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Moderner Klassiker mit beispielloser Kombination aus Röhren- und Transistorkompression.

Seit der Markteinführung in den 80er-Jahren gehört der Summit Audio TLA-100A Kompressor zur Standardausrüstung professioneller Tonstudios weltweit. Aufgrund seiner typische Wärme und Transparenz sowie der intuitiven Bedienung wurde der geschmeidige Kompressor in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten essentieller Bestandteil unzähliger Musikproduktionen.

Mit dem von Softube entwickelten Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio-Interfaces kannst du über die umfassende Emulation dieses modernen Röhren- und Transistorklassikers aufnehmen und mischen. Erlebe die Klangoptionen einer Kompressions-Legende und arbeite mit den einzigartigen Schaltungseigenschaften an deinen Tracks.

Gesangsaufnahmen, Bass-Spuren und den Klang von Akustikgitarren sanft abrunden

Einer Schlagzeug-Subgruppe oder deinem Summenmix den nötigen "Glue" verleihen

Über den exklusiven Wet/Dry-Regler der Plug-In-Version einfach Parallelkompression auf einer Schlagzeug- bzw. Subgruppe einsetzen

Mit dem Saturation-Regler zusätzliche Fülle im Obertonbereich hinzufügen

Schnelle Transienten von Gitarren, Bässen, Schlagzeug und anderen anspruchsvollen Klangquellen formen

Kompressionscharakter über das Hochpassfilter am Eingang oder den Detektorschaltkreis des TLA-100A gestalten


Authentische Plug-In-Emulation der Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor Hardware, gemodelt von Softube, genehmigt von Summit Audio

Exakte Emulation des gesamten elektronischen Signalwegs produziert den Sound des Hardware-Originals

Hybride Röhren- und Transistortechnologie kombiniert mit einfacher intuitiver Bedienung

Programm-abhängige Attack und Release, "Soft Knee" Kompressorcharakteristik

Low Cut Filter, auf Ein- oder Ausgang zuweisbar

Regelbare Obertonbearbeitung

Integrierte Parallelkompression

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

R. Lindberg Bakhshi

5. Oktober 2022

Best compressor for creating a SOUND

This compressor is the grandmaster of adding colour "if you want it to". It is very varm very lush and "organic" sounding. You can use it just on anything adjust the attack, release time accordingly and it will sound great. I use it both for just taping 1 db on the bassguitar or vocal to get that tube quality warmth. Its also great for cranking a parallell compressor buss.
Buy it.

Y. Ziv

13. Juli 2022

I dont know .

I dont know what is it about that Tla , or how it happends , but it takes the sound of everything , spicially on the mix bus , couple steps higher , it does somthing to the stereo image , creates some special low end , amazing stuff, you need to know how to work with him, and its magic .

C. Miller

26. Mai 2022

Smooth compression

Warm sound on the vocals .. but keeps them more present in the mix

M. Geyer

14. April 2022

Flattering compressor

.... adds warm and smooth sound or subtil warm distortion using saturation knob.
It regulates level fluctuations so unobtrusively, as I have never heard in any tool.
Great for acoustic instruments or clean guitars.
It would be great if ua would release the complete Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel (signal chain).
Simply well done. Thx.

s. go

11. April 2022

good plugin !

vocal &voice over dubbing good

D. Gloor

2. April 2022

Fine job !

No worries: the plugin does the job!

B. Spence

29. Dezember 2021

Sounds and acts like hardware version

Great sounding compressor that I have used the hardware version of; Sounds great on acoustic guitars and basses. Sounds like better than Hardware Version.

D. Davis

7. Dezember 2021

Think of it as an LA2A with a different flavor

This thing is analog sounding as can be. Clean, clear, vibey. Softube has a way of really knowing how to make musical sounding stuff and this is no different. I use this to round things out and have no regrets. I've become a big fan of Softube and it runs great on the UAD platform.

S. Göddel

11. Oktober 2021


For me as a beginner easy to use on my vocal tracks. I like it.

D. van Haarlem

13. Juli 2021

Smooth leveling compression!

This one is so good. I never gave it a listen before, but when you want a cleaner style LA2A on vocals, this is the one to go for! You get a little bit of tube thickness and icing as well.

C. Uquillas

1. Juli 2021

Great Plugin

Tiene un comportamiento extraño pero muy musical, me encanta con las guitarras elèctricas como que da màs peso en la zona baja

M. Reeves

27. Juni 2021

Works very well

I like it. Good on guitar

D. East

26. April 2021

Clean and Smooth

I don't have the analog version to compare this to, but this offers very "clean" compression with a slight bit of warmth that I prefer, but not overpowering that it gets muddy.

E. Jegu

17. Januar 2021

Summit Audio TLA100A Compressor

Good to go !

n. binns

16. November 2020

Versatile and Useful

Really versatile piece of software. Can add rich warmth and body or mess it up a little. all while leveling material. A different feel and sidechain sound great.

c. Hwang

16. November 2020

it compresses really cleanly.

No matter vocals or instruments, it compresses really cleanly. I really like it.

S. May

25. September 2020

Simple great sound

Just like the real thing works great.

UAD User

5. September 2020

Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

I used this compressor on guitar and backup vocals and enjoyed the sound. It's a great tool to have.

V. Stilu

2. Juli 2020


I had to add this one to my other compressors because it’s different, more subtle. I can use it to tame a sound pretty good and put some saturation on it without wasting my time on other plugins. Love it.

D. Good

26. Mai 2020

Transparent Compression

This is a great tool to use on multiple sources. You can really push it without getting a nasty sound. Worth every dollar. Works in all generes