Friedman Amplifiers Collection

Friedman Amplifiers Collection



Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Zwei Stilrichtungen klassisch britischer Gitarrensounds aus einer Boutique-Schmiede.

Seit über 20 Jahren gilt Dave Friedman als „Gear Guru“ der Stars und hat in dieser Zeit Gitarren-Rigs und Verstärker von Größen wie Eddie Van Halen, Jerry Cantrell, Guns N’ Roses und vielen anderen entworfen und modifiziert. Als Friedman mit der Entwicklung seiner eigenen Verstärker anfing, hat er sich von den britischen Power-Amps von früher inspirieren lassen, die den Rock-Sound mehr oder weniger im Alleingang geprägt haben.

Die von Brainworx entwickelte Friedman Amps Plug-In Collection für die UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo-Interfaces bietet umwerfende Emulationen von zwei Friedman High-End Boutique-Amps, die jeweils einen ganz eigenen, britisch gefärbten Röhrensound bieten: den BE-100 für den ultimativen, „voll aufgerissenen“ Plexi-Sound und den Dirty Shirley DS-40 für dynamische Clean- und druckvoll-fette Crunch-Sounds.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Deine Spuren über den klassisch angehauchten DS-40 oder den feuerspeienden BE-100 Verstärker von Friedman reampen

Deine Gitarrensounds darüber hinaus mit dem internen FX Rack und den Recording Chains formen

Über das Realtime UAD Processing Deines Apollo Audio Interfaces mit jedem dieser Amps nahezu latenzfrei in Echtzeit aufnehmen

Deine Gitarre über das integrierte bx_tuner Plug-In ebenso schnell wie genau stimmen


Das Friedman BE‑100 Plug-In – Modding eines Klassikers

Das Friedman BE‑100 Plug-In – Modding eines Klassikers

Der Friedman BE-100 Verstärker ist das Ergebnis jahrelanger Modifikationen, die Friedman im Auftrag seiner Kunden an deren 1959 Marshall Plexis vorgenommen hat. Das BE-100 Amplifier Plug-In für die UAD-2 und Apollo Interfaces bildet Friedmans atemberaubende Weiterentwicklung der klassischen Plexi-DNA genau ab – sorgt aber durch weichere Höhen, eine präzisere Bassansprache und mehr Gain-Reserven für einen größere akustische Bandbreite.

Old School Cool – Das Friedman Dirty Shirley DS-40 Plug-In

Old School Cool – Das Friedman Dirty Shirley DS-40 Plug-In

Der Friedman Dirty Shirley DS-40 Verstärker mit seinen zwei 6L6-Röhren ist von Marshalls erstem Serien-Amp – dem altehrwürdigen JTM-45 – inspiriert und für seine mächtigen, glockigen Clean- und extrem dynamischen Crunch-Sounds bekannt, die auch bei aggressiveren Parts immer noch extrem musikalisch auf den Gitarrenanschlag ansprechen. Das Friedman DS-40 Amplifier Plug-In für die UAD-2 und Apollo Interfaces bildet die Aggressivität des DS-40 ebenso wie seine komplexen Clean-Sounds perfekt nach und empfiehlt sich daher als herausragende Wahl, wenn man einen vielseitigen Amp für Blues, Jazz und Country sucht.

Über 60 großartige Recording Chains

Über 60 großartige Recording Chains

Sowohl das Friedman BE-100 als auch das DS-40 Plug-In integrieren ein umfangreiches FX Rack, das unzählige mächtige Möglichkeiten zur Klangformung bereitstellt: Mit den Filter Tight und Smooth kannst du die Bässe und Höhen anpassen, während du das interne Noise-Gate perfekt für die Ansprache bei deftigen Rhythmus-Parts einstellst oder Soli mit einem organischen, auf das Host-Tempo synchronisierbaren Lofi-Delay bearbeitest. Mit Hilfe der Recording-Chains-Funktion des FX Racks hörst du Deine Sounds über 66 unterschiedliche Signalfluss-Varianten mit zahlreichen Lautsprecherboxen, High-End-Mikrofonen und -Vorverstärkern sowie EQ-Emulationen ab.

Brainworx bx_tuner

Brainworx bx_tuner

Zusammen mit der Friedman Amplifier Plug-In Collection erhältst du das Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-In: Hierbei handelt es sich um ein intuitives, einfach zu bedienendes chromatisches Stimmgerät, das in einen DAW-Kanal oder eine Subgruppe eingefügt werden kann, um dort für die perfekte Stimmung zu sorgen. Der bx_tuner ermöglicht eine punktgenaue chromatische Stimmung und hält zudem verschiedene clevere Add-Ons bereit. Die Betriebsart Dim ermöglicht den Stimmvorgang mit Sound, allerdings bei verringerter Lautstärke, was deinen Ohren zu schätzen wissen. Dazu ermöglicht dir die Ballistics-Funktion, die Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit und Empfindlichkeit der Stimm-LEDs und zudem die Ansprache auf Tonhöhenänderungen anzupassen.


