Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Von UA speziell entwickelter
Brickwall-Limiter mit erstklassigen Eigenschaften.

Das Precision Limiter Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces ist ein 1-Band-Brickwall-Limiter mit Look-Ahead-Funktion, der in erster Linie für den Einsatz auf Programm-Material entwickelt wurde. Der nicht färbende, transparente Mastering-Limiter ist einfach bedienbar.

Es wird weder Upsampling eingesetzt, noch schickt der Precision Limiter die Audiosignale durch Filter — Klangquellen bleiben unberührt, es sei denn, der Kompressor arbeitet — in diesem Fall betrifft es aber lediglich die Signalverstärkung.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Den einzigartigen Contour Mode für die Optimierung von Attack und Kontur sowie des Charakters eines Tracks verwenden

Übersteuerungen auf Masters, Spuren und Bussen einfach verhindern

Pegel professionell und in höchster Auflösung überprüfen, bei deren Darstellung die Metering-Spezifikationen von Bob Katz's "K-system" zum Einsatz kommen

Summenmixe klangneutral und transparent limitieren


Von UA entwickelter Brick-Wall Limiter mit 1,5 ms Look-Ahead

Absolut klangtreu und nicht färbend

Standard Peak/RMS, K-12, K-14 und K-20 Metering Modes

Frei konfigurierbar oder intelligenter Auto Release Mode

Einfache Gestaltung der Attack mit dem Contour Mode

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision Limiter

G. Juan Antonio

13. Juli 2020

Precisión Limiter at Sonometrica Mastering Studio

I use an Analog chain in my master. I use Precision limiter like an insert in my Apollo X16 before to landing in to the digital world, this limiter is my final Peak control. It doesn't distort my signal and keep my work really clean and transparent.
This precision limiter works really good. Well done guys.

J. Napolitano

28. Juni 2020

Precision Limiter

Really pleased with it adds punch gets the level loud without distorting sounds very clean

D. de la Plaza Marcos

28. Juni 2020

Great limiter but i have True Peak problems

I've been using Precision Limiter for more than three years now, and I like it very much. Transparent and solid. Always great sound. But it let pass true peaks, around one dB or so... I mean, you can put -1 dB on the output, and it still can let pass through true peaks, more than 0. It may lead to trouble when mastering for Spotify, iTunes, etc. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

J. Davies

15. Juni 2020

Limit Your Master

Great for mastering. Use it on all my mixes.

D. Warren

11. Juni 2020

Top notch

Still very punchy and transparent. Great for hip hop and heavy 808 tracks

K. Frost

31. Mai 2020

Great Limiter for Especially the K Band

I use this as last Plugin. I like the K settings, they are set for different types of distribution, such as for “Streaming” services. Most streaming services us -14 Luffs, selecting the K14 setting, Zero on the meter will actually be -14Luffs.
You can also turn it off and just use the meter. Worth it.


20. Mai 2020

Silent but Powerful!!!!

This limiter is exactly what I have been looking for.....really transparent and very powerful.....I will not mix or master without it!!!!

g. davies

19. Mai 2020

does what it says on the tin

limits with precision. been using it on every track.

J. Cross

18. Mai 2020

It’s A Good Limiter

It limits. No frills. No qualms. 5 Stars.

S. Philpott

5. Mai 2020

It’s on every mix.

Love this plugin. It has been going on every mix I print.

J. Roecker

1. Mai 2020

Use it on the master bus every time!

I use this on my master bus every time! Indispensable plugin!

j. zakere

30. April 2020

Best limiter

very powerful limiter...

P. Nortey

25. April 2020

Great Limiter

I bought this Limiter after watching Fab DuPont using it. I tried it and it’s just great to use. Great job UA

J. Rodriguez

25. April 2020


The name is right precision and that's what it does.

A. Guryanov

21. April 2020

Simple and clear!

Exactly what you'd expect from a limiter. Thanks!

V. Kotljarow

15. April 2020

Precision Limiter

Great limiter!
I am very pleased. I can only recommend it !!!

Klasse Limiter !
Bin sehr zufrieden. Kann nur weiter empfehlen !!!


8. April 2020

Fit for Task & Transparent

The UA Precision Limiter Plug-In does what the physical unit did. It's a clean, transparent finaliser to the Mastering process. Very musical in the way that it contains the big end of the mix but allows the subtle aspects to shine through. The Precision Mastering Series are excellent and the Precision Limiter is the most essential. Only one criticism; running the Precision Limiter output at -0.1 dB often produces an output result that clips into the red on the UA Apollo Meters.

P. Kleiman

12. März 2020

Precision Limiter

Amazing! it works much more better than any others I've used before. This is a must...

P. Sviyazov

14. Januar 2020


Excellent limiter at the end of the work

H. King

5. Januar 2020

Precision Limiter

I must say it adds volume/level to you mix without adding things that's not wanted in your track. It's super transparent and clean. This is why Universal Audio is leaps and bounds above the rest. Great Job!