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Gitarren- und Bass-Amp-Modelle von Softube

Das Amp Room Bundle für UAD-2-Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces wurde von Softube entwickelt und bietet eine überragende Sammlung aktueller und klassischer Gitarren- und Bassverstärker-Emulationen. Das Amp Room Bundle liefert Klänge von Oldschool bis hin zu markerschütterndem Metal und eine flexible Mikrofonplatzierung per Mausklick, mit der du die Sweetspots der Sounds auswählst.

Softube´s ultimative Sammlung an Gitarren- und Bass-Amp-Emulationen bei der Aufnahme und Mixing einsetzen

Mit dem Vintage Amp Room amerikanische und britische Amp-Klassiker verwenden

Über Metal Amp Room auf extrem aggressive Distortion-Sounds zugreifen

Im Bass Amp Room die absolut authentischen Sounds klassischer Bassverstärker aus den 1970er-Jahren auswählen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Vintage Amp Room

Vintage Amp Room

Vintage Amp Room enthält die drei akribisch gemodelten Gitarrenverstärker-Emulationen White, Brown und Green, die auf drei legendären Amps der 1960er-Jahren basieren – jeweils Ikonen der Musikgeschichte. Variiere im Vintage Amp Room die Mikrofonposition und damit den Sound direkt mit der Maus und höre diese direkt vor.

Metal Amp Room

Metal Amp Room

In Metal Amp Room findest du ein perfekt nachgebildetes Modell eines der druckvollsten und aggressivsten High-Gain-Amps überhaupt. Metal Amp Room verfügt über einen weichen, lebendigen Höhenbereich, ein gefühlt endloses Sustain und ein blitzschnelles, absolut exaktes Gate. Die zwei verschiedenen 4x12 Boxen-Modelle werden mit zwei Stereomikrofonen abgenommen, die sich direkt mit der Maus positionieren lassen.

Bass Amp Room

Bass Amp Room

Alle Abstufungen von clean und fett bis verzerrt und aggressiv – Bass Amp Room bietet ein umwerfendes 1970er-Bassverstärker-Modell sowie drei wählbare Bassboxen. Darüber hinaus steht eine DI-Sektion zur Verfügung, die sich separat mit EQ, Kompressor, Filter und Limiter bearbeiten und mit dem Signal der mikrofonierten Box vielseitig mischen lässt.


The complete collection of Softube’s world-class guitar and bass amp models

Click-and-drag mic placements to expertly dial in your tones

Iconic American and British tones with Vintage Amp Room

Metal Amp Room for raw, aggressive modern distortion tones

Bass Amp Room for classic ’70s bass amp sounds


Softube® Amp Room Bundle

D. Lee

10. Februar 2023

This is king!

Best cab room tone for electrics period.

J. Manness

5. Juli 2022

Great, classic tones on bass and guitar

Using the DI from my TG2, I'm getting awesome tones that are quick to setup.

K. Matzafleris

8. Februar 2022

Amazing Sounding Amps

Very decent sounding amps that giving me a variation of amplification on my guitars and basses depending the style a Gonre I'm recording and producing. I also tried to use test those amps at vst instrument guitars and also gave me great results. I'm very happy with every plugin by UAD that I use then 95% at every project I'm doing.

N. Dettenbach

12. Februar 2021

nice for fast results...

The Amp rooms are nice for "fast results" - i.e. fast access to different "basic" sounds, ideal for i.e. rehearsal, demos and similiar things or for production tracks where guitar is less prominent or bass is not "prime" (the bass amp room is my fav btw and has some really usable presets/sounds).

Nice too for sound design ("reAmping") for ppl who are less familiar with guitar amping..

But not full on par with (at least some of) the current dedicated UAD amp sims (which allow more tweaking too - but there you have to know what you are doing).

H. Mendez

11. Februar 2021

Very usefull

I purshase this one because of the low price but then realize I was using it before any other plugin in my arsenal. Not the its the best, but very use full sound for my type of music. I recomend it.

J. Manuel

30. Januar 2021

So awesome

Almost 100% real amp tones. Was very impressed and use them all the time for writing/recording. Let’s put it this way, for making demos of tunes I’m writing it’s a perfect way to lay them down with awesome sounds while doing it in headphones and not bothering other people at home. End of the day though for a finished product album I would definitely use an actual real amp cranked up. All that said, I absolutely love this plugin and it sounds amazing. Buy it!

