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  • 4.1/5

Tonabnehmer von Akustikgitarren in ein mehrfach abmikrofoniertes Instrument verwandeln.

Das Wood Works Plug-In für UAD-2 und Apollo Audio-Interfaces tauscht den Sound einer Akustikgitarre mit Piezo-Tonabnehmersystem mit dem einer herausragenden Mikrofnierung aus. Erstelle problemlos mehrdimensionale Akustikklänge in Echtzeit – selbst in Situationen, in denen physikalische Mikrofone schwer zu positionieren wären.

Wood Works ermöglicht dir eine „Neumikrofonierung“ deiner Gitarrenaufnahmen während des Mixes – setze neue Schwerpunkte oder verändere den Klang zu jedem Zeitpunkt des Mixes radikal, selbst wenn das Instrument unter wenig optimalen Bedingungen oder während einer Live-Performance aufgenommen wurde.

Deine Akustikgitarre direkt und in Echtzeit über ein Apollo Twin, DUO oder QUAD, in Mikrofonqualität aufzeichnen

Mit jeder UAD-2 Hardware bestehende Aufnahmen von Akustikgitarren klanglich neu ausrichten und dabei Resonanzen und Charakter neu formen

Erstaunliche Akustikaufnahmen in geräuschvollen Umgebungen und auf der Bühne ohne Übersprechen durchführen

Mehrere Mikrofonabstimmungen für mächtige, komplexe Klänge mischen, ohne zusätzliche Aufnahmen zu erstellen


Akustikgitarren-Prozessor Plug-In, exklusiv für Apollo und UAD-2 Systeme

Verleiht Piezo-Gitarren den Klang einer echter Mikrofonabnahme und veredelt diese mit erstaunlichen Resonanzen und Tiefe, die einer unbearbeiteten Akustikgitarre mit Piezo-Tonabnehmer fehlen

Keine zeitaufwändige Einrichtung von Mikrofonen notwendig

Liefert konsistenten Premium-Sound beim Abhören oder der Direktaufnahme

Kreative Optionen für das Re-Voicing existierender Akustikaufnahmen, inklusive Re-Mikrofonierung, um den Sound der Produktion anzupassen

Direkte Kontrolle für virtuelle Korpus- und Halsmikrofone, mit Pegel, Panorama, Ein- und Ausgangspegel

Voicings für Jumbo, Dreadnought und Akustikgitarre mit kleinem Body enthalten

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Sound Machine Wood Works



J. Slavin

31. Januar 2024

Acoustic plug in

Sounds not bad at all though I’d say it makes the sound wider n deeper, I’m pleased with the resulting sounds available

G. Ericsson

17. Januar 2024

Authentic acoustic guitar recordings

Plug an play, removes the „piezo character“. Lots of options for tonal character and emulations of guitar-body types. Wish I‘d known about this gem sooner.

P. Johnson

14. Januar 2024

Handy and easy to use

I had used this plug in years ago as the demo during a session where I only had the piezo pickup. It worked great but I didn't want to spend the $$ at the time as I didn't think I would be using very often.
Recently I started tracking my shows live with a digital mixer two acoustic guitars, fiddle and mandolin all DI into the mixer. I drag and drop the files into LUNA and good to go. Wood Works is a fast and easy way to get a good sound with the guitars and I was surprised that it did a nice job on the fiddle.
Ya I would prefer to use mics in the studio but for this mixing live recordings application this plug in is a great tool. I got it on sale with a coupon so no regrets.
I suspect over time I will use it more often and find better sounds with experience.

M. Fagnoul

14. Dezember 2023

Good Body maker

Time saver in micing. Expend the sound and sit in the mix possibilities.

S. Batten

28. November 2023

2 minute demo told me to save my money

J35 Gibson with factory Baggs. Every last setting on this made it sound worse. I got a better sound literally in 30 seconds on an SSL channel strip. Words cannot describe how bad it is.

r. svendsen

19. Oktober 2023

It's fantastic!!!

I don't get what the harsh critics about. You don't use your ears?? It's of course a great helper when it comes to make DI acoustics sound better but for me, even with miked acoustics, it's a fantastic tool to bring edge and a much more interesting and versatile sound to your guitars.

