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Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Veredle deine Mixes mit einem der
charmantesten EQs am Markt.

Die Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection ist ein leistungsstarkes Werkzeug zur Klangformung und Verbesserung bestimmter Klangfarben und spezifischer Charaktereigenschaften Deiner Musik. Die BAX EQ Collection wurde als Equalizer für den letzten Schliff entwickelt – eine authentische Plug-In-Emulation der entsprechenden Studio-Hardware für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Die sanfte und musikalische Klangregelung verwenden, die auf Peter Baxandalls legendärem Equalizer-Schaltkreis der 1950er Jahre basiert

Ungewollte Subbässe entfernen und damit den Bereich der tiefen Frequenzen für erweiterten Headroom aufräumen

Überharte Höhen zähmen, während du gleichzeitig deine Mixes mit zusätzlicher Transparenz und Luftigkeit bereicherst

Die Stereobreite- und -tiefe mit der Mitte-Seite-Funktion in der Stereo-Masterversion betonen


Detailgetreue Emulation des Dangerous Music BAX Analog-EQ mit Mastering-Rasterung

Basierend auf Peter Baxandall's legendärem EQ der 50er-Jahre

Exakt nach den originalen, Konstruktions- und Schaltplänen sowie den Hardware-Komponenten von Dangerous gemodelt

Shelving-EQ mit breiter Q für einen natürlichen und offenen Charakter

"Mix"- Version, mit einem Reglersatz, kann für Mono-, Stereo- oder Multi-Mono-Klangquellen verwendet werden

"Master"-Version mit zwei Mono-Regler-Reihen und zusätzlichem M/S-Modus (Mitte/Seite) für erweiterte Mastering-Möglichkeiten (die Hardware verfügt über nicht über einen eingebauten M/S-Modus)

Betriebsart mit verlinkten Reglern (LINK) – nur in der "Mastering"-Version

Zusätzliche Ausgangsverstärkung (nicht färbend)

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

UAD User

26. Oktober 2020

Does what you need it to do

Been using it for some Masters recently. The Mid/Side capabilities are really useful, especially the volume balance knobs. Quick for readjusting a mix and creating width. The EQ has a very subtle sound which is awesome, not at all harsh.

S. May

23. September 2020


It works so well I tried it on everything it has great character. Wow

C. Bruce

9. August 2020


I started a mastering company using this... it’s that good.

K. Morris

9. Juli 2020

Indispensable m/s EQ

The "Master" version of this plugin, in m/s mode, has become a staple in my mixes when I want to enhance stereo presence.

N. Bluhm

29. Juni 2020

Apparently not everyone's first choice for mixbus/mastering chain, but became one of mine.

I watched Luca Pretolesi mix Major Lazer on Puremix, and was intrigued by his use of Dangerous hardware, so I decided to try out the plugin version. I now use the BAX on almost every mastering chain. The way it was described to me, Baxandall curves are the kind of eqs that home stereos in the 90s used for the "smile" eq. I guess somewhat similar to the Pultec in that they are both "smile" eqs with gentle, wide bands, the BAX seems to bring out more meat specifically in my kick drums than the Pultec, and also allows me to lift the sides without compromising the center. Don't ask me too much about the science behind why this curve sounds good or how it differs from the Pultec. The HPF is also very nice in that I can eliminate more of the lows on the sides than in the center, which is as it should be from my understanding. I really, really like this plugin.

M. Cavanagh

24. Juni 2020

If you want Subtle Transparent Mastering EQ

I demo’d this alongside the Manley Massive and although both are great for mixing and mastering I felt the BAX is a cleaner, more transparent sounding unit and can be as subtle as you like or as big as you need, the M/S section for mastering makes it more than just an EQ, excellent work from the team at UAD.

B. Ford

15. Juni 2020

Another Amazing Emulation

Heard some masters that were done pre and post dangerous. You’ve heard it to on lots of records.


T. Rice

12. Juni 2020

Great 2 bus EQ.

It is one of my go to mixbus eqs. A transparent, clean, and powerful addition to any mixbus.

A. Payne

16. Mai 2020

Ridiculously right

I Demo’d this and had to buy it. It has this magical way of gently adding EQ and stereo spread that just makes things sound good. Highly transparent, highly effective for mix and mastering.

P. Jacques

15. Mai 2020

Another Winner From UAD

GREAT-sounding EQ. Super easy to use and incredibly powerful. For Mastering Buss or individual tracks it is such a musical processor.

S. Parikh

5. Mai 2020

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Sweet put in Master bus
For editing side not so useful

S. Baker

19. April 2020


These plugins are spot on!

UAD User

13. März 2020

new eq

Tried it on trial, finding it very subtle and does add in the right places. smooth shelving and sounds great on most things.

C. Bogan

24. Januar 2020

Love it!!!

Adds so much air and silk to the mix. Love it!!!

P. Sviyazov

17. Januar 2020


There is nothing like this for bus and master chains.

T. Kim

31. Dezember 2019


I will always bax eq to master. It's so nice.

T. Sosefo

1. November 2019


I was using this until I found Acustica Audio has a free version.. to me which sounded better and more full.

D. Patterson

12. Oktober 2019

Instant punch & Clarity

Must have to finalize a mix.

W. Francis Bowie

16. September 2019

Must have !!

Sweeet !!

W. Francis Bowie

16. September 2019

A must have !!!

Juts silky and sweet !!!
Recommended !!