Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier



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Eine moderne Version des klassischen

Das für seinen Druck und seine Vielfalt gelobte Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Plug-In kombiniert den klassischen Sound der ursprünglichen SVT-Verstärker mit einer strafferen, moderneren Klangnote. Der SVT-3 PRO Verstärker erfreut sich eines erstklassigen Rufs als „moderner Klassiker“ und hat sich als Arbeitspferd in modernen Bassanlagen für Künstler wie Metallica und Primus vielfach bewährt.

Das SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In wurde von Brainworx entwickelt und liefert eine fachmännische Emulation des Röhrenvorverstärkers, der transistorisierten Endstufe sowie vielseitige Möglichkeiten der Klangformung des Originalverstärkers – exklusiv für
UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit der druckvollen und modernen Klangvariante des legendären SVT-Bassverstärkers aufnehmen und reampen

Deine Klänge über das eingebaute FX Rack mit Noise Gate, Klangregelung und einem Ein- und Ausschalter für das Hochtonhorn fein abstimmen

Bass-Sounds über die fünf wählbaren Einsatzfrequenzen des Mittenreglers sowie den 9-Band grafischen Equalizer formen

Unmittelbar auf 26 verschiedene Aufnahmeketten zugreifen, die auf Kombinationen unterschiedlicher Mikrofone, Lautsprecherboxen und Studioperipherie basieren


Die Erweiterung des SVT-Erbes

Die Erweiterung des SVT-Erbes

Indem er dem Bassisten das röhrenbestückte, körnige Frontend bietet und diese mit einer leichteren, besser transportierbaren 450-Watt-Transistorendstufe kombiniert, setzt der SVT-3 PRO die stolze, klangvolle Tradition der SVT-Serie fort. Die Hybridschaltung wurde ebenso wie der neunbandige grafische Equalizer und der fünffach umschaltbare Mittenregler für eine verblüffende Bandbreite möglicher Klänge fachmännisch von Brainworx emuliert.



Das Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Plug-In bietet zusätzliche Werkzeuge, mit denen die Funktionalität bei der Aufnahme elektrischer Bässe nochmals deutlich erweitert wird. Das FX Rack bietet ein eingebautes Noise Gate, einen Power Soak und eine Pre/Post-umschaltbare Klangregelung. So kannst du Sounds vor oder nach dem Mix den letzten Schliff verpassen. Für ultimative Flexibilität im SVT-3 PRO Plug-In sorgen jedoch die 26 Recording-Chain-Presets. Diese wurden über die äußerst seltene Neve VXS 72 Mischkonsole von Brainworx aufgenommen. Du kannst dabei deine Sounds über eine breite Auswahl von Vintagemikrofonen, Lautsprecherboxen und Studioperipherie hören.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technologie für Apollo Interfaces

Unison Technologie für Apollo Interfaces

Durch den Einsatz von UA´s bahnbrechender Unison Technologie erhältst du mit dem Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Plug-In die Impedanz, das Gainstaging und Schaltungsverhalten, die dazu beigetragen haben, damit dieser legendäre Bass Amp zu einem der am häufigsten aufgenommenen Bassverstärker der Geschichte wurde.


Sorgfältige Emulation des Ampeg Professional Series SVT-3 PRO — eine moderne Interpretation des klassischen SVT Sounds

Unison™ Technologie liefert den Klang und das Erlebnis der klassischen SVT PRO Preamp Sektion

26 Recording Kanäle mit mehreren Lautsprecherboxen, aufgenommen in einer professionellen Studioumgebung mit exzellentem Equipment

Klangregelung inklusive 5 wählbarer Mittenfrequenzbänder und einem 9-Band Graphic EQ

Re-Amping bereits aufgenommener DI Bassspuren für mehr Wärme und Tiefe

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

T. Hosoki

15. September 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best you can get

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier is a POWERHOUSE! There is good reason so many musicians use this in concert. The cost may seem high, but as with anything, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!.
It has TONS of features and nearly everything can be accessed or bypassed with the push of a button. If you're a serious musician, then this is a must have!

M. Reategui

14. September 2015

A bass player dream

I own few Ampeg tube amps and preamps, and this plugin makes everything much smoother. As a recording musician this is what you always dreamed about.

m. Keene

8. September 2015


I got this and the other SVT. Both are fantastic! The other is a bit more my vibe but not because of a quality difference just a stylistic aesthetic. Over all these are by far my favorite bass amp plugins! Highly recommended!

p. miller

6. September 2015

Best bass sim amp by far.