In short, it makes the recordings sound much more "expensive", for lack of a better term. For those of you that think this plug-in sucks, please tell me what your expectations were? To be honest I've used it on many releases and a few of them has been major hits. (I'm a producer and a good guitar player)

H. Kobashi

10. Juli 2023


Everything I was looking for in line Acoustic Guitar recording was here!

J. Mateo

29. Juni 2023

It's fantastic

I don't understand all the hateful comments on this thing. I use it almost every time I have a live show where the guitarist uses a DI for his acoustic. and once you learn the plugin and how it works you can dial in extremally realistic sounds.

J. Mateo

29. Juni 2023

It's fantastic

I don't understand all the hateful comments on this thing. I use it almost every time I have a live show where the guitarist uses a DI for his acoustic. and once you learn the plugin and how it works you can dial in extremally realistic sounds.

M. Spicewicz

12. Juni 2023

Just take my money

Best thing that happened to my acoustic guitar since buying better acoustic guitar. I have very little room adaptation, so when i need different sound than nice ambient i have to record acoustic in line - which doesnt sound too good. Now with woodworks it actually sounds amazing, like a real thing. Also just playing through it through apollo is just amazing again

D. Mullin

27. Mai 2023

Better than any amp sim or (FX) chain for acoustic instruments

I bought a lot of amp sims from everyone. And I can make a lot of (FX) chains. However, I have yet to hear any acoustic track sound better when it goes through Sound Machine Wood Works. It's quick. It's effective. And there's a lot of selectable tonal variations. I don't write many reviews. Here's one. Straightforward.

S. Ramsey

27. Januar 2023

Just what i needed

I have an idea and want to get it dfown fast but i dont have time to setup mic's etc for the recording. This little plugin gets me a good sound straight from the piezzo pickup that i cam work with.

C. Newey

1. Januar 2023

Make sure you try the demo first

My first reaction for this plugin was disappointment but then i started to work with it with making my own acoustic impulses after Wood Works in the chain. I ended up getting some good tones using it. Just be aware, you will NEVER make a Piezo sound exactly like a mic'd acoustic but you can get it close. In a dense mix no one would know. If you are a singer songwriter, just acoustic and voice, it will show its flaws i would not recommend it for this scenario. I'm quite pleased with it but equally feel it could have been done better as you have to put a lot of work in with other effects to make it shine and not everyone will have the skill set to do that. Just make sure you try the demo first

L. Ooley

30. Dezember 2022

More Useful Than You Expect

Great on acoustic DI signals as intended, but I've been experimenting with Wood Works on lots of other sources with cool results: A Kala U-Bass turned into a big upright, a flat fretless J-Bass DI sounded like a mic'd acoustic, and a mic'd glockenspiel track mellowed and warmed in a magical way. Very cool plug.

A. Guth-Rosenstock

21. Dezember 2022

Excellent for expanding sonic pallette

It's a hidden gem! It can make an impromptu recording a solid start as a useable track for a finished song- all without time consuming studio setup. It can also make a single acoustic sound like a vast collection to create a wide guitar chorus. With WW, every song can have a different sounding lead acoustic. All the magic can be changed post recording, or "baked in." Finally, for a singer-song writer it's a great tool. No more recording-producing worries holding you back from writing- just plug in and start strumming! Get a huge variety of thick acoustic guitar sounds with or without a traditional mic setup!

W. Narczyński

10. Oktober 2022

Pretty useless, extremely overpriced

This plugin takes white noise, amplifies it and colors into disturbing noise. Only useful if you have very low noise instrument. Most of the budget must have gone into the superb graphics.

G. Romeyn

10. Juli 2022

Just what I need!

For my nylon acoustic guitar and even my electric guitars there are now many possibilities for recording and so I'm very content with this plugin!

P. Tryding

1. Juli 2022


Not one of UAs best. Faking real acoustic miced up in a room is very hard. This is proves that point again. Now… get the Neve 1073/84 instead. Thats crazy good.

Y. Zolberg

13. Juni 2022

So brilliant!!

Bringing back to life my old recordings. I once used a guitar recorded with a smartphone and the result was very surprising! I do not know of any other plugin that knows how to do this

W. Hare

11. Mai 2022

Great Tool

It has a lot of different instrument choices. It's like having a locker full of acoustic guitars. Great sounds, I foresee using this a lot.