot of fun, and I’ve gotten some cool sounds from it, but I agree with a few other people here that this plugin needs a mix knob. While there other ways/workarounds this should be default in my opinion.

A. Petty

23. April 2024

I have the essentials version, not much value added

While I am only using the essentials version, I can say there is not much value added here if you already own all of the real UA plugins. This is a light weight toy for people just getting started I think.


22. April 2024

it's nice but..

I wish in future updates there will be more options to mix some of the effects instead of using just one each time.

it's a great start but missing many basic features the would make it from "great" to "amazing must have plugin!".

j. dee

22. April 2024


Hype, what's fashionable. Funny how so many 'one knob' plugins appear at the same time. Someone on this review said it adds Great warmth. Obviously needs to visit an audiologist. 3d interfaces are so easy to design now so the illusion of what's really happening is only that. If it looks good it must sound good. But close ur eyes, train yourself to listen and understand. It soon becomes clear these are nothing more than a $20 Behringer distortion pedal.. Put that on your mix.


21. April 2024

Verve Analog Machines

Great tool. Adds more detail and punch to the sound.

J. Butler

20. April 2024


Not bad but even though i am using the essentials version i really don't see the use for paying more for a plugin with no dry/wet knobs & very limited even when compared to the essentials version.