Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Moderner Klassiker mit beispielloser Kombination aus Röhren- und Transistorkompression.

Seit der Markteinführung in den 80er-Jahren gehört der Summit Audio TLA-100A Kompressor zur Standardausrüstung professioneller Tonstudios weltweit. Aufgrund seiner typische Wärme und Transparenz sowie der intuitiven Bedienung wurde der geschmeidige Kompressor in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten essentieller Bestandteil unzähliger Musikproduktionen.

Mit dem von Softube entwickelten Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio-Interfaces kannst du über die umfassende Emulation dieses modernen Röhren- und Transistorklassikers aufnehmen und mischen. Erlebe die Klangoptionen einer Kompressions-Legende und arbeite mit den einzigartigen Schaltungseigenschaften an deinen Tracks.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Gesangsaufnahmen, Bass-Spuren und den Klang von Akustikgitarren sanft abrunden

Einer Schlagzeug-Subgruppe oder deinem Summenmix den nötigen "Glue" verleihen

Über den exklusiven Wet/Dry-Regler der Plug-In-Version einfach Parallelkompression auf einer Schlagzeug- bzw. Subgruppe einsetzen

Mit dem Saturation-Regler zusätzliche Fülle im Obertonbereich hinzufügen

Schnelle Transienten von Gitarren, Bässen, Schlagzeug und anderen anspruchsvollen Klangquellen formen

Kompressionscharakter über das Hochpassfilter am Eingang oder den Detektorschaltkreis des TLA-100A gestalten


Authentische Plug-In-Emulation der Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor Hardware, gemodelt von Softube, genehmigt von Summit Audio

Exakte Emulation des gesamten elektronischen Signalwegs produziert den Sound des Hardware-Originals

Hybride Röhren- und Transistortechnologie kombiniert mit einfacher intuitiver Bedienung

Programm-abhängige Attack und Release, "Soft Knee" Kompressorcharakteristik

Low Cut Filter, auf Ein- oder Ausgang zuweisbar

Regelbare Obertonbearbeitung

Integrierte Parallelkompression

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

M. Fruet

11. Juli 2016

Beautiful Different Compression and Precise Control

The TLA 100 sounds different from most of other analog compressors existing emulations. It can do from an almost subtle and un-flavored compression to a harder and kind-of-distorted one. The thing I love most is the ability to have plenty of control over each parameter. TLA 100 has some interesting parameters that not all (or a very few) analog emulated digital compressors have. It worth demoing to understand what it can do for you. Is it a must-have? In general, NO. But It can be very helpful when you understand the type of audio source that simply works better with it than would with a classic LA-2A or similar emulations. I'm in love with the plugin, but I don't really know the analog piece, so I'm not comparing it, but using it as it is.

N. Hemple

6. Januar 2015

A Very Handy Compressor!

This comp seems to be overlooked, i love how handy it comes in. Its one of the smoothest for vocals & Bass or Even a lead GTR line. It also tends to help Keyboards/Pianos. This is one of those comps that translates well to the digital domain vs. the LA2A for Example. In Comparison the LA2A lacks the weight and vibe of the Hardware and seems like it wont ever really happen in the digital world with the current technology (Maybe Not To far Away) But this TLA 100 Really doesnt need much vibe to be Extremely Useful on items that there seems to be nothing that really does it as well for a clean opto type digital compressor. Not to mention being able to Parallel or saturate or change the attack and release times without having to go left brain

T. Zink

7. Dezember 2014

Very Smooth

I bought after really loving the sound of a hardware unit in a studio I was working in. This captures that same smooth frequency rounding as the hardware unit. I particularly like what it does with a more pure voice. No distortion or audio "stress". Similar to the LA-2A but a little less aggressive sounding (and given that the LA-2A is not super aggressive, that's saying something.)

J. Macrae

7. Oktober 2014

That Summit Feel

This compressor is an absolute darling in the hardware world.
UA's plug in version leaves nothing to be desired. .

Shut up & mix !


J. Hollister

28. September 2014

Excellent compressor!

The TLA-100A is now quite possibly my favorite vocal compressor that runs on my UAD system. It combines the LA-2A's ability to lock in a centered, present vocal sound with more modern / more versatile features, such as variable attack and release time-constants and a wet-dry knob for easy parallel compression.

For beginners, it has the sort of "set and forget" capability that the LA-2A plugins exhibit, taking vocals with varying levels of volume and timbre and simultaneously leveling their volume while adding a midrange presence that cuts through dense program material. For more advanced users the sidechain can be used to finesse how the compressor treats the frequency spectrum while the time-constants allow modification of how aggressively the compressor

F. Pilz

17. September 2014

adds so much warmth to tracks

the summit is not a brutal compressor. it adds a wonderful warmth to - in my case - vocal-tracks. It does a really really good job. Now, please Uaudio do the next consequent step together with softube and release the Tubetech CL1B :-)

P. Moshay

17. September 2014

Truly addicting & transparent

This is really transparent and smooth on everything I've tried it on so far. I was very surprised how it made my electric guitars come to life with the Harrison EQ in line as well. I'll be using this all the time now.

P. Szymczyk

16. September 2014

Not for classic only

Well. I'm using it on every mix...EDM mix in native version. Its great that Softube make plugins for UAD !

J. Orr

16. September 2014

I didn't get the memo!

Softube Summit Audio it, got it. Softube Maag EQ, love it got! Something wrong with this picture. Ah, the exact plug ins are being sold by Softube. UAD I would rather by your version so that I could use on the front end of the Apollo but I really don't want to spend the money for a plug in twice. Either send me a memo to not purchase what you are planning to release or just make something original!

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. Richan

13. März 2019

Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

This is very good, almost invisible when used conservatively, in a good way. Not first choice for rock, drums, or more aggressive music; but absolutely gorgeous on strings, horns, the right vibe of vocal - really amazing in the smoothest of compression, and lots of depth and width to the sound. I'd think a must for classical recordings, and a 1st try for anything that needs smooth and transparent treatment.

D. Thierry

13. Februar 2019

Parfait pour mon Mix

Merci UAD

R. Marant

27. Januar 2019


Quise tenerlo desde que vi como All Smith lo utilizaba en el bajo.
Y me sorprendió el sonido suave y redondo que proporciona.
Me alegro de tenerlo en mis herramientas!!

L. Kasprzyk

15. Januar 2019

More versatile than old classics

More versatile than old classic compressors, due to "more-than-two-knobs" design. Also big like for parallel mode. You can mess finding better sounding compressor or try to tweak this one. Both may lead to desired sound

E. Axelrod

10. Januar 2019

Incredibly smooth compressor with a hint of grit!

Vintage soul future control, beautiful! Faggettaboutit.

M. Ivey

4. Oktober 2018

Smooth compression and Warm Saturation

After I'd demoed this unit I immediately felt the love and knew it had to be part of my collection. The compression is very smooth even when pushed and just having the audio signal pass through without any compression at all introduces a very subtle warmth to the sound. If you're on the bench with this one, I can assure you it won't disappoint.

R. Jason

15. August 2018

A perfect ending to a Townsend Labs mic channel

I loved this thing in its hardware version, and this software is a beautiful rendition. The gain structure is so much easier to manage than the deceptively simple LA2A. Yes, they are different animals, but when used in conjunction with the Vintage models of the TL Sphere, magic happens. Those beautifully modeled mics come to life in a way I hadn't realized was possible. 5 star worthy, and thanks UA for bringing this most versatile piece of gear within the price range of all!

T. Harvey

14. Februar 2018

Killer plugin!!!

Love this compressor on LV’s, BGV’s and Acoustic Guitars!