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Get transparent to colorful limiting on masters and more.

Developed by C-Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, C-Max Limiter gives you ultra-transparent limiting to extreme maximizing and distortion effects, with three simple controls.

Deliver transparent, loud masters without artifacts for competitive modern mixes

Add aggression and color with sophisticated dynamic signal processing

Get professional results quickly using the realtime spectral display

Explore creative distortion textures on drums, vocals, and more

Create Modern-Sounding Productions

Create Modern-Sounding Productions

Going far beyond traditional limiters and mastering tools, C-Max Limiter gives you clean, transparent limiting for masters that "pop" out of the speakers — without artifacts — giving your productions a modern, professional gloss. You can also use the C-Max Limiter for creative distortion effects, and add aggression and bite to vocals, drums, and more.

Maximize With Precision

Maximize With Precision

In addition to its powerful limiting, C-Max Limiter's maximizing gives you loud mixes without distortion, so your tracks will compete with chart-topping hits while retaining dynamics and musicality.

Enjoy an Easy-to-Use Mastering-Grade Limiter

Enjoy an Easy-to-Use Mastering-Grade Limiter

Harness C-Max Limiter’s intuitive spectral display and three simple controls for easy tweaking, whether you're mastering a mix, polishing off a voiceover, or crushing a drum loop.


C-Suite C-Max Limiter




17. November 2023

Outil simple et très performant

Ne pas oublier de le coupler à un vrai limiter car le CEILING ne va pas empêcher les peaks.
Quand on a compris c'est que du bonheur et beaucoup plus performant que l'assistant de mastering d'apple sur Logic. Attention de ne pas le pousser trop fort en dB sinon ce n'est pas naturel.

B. Luyben

13. November 2023

Nice but not included in the Ultimate 12

Why would UA keep this product out of the Ultimate 12. Ultimate 12 being a 4 items upgrade from 11 (not much added value and most people own one or two of that four already). I really love the products but not always understand the deals, upgrades and offers. Demoing this limiter made me consider buying it because it has some nice features but the offers confuse me.