Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $599.00


Du sparst 41%

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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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S. Roefs

14. Juni 2019


This in not subtle like a few other tape emulations. This is heavy stuff and is simply magic.

P. Farah

14. Juni 2019

Great Addition

Great addition to my arsenal.

s. bobal

14. Juni 2019


Bez komentara absolutna špička medzi plaginmi

S. Manuaba

12. Juni 2019


Love the result from ATR, give me sweet saturation n tape feel so real

D. Wynn

10. Juni 2019


Absolutely awesome. It really adds character to a sound. I put it on every single track as the first chain of plugins and drive it a little into the red. I think you should definitely consider this plugin if you want to add a little more character and body to a track.

s. coar

28. Mai 2019


I was expecting this plugin to sound good but it is downright transformative. So many options, so many very cool sounds, and that’s just the presets. Once you start tweaking the eargasms really start in earnest.

J. OBrien

19. Mai 2019

One Of my favorite plugins

I use this plugin on almost every track I mix. It’s super versatile and can make almost anything sound better especially on a mix/master bus. Amazing job by everyone involved in creating this. I have a bunch of other tape emulations but this is by far my favorite one. If you are thinking about buying it you should you won’t regret it.

R. Carvalho

12. Mai 2019

Best Tape emulator

With no doubt, Ampex is the best tape emulator on the market. Put it in your mix buss and you will never let it out.

UAD User

11. Mai 2019

Ampex ART-102

Just makes the difference to a 2 bus or Master track.

UAD User

11. Mai 2019

Studer A800

Having a bad take, stick the Studer on it's a cure for all.

UAD User

24. April 2019

Everything they say it is

I read on the forums how this was a game changing is! Throw it on at the end of your master and watch it suddenly warm up and glue together. I can’t do without it now.

J. Calverley

17. April 2019

Give your too clear digital audio character

Expensive but worth every nickle my nizzle. Nothing else quite like it. One thing I learned though is that it outputs a "dirty" type noise when on a track so you may see some slight meter dancing when nothing is playing. But when my vocals were too bright and clear this calmed it all down to a pleasant level. Kind of like when coloring video, you record high quality digital video but you don't want that "home video" look, you want that film look, so you color it to taste. This is that for audio.

J. Blake

14. April 2019

Excellent for rounding things out and glueing the mix together.

I absolutely love this plugin! By far the best tape emulation I’ve ever heard. Can’t recommend enough!

S. Jacobsen

6. April 2019


Great Tape Emulator. You have total control over all aspects of this tape machine. Definitely the best tape machine emulator I've ever used!

A. Hernandez

5. April 2019


excellent , Shine on you crazy diamond

J. Alexander

4. April 2019

Wow! Best Tape on the market in software form

I use this on every one of my masters since getting it, and also use it on bass, kick, drums, vocals... It is AMAZING!

J. Herbert

1. April 2019

Mix Engineer

Avery good modeling of the original you should have this in your plug-ings kit it is like good blend tea. it makes me feel like nice because it brings that saturating feel to your vocals thanks UAD.

R. Paris

27. März 2019

Cool as!

I love the plugin. Now i want to go and buy a real one as well!


26. März 2019

plus délicat à l'usage

quoi dire ? autres que j'ai testé à l'avance et que très vite, fait l’achat mais par contre l'usage et plus délicat, faut bien doser, mais le travail reste comme tout le reste ...super magnifique !!

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Love the sound

Another must have for me.

181-200 von 1392 Ergebnisse