M. Hayon

18. Oktober 2020

Great Tool and awesome response

I chose four stars because it is not UNISON and takes a lot of process (I have an Arrow).
Fender Tone is Awesome, better than the de Fender plug-in in my opinion and for my ears. The Marshall sound it's really Good, It works great for rhythm stuff, for soloing I prefer Mic and a real amp, the response it is totally different. Vox amp i don't really like it, but it's ok.
Metal AMPS, are really good, great response and cover a lot of tones.
Bass Amp are simple Great.
it's an awesome tool!

S. Shaw

7. Juli 2020

Sounds so good with Unison trick, looking forward to the upgraded!

Today I gave these babies another try. These rooms are combinations of amp and mic'ed cabs. When I demoed it last time, I was simply put it on the chain; but this time I tried the Unison trick: put an amp sim or channel strip on the Unison slot, but disable it -- yes, put it there but disable it. Now we're using Amp Room's amp but the disabled Unison plug is still configuring Apollo's impedance, thus yielding magic from its interaction with the guitar!

Conclusion: Unison is awesome technology, Amp Room sounds awesome. Now I'm waiting for Softube to update this UAD version :)

H. Alfred

2. Juli 2020

Nice but not nice enough so far

I own Fenders (135watt twin, tweed champ '54, '58, '63 vibrolux, ~'65 v.reverb, resissue d. reverb) and vintage '63 AC30 TB. While I really like the DEMO clean tone (Vol <2-ish) on the sims for Brown and Green, I can't say the overdriven sounds are realistic to the originals - harsh, fizzy. Not unusable when dialed in but not accurate. Also the Green does not respond to volume "drive" at all like my vintage but maybe mine has had mods along the way or needs recapping (far as I know it's not modded). Also as others have said these do not clean up if at all to guitar volume knob which is almost a deal breaker. I may still buy the plug-in for clean tones, which are very usable but I can run loadboxes on the real thing too. I do not like the white amp at all, though it can be dialed in for a useable tone. So it's not an immediate must buy, not bad but not a replacement by a long shot. It needs to be cheaper to help the decision. Btw, I do like the Bass Amp but I have none real to compare.

V. Koryukov

14. April 2020

Great sound for my bass)

I like “monitor” bass sound, and for me this plug-in - the best choice: extent sound in mix without “excess” harmonics add.

R. Caruso

30. Dezember 2019

Best clean fender sound I’ve found so far

I haven’t had time to try it out too much. I instantly found the clean sound with a touch of overdrive that I was looking for.

T. Christensen

19. Dezember 2019


I love this plugin. Great sound and the variety I need for the many styles of music I record.

D. Flett

26. November 2019

They’ve done it again!

I delayed getting this plugin because I already have several amp plugins so I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of different sounds this bundle provided. There is something for all tastes. Excellent!

B. Sullivan

13. November 2019

Another UAD plugin for my guitar playing friends!

Any collaboration between UAD and Softube is a winner in my book! I wanted to stack up this month on guitar/bass plugins for my friends who play those instruments, and I know they are going to enjoy this plugin! Most of the reviews have been very positive, so I just decided to go ahead and purchase this one.

m. hardy

31. August 2019


Just like the real thing...

P. Bilak

18. August 2019

P. Bilak


l. wilson

14. August 2019


Awesome Awesome Awesome

m. stallings

14. Juli 2019

simplicity an effort to simplify handling bass, I dusted this off and gave it a try. I own the Ampeg SVT and B-15, and while these are legionary and awesome, I was fiddling with them a bit too much. Ive been working with recording bass through my Century channel strip, then blending the amps in. with this plug in I can dial in a great sound very quickly.
What concerns me is that its very old, ( like me)? But I guess if it sounds good, it is good.
Bottom line....I can dial in a great sound very quickly without having to create a second track. The Hiwatt amp is a cool idea also. Selfishly, Id like to see this updated, but they might over complicate it. As a hobby guy, I have to limit my choices

J. Bell

30. Mai 2019

Internal monologue:

me: Hi, I'd like my bass to sound like its going through an amp.
also me: Sure try this.
- Loads Plugin -
me: This sounds like ass!
- Continues tweaking -
me: it doesn't matter where i set any controls, it just sounds bad!?
also me: yeah - I agree; nothing sounds better than this... Like , literally nothing..
End scene.


10. Mai 2019

So Realistic and warm

It is like you pull your instrument into the old hardware gear - nice and warm!!!