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Dumble-inspirierter Boutique-Gitarrenverstärker exklusiv für UAD und Apollo.

Der Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Verstärker, eine Hommage an den heiß begehrten, völlig mysteriösen Dumble™ Overdrive Special, fand wegen seines sanften, komplexen Overdrives und des tiefgründigen, dreidimensionalen Cleansounds mit grenzenlosem Headroom bei Musikern vor fast zwei Dekaden großen Zuspruch.

Das von Brainworx entwickelte und offiziell von Fuchs Audio Technology autorisierte Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier Plug-In bietet eine fachmännische Emulation aller Nuancen und die röhrenbetriebene Klanggestaltung dieses legendären Verstärkers. Exklusiv für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces.

Mit deinem Apollo über den Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Verstärker latenzfrei aufnehmen

82 unterschiedliche, hochklassige Aufnahmeketten vorhören, die mehrere Lautsprecherboxen und klassische Mikrofone bieten

Deinen Gitarrensound über das Vintage Delay, Noise Gate, Hi/Lo-Filter und weitere Effekte des FX Racks zusätzlich feinjustieren

Gitarren mit Single-Coil- oder Humbucker-Tonabnehmer spielend hochklassige Klangfarben und cremige Übersteuerung hinzufügen


Wahnsinnig gepflegte Klangfarben

Wahnsinnig gepflegte Klangfarben

Als ein Lieblingsverstärker von Al Di Meola, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes und vielen anderen wird der Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Verstärker besonders für seine „Dumble-esquen Klänge“ gelobt, wobei er zudem seine eigene Klang-DNA mit einbringt. Das Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Plug-In überträgt auf kunstvolle Weise die gläsernen Clean-Sounds, den extrem dichten Bassbereich und die reichlich vorhandene, berührungsempfindliche Verstärkung der Hardware. In Kombination mit den Regler Brite, Deep und Rock/Jazz passt du über den 3-Band EQ deinen Gitarrensound für alle Gitarren und Genres an.

Fuchs FX Rack

Fuchs FX Rack

Dank des integrierten Brainworx FX Rack liefert das Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Plug-In zusätzliche Kontrolle über deinen Gitarrensound. Es bietet ein Noise-Gate, schaltbare High-Pass und Low-Pass Filter für zusätzliche Klangoptionen und eine interne Power-Soak-Schaltung, mit der du nach Lust und Laune Overdrive dazu fahren kannst, ohne die Ausgangsverstärkung zu übersteuern.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technology für Apollo Interfaces

Unison Technology für Apollo Interfaces

Dank UA´s bahnbrechender Unison Technologie liefert das Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier Plug-In genau die Impedanz, das Gainstaging und Schaltungsverhalten, durch die dieser Verstärker zu einem Boutique-Favoriten für Heerscharen von Gitarristen wurde.


Absolut detailtreue Emulation des originalen Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Watt Gitarrenverstärkers

Von Fuchs Audio Technology unterstützt und voll autorisiert

82 Aufnahmeketten mit mehreren Lautsprecherboxen - im Brainworx Studio über eine NEVE VXS72 Konsole, hochwertigste Outboard-Geräte und erstklassige Mikrofone aufgenommen

FX Rack bietet klassisches Lo-Fi Delay, Noise Gate, Filter-Bedienelemente, internes Power-Soaking und Bypassing pre- / post-Amp

Dank Apollo´s Realtime UAD Processing ein Spielgefühl wie am echten Verstärker

Unison Technologie ermöglicht die umfassende Impedanzanpassung für den Eingang und praktische Regler für das Gainstaging

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier



S. Rath

14. September 2023

Clean, deep warm clean!

Why I chose it? I love warm, bluesy clean tones (sometimes with a decent amount of crunch) and straight Tele-style rocky chords. No problem to get it all with the Fuchs OS50 (plus classy overdriven sounds, too). I stay mostly with the cleaner side of this beauty and use it to record without latency, but with the feel of an amp - even if I use my 1st choice modelling amp vst afterwards with the unprocessed track. Love it.

O. Cuellar

13. August 2023

Dumble vibes

For dumble vibes in a plug in , look no further

A. Hewitt

13. Juni 2023

Great sounds

Prefer this to the Fender and Marshall amps as it is better suited to the tones I'm looking for.

