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Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ


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U. Kim

31. Oktober 2016

George Massenburg the Greatest!

Finally, We can use it not only in ProTools!
Bombshell and versatile filter EQ i ever used!!!
I'm not even going to say anything about 41khz shelf (without a doubt this is a great implemented idea)!
Right now i drop this swissarmyknife On every track and buss!
Thank You UA team, Thank You George Massenburg!!!

M. Nigro

11. Oktober 2016

Samurai EQ

This is the samurai of all EQ plug-ins. It's cristal clear and very precise. You can easily find the frequencies to boost and cut without any colouration os saturation of plug-ins that emulate real hardware. A tool that you must have.

S. Ostornol

29. September 2016



S. Simpson

14. September 2016

How did I live without this?

I am new to the UA plug in world, so I have had no shortages of moments where I have sat in front of my monitors, jaw dropped wide open, with a mystified smile on my face. That said, of all of the amazing things I am learning, which product to review first was a no brainer. Sure, the comps and the reverbs and the yada yada yada. But, for actual mind blowing improvements to my mixes, this thing is it. Sexy user interface? Nope. Incredible coloration or a "sound" of its own? Negatory. Functionality, ease of use, assistance in identifying issues, low DSP hit, acceleration of my workflow? Oh heck yeah. I have never used an EQ that seems to be doing so little and yet, at the end of the mix, create such a vast improvement. Get one.

UAD User

23. August 2016

Best Surgical and Overall EQ I've Ever Used.

The Massenburg EQ has absolutely blown my mind! Never in my entire career have I come across an EQ that is as transparent and useful as the MDWEQ5. Its ability to hone in on problem frequencies via the isopeak function is indispensable. It has now become my "go-to" EQ on anything from Pianos, to Vocals, to Bass and so on and so forth. Not only does it serve as a great channel EQ, but it serves as an excellent tool to polish up buss groups as a whole. Then finally it has its place on my master fader during the mastering process. As so many others before me, I definitely swear by this EQ hands down. I

UAD User

15. Juli 2016

Special EQ

Works beautifully. Often this type of EQ doesn't get the same attention as a Pultec or Neve, but it does an incredible job as a transparent EQ, so easy to quickly dial in the right sound.

A. Lawson

11. Juli 2016

Clean eq

Best surgical eq I have used. Sounds great. This replacing fab filter pro q 2 in my mixes. Fabfilter has great option but the massenburg just sounds better...

n. mendez

19. Juni 2016

Surgical EQ

If You Want To Cut Or Add E.Q. Frequencies in a Precise Manner,This Will Come Handy In This Specific Task....Every E.Q. in the UAD Selection of E.Q.'s Has a Specific Character and Each Does their own Specific Task ,Emulating the Hardware ...So If You Want to Have a Very Close to/ On The Spot Sound Of The Hardware In A Plug In...Here It Is....

T. Hinterholzinger

11. Juni 2016

Best allround EQ ever!

This is definitely the best allround EQ plugin ever, bar none, period. I had the great luck to get to know George personally. What a guy, what a vision, what a sound! I even own an original hardware GML 9500 mastering EQ. The lowband of the plugin is VERY close, if you are working in 96k!

A. Berkut

7. Juni 2016

Best parametric EQ

For me, this is the best parametric EQ had ever created. It works transparently and accurately. It's easy to look dirty and frequency resonances.

S. McCabe

9. Mai 2016

Very Useful - Great Sounding EQ

Used my demo allocation to try out all of the UAD EQ's on mastering project. The Massenburg was my favorite by far. With the Manley Massive Passive coming in second. Surprisingly warm and smooth sounding. Very easy to use and identify particular frequencies that need addressing. Low CPU usage. I use it all the time now.


21. April 2016

Mister Massenburg

I have met George Massenburg at the very beginning of Le Château Studio in France, when I just bought it in 1974. La château was after so successful with great records, recording engineer myself for some of them, as The Idiot of Iggy Pop. It was with great pleasure I bought the MDWEQ5/3 EQ. It's a very efficient and easy to understand Eq, and after it's quite impossible to live without it. You can do exactly what you hoped, and maybe more. So accurate, so transparent, because you forget it after as it sounds so naturally, as if before your sound was just perfect, which was not. This Eq is good for everything, including mastering.
Thank you George, thanks to UAD !

J. Aymer

2. Februar 2016

Great EQ!

I love this eq. It's my go to for any cutting, which tends to be most of my eqing. Very easy to use, sounds great and not much to think about. Just works really well! If you want a character eq look elsewhere

J. Aymer

2. Februar 2016

Great EQ!

I love this eq. It's my go to for any cutting, which tends to be most of my eqing. Very easy to use, sounds great and not much to think about. Just works really well! If you want a character eq look elsewhere

UAD User

2. Februar 2016

Game Changer

I rarely write reviews. I have a lot of UAD. I have all the other competition, including equilibrium. This EQ is my go to. The iso peak makes finding problem frequencies instantaneous-- I can clean up a track so fast with this eq and I don't use it subtly. Makes everything tighter and better. A lot like the cambridge with out that tin color.

I think it's probably one of the most important plugins I own. Highly recommend it if you mix a lot.

For mastering I can see needing something with mid side. But this is great for cleaning sounds out.

L. Maponyane

23. Januar 2016

A quiet EQ

I couldn't find any other way to explain this EQ besides quiet. You don't hear any distortion, it's precise and accurate.

K. Grandillo

11. Januar 2016

Mix With the Masters

This summer, I attended a mix with the masters seminar taught by Jacquire King. He spoke very highly of this plug in, which contributed to my choice to purchase it. Just placing this plug in on an insert adds an element of air and clarity to the source. Wish it had an output trim though. and I dont like that I have to use up one of my bands to do a high and low pass

T. Vines

7. Januar 2016

Great super clean EQ

I use the Massenburg on everything and it is a great subtractive EQ. It's precision is un-matched by any other EQ and it's lack of 'tone' is a plus. I use a Pultec or Tubetec for adding warmth and clarity but I use the Massenburg to stay out of the way and just do a job and it does it very, very well. It's a great mastering EQ as well. I love it!

A. Nguyen

30. Dezember 2015


A very transparent mastering eq! This thing is amazing, it sounds wonderful on any source and isn't a DSP hog.

S. Markichev

30. November 2015

Excellent EQ

Love it! Mixing or mastering this EQ is the Cleanup and beautiful musical sound

121-140 von 174 Ergebnisse