Detailgetreue Emulationen zweier moderner Boutique-Verstärker – inspiriert durch britische Röhrenverstärker-Klassiker, entwickelt von der Verstärkerlegende David Friedman

FX-Rack bietet Lo-Fi-Delay, Noise Gate und Filtersteuerelemente

Für jeden Amp wurden 66 Impulsantworten mit mehreren Lautsprecherboxen in einem herausragenden Aufnahmeraum über exzellentes Equipment aufgezeichnet

Fühlt sich wie ein echter Amp an, wenn Du ihn über Apollo´s Realtime UAD Processing spielst

Re-Amping perfekter DI-Gitarrenspuren, die zuvor über andere Gitarrenverstärker-Simulationen aufgenommen wurden

Stimme mit dem enthaltenen bx_tuner Plug-In dein Gitarre schnell und präzise

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Friedman Amplifiers Collection

k. dcosta

13. Dezember 2015

Look forward to more Guitar plugins UA!

Very nice!

After 20 years of mic'ing up amps I'm using more often UA guitar plugins now.

C. Bower

13. Dezember 2015

Great for tracking!

This is a nice, natural sounding mod to track with if you've got an Apollo. Nice feel and air, much like playing a real amp with a mic'd cab. I would definitely recommend for those guitar players who are looking to re-amp but insist on tracking with a natural feel, but you will need to have an Apollo to make this work.

H. Hansson

1. Dezember 2015

A bargain at $4.00! ;)

Just bought this bundle for 4 Euros!!! Had a voucher previously at €25 since taking a survey. Today I got a mail saying UA missed me, and that they had given me another €50 voucher. Checking my account, I actually had two! So, with the Black Friday campaign still going it was going for €129. So, €125 in vouchers made me pay €4! Wow! Thanks UA! =)

And the plugins then... I think they are really versatile. Have been looking into buying these for a long time, but now I'm glad I didn't until know! Just check out the demos and hear for yourself. Responsive, gritty, powerful! Nice amp sims!

B. King

2. November 2015

True to the Firedman Tonal Vision!!

Very pumped that these are on the UAD platform. Fortunate to own a BE100 and it is just so organic and musical. I also have a Kemper so I can say for a modeling/profiler environment these are superb. The day I noticed these were released I happen to by tracking my BE100 DI through a Suhr reactive load box and got several A/B for comparisons. Must admit it was very accurate and responsive in most every aspect. The built in delay and mic/cab presets are very cool and allow to quickly color the sound to your desired application. These are very good value and an awesome portal to enjoy Dave Frideman's incredible work. No risk in picking these up.

UAD User

10. August 2015

THIS is what love sounds like :)

SO, a few months back I found myself standing in front of the Friedman DS head and cab. Wondering, why all the hype over this little thing? As I pondered this great mystery, I decided to plug in and see for myself. It was effortless to pull great tone from this thing, but then I saw the price tag. Ouch! $2,700 just for the head. About a month ago I bought an Apollo Twin and in doing so, am allowed to demo all the UA plug ins for free, in the comfort of my own home. Sweet deal. So of course I went right for the Friedman bundle. Having played both of these amps, I can say that there was NO disappointment with this bundle. You can go to YouTube & search MarkThomasMusic to see some vids I did. The same tone for $249. It's a no-brainer

M. Ballenger

3. August 2015

Very convincing

This is a spectacular bundle. The BE-100 nails the brown sound, but it can also dial in some great crunch and classic tones. The Dirty Shirley is my preferred option of the two for clean to crunch. It's very warm and full. Really impressed with the BX guitar amp sims. I also own the Chandler. I hope to demo the ENGL retro soon.

a. kamal

2. August 2015

very very usable..

I am a guitar player and my studio is all set up and wired with vintage amps,miss etc.... For recording I use a multi amp set up with a 57 Tweed Vibro Champ , a 65 BF Super Reverb AND my trusted 1975 100 w Marshall,Boogie King Snake, Dumble ODS or Diezel VH4. I pretty much emulated the EL 34/KT 77 Sounds with the Friedman. In an a/b comparison i preferred the plug to the genuine head which I had mic´d with a Sennheiser MD 421 N and a 4 x 12" Vintage Marshall Cab using Celestial G 25 H. The mic´d sound was pretty good but the plug in sound seemed to "breathe" more,i.e. better transients,silkier high end...Pretty amazing This plug in...