Z. Abresch

15. Januar 2023

Clean, deep, and flexible

A fantastic sounding sim for clean to break-up tones with lots of jazzy roundness. Great selection of impulse responses, I just find myself wanting more condenser options. Stil learning all the different ways the pull controls interact and the accent control, while subtle, is an interesting way to cut through.

P. Manriquez

12. Januar 2023

Great AMP, Great sound

Impressive response, a fat and warm sound. Great IR . Good Clean sound , sounds very similar to the original.

L. Avédikian

26. Dezember 2022

Great UAD Amp!

One of my favourite UAD Amps! It has a great clean tone and the overdrive feels great. It also has a bunch of buttons to get plenty of tones. I use it for jazz, crunch tones and of course for rock sounds.

T. Spaniel

13. Dezember 2022


sounds very natural and really high definition one of my favorite amp emulations.

J. Metzger

28. November 2022

Usable for sure

This plug in can def add a nice shimmer to the high mids which sounds very good on clean stuff . The od channel sounds really nice as well . This plug in like most takes a little bit of tweaking to get the goods , and there is plenty of usable sounds for days , it’s all about context of the mix and what your aiming for .

M. Hanajczyk

15. April 2022

Very usefull

Great pristine cleans and a very wide range of overdrive tones.

B. Walters

2. April 2022

Great Amp Sim!

I actually really like this one. It’s always hard to find a satisfying amp sim as a tube amp player but this one is actually fun! Good cleans, good overdrives. Works great in the unison slot by itself and works great with my mainstage “peadalboard”.

K. Socasau

30. März 2022

The Best Dumble Amp Sim

Another incredible amp sim, it sounds like a glorious Dumble amp, easy to use, sounds like a great amp recorded thru killer mics and mixers. It has the feel and sound of a real amp, the overdrive provided by the amp sounds really natural and the notes blooms like a great Dumble Ods style amp. The cleans are stellar and really 3 dimensional. One of the best amp sim on the market, worth every penny ! Just go for it.

R. Gallow

11. Februar 2022

Really Like this Amp

Hard to describe the almost 3D quality of this emulation never heard this amp in the real world but this thing rocks. Very rich and sparkly when clean. Haven't set it up for saturation yet but the clean is amazing.

O. Hahn

4. Januar 2022

Versatile Allrounder

If I could have only one amp sim, this one'd be it. Sensational, beautiful clean sounds. All flavors of overdrive and distortion. I really like the way the tone breaks up from almost clean into a hair of crunch.

J. Haynes

4. Januar 2022

One of the better ones

I've never found an amp simulation that I've really loved. We all know the shortcomings: fizzy mosquito tone, wicked noise with single coil pick ups, noise gates that cut you off too soon. The Fuchs, though actually works for the instruments and studio I have, at least. It takes some doing; the presets are ok, but time invested in learning how the emulation really works pays dividends. There are lots of convincing tones in this if you dig for them.

R. Hüttner

4. November 2021

A bargain

Finally I found one that suits my style.

B. Sweeney

21. August 2021

Sounds great

Closest thing to a dumble in a plug-in. Sounds very two-rock like as well. Sits in a mix better than other guitar plug-ins. Totally recommend.

B. Borisoff

11. Juli 2021

Amazing tones

Pretty versatile plug in. You can get some nice clean, jazzy, and crunchy tones with this guy. Highly recommend adding it to your collection.

M. Keen

10. Juli 2021

Spot on emulation of the real deal…

I’m a proud owner of an original Fuchs ODS 30 amp head and whilst other amps have have had their day & moved on, the ODS remains in my collection. This emulation is spot on in my humble opinion & the ability to tweak & fine tune then save your tones for specific recording work is invaluable. I have other amp emulations but all suffer with ‘digital’ harshness & odd transients, this plug-in sounds warm & natural & very inspiring!

G. Claggett

9. Juli 2021

Clean tones are so fine!

After buying this and playing it for a while, I was so impressed with the clean tones that I actually started looking at purchasing a Fuchs amp. It is just that good! I can get tones from this plugin that I have not been able to get from the Fender Tweed 55 plugin.

Z. Chen

13. Mai 2021


The best amp simulation i've ever heard.