Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer

Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Absoluter Highend-EQ von
einer echten Audio‑Legende.

Das Massenburg DesignWorks MDWEQ5 Plug-In ist ein einzigartiger, leistungsfähiger Equalizer für eine kristallklare Bearbeitung bei höchsten Auflösungen. Das MDWEQ5 Plug‑In ist ein ultrapräzises, nach Gehör abgestimmtes Werkzeug vom Erfinder des parametrischen Equalizers, George Massenburg. Dieser Equalizer wird von Toningenieuren und Spieleentwicklern ebenso eingesetzt wie in der Film- und Fernsehproduktion.

Dank seiner absolut cleanen Signalverarbeitung ohne jeglicher Färbung oder Verzerrungen lassen sich mit dem MDWEQ5 Plug-In problematische Bereiche eines Mixes lokalisieren und mit einem der vielen Filter schnell korrigieren. Das Massenburg MDWEQ5 Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio-Interfaces ist ein Paradebeispiel für den akribischen Qualitätsanspruch Massenburgs.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit einem leistungsfähigen EQ vom Pionier der parametrischen Klangbearbeitung, George Massenburg, Sounds gestalten

Instrumente mit Upsampling und in maximaler Bit‑Tiefe herausarbeiten

Mit IsoPeak® problematische Frequenzen schnell und präzise lokalisieren

Signale je nach Bedarf mit der 5-bandigen oder der (ebenfalls enthaltenen) 3-bandigen Version des MDWEQ5 Plug‑Ins formen


Entwickelt von George Massenburg, dem Pionier der parametrischen EQ‑Bearbeitung

Dank Upsampling und Bearbeitung bei maximaler Bit-Tiefe liefern die handverlesenen Filter absolut perfekte Ergebnisse

Das MDW® EQ5 Parametric Equalizer Plug-In umfasst den MDWEQ-5B 5-Band-EQ sowie den 3-Band-EQ MDWEQ-3B

IsoPeak® erlaubt die schnelle und präzise Identifizierung problematischer Frequenzen.

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ

S. Markichev

30. November 2015

Excellent EQ

Love it! Mixing or mastering this EQ is the Cleanup and beautiful musical sound

C. Moselle

19. November 2015

Wow : Totally blows my mind

Incredible; On a whole other level than ANY eq I've ever heard except for OLD Massenburg hardware

R. Jason

14. November 2015

Mastering eq from the Master

IMO (and others), George Massenburg ranks up there with Sir George Martin as an innovator, producer, engineer. This plug-in is just another example of the quality and musical function that is Mr Massenburg's trademark.
I love using this eq on mixing, mastering and it can do wonderful things with a piano track that may be a bit "honky", brittle, or muddy.

This eq is on another level, and is a MUST on all my projects. Worth every penny and MORE.

A. Caetano

28. August 2015

best eq in the market today

Simply put, the Massenburg EQ project with UAUDIO was a superb hit! best EQ in the market! period!

J. Maiwald

31. Juli 2015

Why this EQ sounds so invisible good?

this EQ is the Cleanup Machine! it does exactly what it should do, and nothing else! my new goto EQ next to all the other nice character EQ's from UA...thanks!

c. niculescu

29. Juli 2015


I own almost all UAD Eqs, but this is slowly but surely becoming my absolute go-to eq.
Thumbs up Mr. Massenburg!

UAD User

21. Juni 2015


Man this eq is a sleeper. It is perfect for subtractive eq'ing virtually anything and is as advertised, a colorless eq. What does that mean? When I first demo'd this plug, I was a little baffled. It didnt sparkle to me at first, but I soon realized it was because there was no saturation or distortion being added to the signal. Like many people say, it just makes it sound better, without altering the source at all. Definitely check out the demos with Massenburg himself, it will open your eyes to how this eq is meant to be used.

G. Griffith

1. Dezember 2014

The cleanest EQ for the cleanest results.

Regardless if you choose the UAD or native version, the Massenburg EQ is simply the cleanest EQ offering in this price range and beyond. It should be twice the price (the Avid HD version is), but I'm glad it is reasonably priced on the UAD platform.

It simply doesn't sound like I'm using an EQ. At mild settings, it simply sounds like I moved the microphone into a better position on the source. At extreme settings, it can sound like a different microphone selection without artifacts, imposing character or distortion. Simply put, it's always true to the source. I prefer to let the source hold the musicality and character, not my choice in EQ to compensate, and this EQ helps me nail that philosophy in my workflow. A well deserved 5 star!

S. Boman

12. November 2014

Simply the best!

This is my go to master eq!
It's the smoothest and most musical eq in my ears.

Great to have it on the UAD platform!

S. Smith

11. November 2014

EQ? What EQ?

You can hear the Bypass working, but it doesn't sound like an equalizer. It just sounds like a better recording! Where have you been all my life?

C. Vonsneidern

1. Januar 2015

Precise and handy

I used the MDW Parametric EQ 5 Band to remaster a record recently at 88.2kHz. The preview feature to find the band sped up my workflow. The EQ itself had a very pleasant sound, never harsh, even when boosting the very high frequencies. Massenberg's promotional video didn't say much about this EQ; I got more of an idea about his personality.

The way the GUI is laid out, I found myself adjusting the frequency knob when I meant to change the gain. Otherwise very intuitive and easy to read.

C. Ottow

30. November 2014

useful, a bit limited & rewarding

useful - get good results quickly; filter types and ranges are adequate.

a bit limited - no output level control, no MS / dual mono.

rewarding - it is NOT one of those eqs which you eventually bypass and think " this actually sounds more natural without it..."

There also is a "ghost" 3band Version of this eq which you cannot authorize at the moment in the plugin pool... ?

K. Grandillo

11. Januar 2016

Mix With the Masters

This summer, I attended a mix with the masters seminar taught by Jacquire King. He spoke very highly of this plug in, which contributed to my choice to purchase it. Just placing this plug in on an insert adds an element of air and clarity to the source. Wish it had an output trim though. and I dont like that I have to use up one of my bands to do a high and low pass

S. Sirviö

12. Dezember 2014



J. Poole

8. Juli 2019

UAD vs. Hardware


B. Schumacher

25. Juni 2019

Favourite EQ Plugin

The sound is excellent. However, that GUI looks horrible.

N. Matagrin

3. Mai 2019

Just ... WOOOW !!

Incredibly transparent eq... Far beyond the others.
Try it on acoustic instruments, pianos, acoustic guitars, bassdrums, doublebasses etc, find the inharmonic frequencies and cut them deep and narrow. Even with a 15dB cut, you don't hear the eq, the track just sounds as if the take was better.
I also use it live on the masterbus , very useful in venues with a tough sound. Best tool to clean low end problem in the venues.

O. Lipskis

3. Mai 2019

Still the best

It is an old EQ, but still one of the best. Great for everything - single tracks, busses, masters, great for cutting those nasty frequences, super clean sounding. Using this on all of my projects. Also uses very small portion of SHARC processor.

B. Odabaşıgil

2. April 2019

A must have

Just try. You will be addicted

B. Odabaşıgil

2. April 2019

A must have

Just try. You will be addicted