UAD User

25. Juli 2015


A few weeks ago now, I purchased an Apollo Twin Solo. My 1st UA product. Based on that purchase, I was able to get a 14 day demo on other various UAD-2 plug ins. What I REALLY love is that I can do this in MY home, at MY pace and not in some store with some guy wanking on Smoke On The Water. I am SoOo impressed with this plug in, I bought it. HAD to have it. Sounds STELLAR just noodling around thru monitors and/or of course sounds great recording. I have played both "real" versions of the BE and the DS and volume aside, this is a dead on recreation of the sound you would find. You can check it out on YouTube under markthomasmusic. Apollo Twin, Thunderbolt, zero latency that I can detect. FEELS like I'm plugged into the real deal!

T. Stephens

13. Juli 2015

Brainworx got it bang on with the Friedman Amp collection!

I have been using Friedman amplification for the past few years. They are superb in the studio as well as live. I currently own a BE100 and have been using it in the studio and isolated environments constantly over the course of 2 and a bit years, even when it was hard to get your hands on a modded Dave Friedman amp i had to mustle one up from somewhere as they really are so musical and powerful in the studio!

So at the beginning of the year a friend posted a video demo of this Universal Audio / Brainworx plugin of the Friedman BE100 and i was instantly interested in trying it out. All I can say is that they really must have worked hard on the design and development of the plugin with Dave as it is extremely good and spot on! Recommended!

A. Marshall

1. Juli 2015

Killer Amp Sims

WOW! The best Ive used, lots of killer tones here, I particularly love the BE-100, yes a high gain monster but it also a killer clean channel as well. The input gain and the noise gate are handy, so much in here it will keep me busy for ages.

Also worth mentioning, you can have 4 settings per preset, so you can have slight variations or completely different tones within the one preset.

I upgraded to an Apollo quad from an Eleven rack and they are worlds apart, the Apollo and UA plug ins are the ultimate set up for guitarists! My plug in chain is legendary!

Rock on!

M. Yamaoka

20. Juni 2015

Great sound

It is the best rock amp modeling.

D. Lavyne

12. Juni 2015

Simply The Best

Utterly amazing! Both the BE-100 and the DS-40 have something incredible to offer, but will require you to really open your mind and spend some time to find the right cab model and learn how the gain structure and tone controls of these amps affect your sound. It took me weeks (literally) to get this right but now that I have them dialed in they are simply the best Amp plugins I have ever heard. When you power them up, immediately mute the stock preset and start from scratch on creating your own sounds. While these amp have the most to offer I also feel they have some of the worst presets I've ever grab your favorite guitar, set everything to the middle and start auditioning cabs. Spend some time and you'll see (and hear)!

S. Maxwell

3. Mai 2015

Best of the amp sims

I gave this a test run along with the other UAD amp sims, of all of them this seems the most versatile.

The DS-40 is particularly good for clean and crunch, the BE-100 a complete gain monster...

It's also good to see that you can turn of the speaker simulation ,I tried this running in to the speaker sims on Ocean Way , sounded great .. Damn that's two I will have to purchase now !

E. Martínez Pérez de Lucía

2. Mai 2015

Buen simulador!!

Lo acabo de comprar y estoy bastante contento con el sonido de los dos amplificadores. es verdad que los presets que te vienen no me gustan pero cuando lo toqueteas un rato consigues muy buenos sonidos y la respuesta de los amplificadores es genial.

S. McClure

18. April 2015

Friedman BE100 Plug

Absolutely amazing!! First Guitar plug in I've used or heard that really sounds like a real amp cranked up. Definitely get the "brown sound" with it. Makes me want to sit and play guitar. I thought that Amp Rig was pretty good until I heard this. It's incredibly dynamic and touch responsive. Just love this plug to death!!

S. McLendon

10. April 2015

Love these amp sounds!

I own numerous guitar plugins and rigs being that I'm a guitarist!
This AMP is a 5 STAR all the way! My new go to!
With tweaking, you can get what you are looking for IMHO!

K. Dietz

6. April 2015

Excellent tone!

I have heard and recorded the actual Friedman BE-100, incredible amp. This plugin captures the vibe incredibly well! Lots of subtleties. Best amp sim I've ever heard, no doubt. I'm having a blast playing through it! I love the multitude of different cabinet & microphone combinations as well. I can't wait to have my friend over to play through it and get his impression (a phenomenal player and Friedman endorsed artist).

M. Smith

3. April 2015

Me Likey!

I like these a lot, the best hot rodded Marshall type sound I've gotten out of a plugin. Would LOVE to hear an amp sim dedicated to clean Fender sounds (not just the BF Deluxe or BF Twin).

S. McNulty

30. März 2015

Friedman Amps

I have the Softube amps and both ENGL amps. I usually use the Fender in Amp Room for dirt and the ENGL 646 for clean tones. These Friedmans are great. I am able to get really nice clean and dirt tones from them. It took me a while to get the hang of them, but now that I understand how to gain stage to get what I want; they are really great.

M. Julien

28. März 2015

Game changer

I hated guitar simulation plugins before trying this collection. Simply beautiful. Very nice dynamic and beautiful saturation and sustain.
Must have.