I've owned a SVT classic and the 8x10 cab since 1993, so I know what a good bass amp sounds like. When recording at home, I can't used my rig for obvious reasons, so I've always struggled to get the sound I wanted, be it through a sim amp, or my real SamsAmp. When UAD came out with these Ampeg plugins, I first tried the SVT RV, and it sounded great, but the SVT-3 Pro gave me a little more growl, plus the EQ section had more control compared to the RV. There's also a mix knob where I could add in solid-state along with the tube sound, which allowed me to dial in the perfect amount of punch. This plugin, united my kick and bass like never before. There's also no digital harshness. Fantastic job UAD!!!

R. Williamson

2. September 2015

Finally, a decent bass amp simulation

After trying number s bamboo amp simulators, from IK Multimedia, NI and UA's own Bass Room, this is the first time that I've got the true sound of a bass cabinet. A great range of control and ultimately a 'lifelike' alternative miking/di'ing a bass cab. Furthermore, it works great with Apollo

K. Marrett

29. August 2015

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In

One of UAD's best plugin. Better than all the other bass amp simulations so far. This was something I really needed. I don't know what the hardware sounds like, but I like the software. It is warm and sounds anolog. Worth every penny. I will recommend it to anyone.

S. Tanner

28. August 2015

That is the ultimate rock bass plug-in.

The Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In is the ultimate rock bass amp sound.

Our bass player Georgie Zsigmond (TELL) also has a Ampeg with 8x10" speaker cabinet. After we had recorded the bass with the Waves GTR preamplifier you hear practically no difference between the Original and the Plug-In.

All buttons and settings react as expected like the original.

I also own the Bass Amp Room. But the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO is one star better.

B. Dunn

22. August 2015


So often plugins are touted to be better than they actually are. Not the case with most UA stuff, so I decided to add one more arrow in my Apollo based studio's quiver and get the Ampeg SVT-3 Pro. The main reason for wanting it was that I've been running my bass in direct and then using EQ and compression to shape it because I do not have a bass amp. As soon as I plugged this in I was amazed and Immediately I was in business. I removed all the other plug ins from my channel and engaged the Ampeg. I played with a few knobs to shape the tone and...done. Really, this is a "plug it in and go" unit and it's one of my smartest purchases for 2015. Thanks nailed this one.

UAD User

5. August 2015

Really cool bass amplifier!

Unlike guitar amp plugins (Engl, Marshall), this Ampeg is really sounds amazing, big, warm, fat sound! Awesome bass amp!

UAD User

5. August 2015

Ampeg SVT brings the beef!

I tried this last night, and bought it right away after using it on a mix. Just amazing. It took a few minutes to tame the beast, but once it was dialed in, it was incredible. It can go from "way too much" to "too thin" and in-between. I can't wait to track with it ! I never though it was possible to get monster bass sounds with a plug in from a DI. Very impressive.


3. Juli 2019

The Best Bass-Amp Plugin Ever

This plug-in gives an all around perfect sounds, for bass/lead guitar/ even drums... Definitely one of my favorite plug-ins. UAD, one word, “Awesome”...

L. Sanders

13. Februar 2019

Bass in your face!

This is the Bass Amp plug-in I've been looking for UA has done it again.
all my bass guitars sound very clean and fat, I can get just about any bass tone I can think of live or in the studio. This is a must have. This bass amp plug-in will enhance your sound, check it out. Sweet!

K. Lima

18. Januar 2019


That's it. this thing it's not the original one.

D. Rivera

15. Januar 2019

Tremendo control de tono

Cada banda del ecualizador grafico ataca la frecuencia que tiene que atacar. Siempre había tenido problemas con el control de los bajos y el low end, ahora es más agradable y fácil de manejar

J. Poole

6. Januar 2019

I have never liked amp sims...

...until I heard this bad boy. Whether you use it as a plugin or an emulator, you can't go wrong with this one. UAD nailed it. Try the demo

B. Atrokhov

15. Dezember 2018


I have an original one, it seems and don’t need it anymore. It has great sound and saves my time.

A. Araujo Cunha

14. Dezember 2018


This is a must have piece of software, the bass get much more audible and smooth, this really worth, I can highly recommend this to anyone. Easy to use and has a clean sound as a final product. Good job UAD.

C. Carr

21. Juli 2018

A lot of options

I use an Avalon U5 to capture my bass DI. Great signal and this SVT3 helps finish it off. A lot of the presets aren't very good, but there is a lot of flexibility in this plugin to dial in your settings.
I also have an SVT450 in the studio. While this is the best emulation I've used does not deliver the same body as the real one.

M. Pesaresi

13. Juli 2018


I use often a Kemper for recording bass guitar but I needed something else. Great sound, thanks so much!

M. Pesaresi

13. Juli 2018


I often record bass guitar through a Kemper but I needed something else. This plugin helps me a lot. Thanks! Great sound!