FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor


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A. Pearo

12. September 2012

Uad Fatso JR

Really Lovin the Fatso JR so far. Brings power and warmth to my drums and adds pleasant tones to my music's low end. Lookin forward to experimenting with it on other sounds...

G. Cordovez

16. August 2012


Awesome Plugin!!, I demoed the first day that i got the apollo, i wanted this way before i actually was an UA User, and it's just what i wanted, an overall "Magic Dynamic" processor, i've never heard the original hardware so i won't say anything in that "emulation" area, i just can say that the software is incredible!, Compression, Saturation, Lo and Hi Soft clip/compression/saturation/...i'm pretty sure that anything you trow a it it will sound awesome!...

Love it on the drum buss, not abusing, just a couple of leds lighting the plugin and you are in the ball park!

S. Usov

11. August 2012

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & I compared Compressor Plug-In to the real iron FATSO™ Jr EL7 option and was struck in identity of result. I express respect to the Universal Audio command for their laborious work.

C. Osden

7. August 2012

While trying this one out in the 14 day demo, I saw its merit enough to buy it, but had higher hopes for it overall... Give it time... after a few more weeks with it, I got more familiar with it, found out where it worked well and my preferences for settings, and now I can't live without it! In addition to adding excellent clarity, fullness, punch, and separation, the stereo image just opens up when you drop this baby in. Love it.

L. Malaguti

2. August 2012

simply, I love the color and the behaviour of this plugin...
a must-have!!!

R. Campbell

24. Juli 2012

If you're reading this review and you don't own it, it may mean you're a little curious. This gem of a plug-in will reveal it to be a unique sound tool that adds depth and weight, air and clarity, width & dimension (in other words Fattness)Who wants to live without Fattness. Spend a little time with this and you'll find it. I did.

J. Bove

24. Juni 2012

Had the distressor put on my drums a few times with happy results, so i demoed this and through it across a stereo drum stem... and purchased it minutes later. Kind of had no choice. I don't really know what I'm talking about but, it is much like an 1176 in character but can be hit a little harder without so much color breathing. It sounds nice, and i've started putting across my stereo buss on the more rocking stuff.

C. Brezlan

21. Juni 2012

There are not much to say .... Fatso makes any digital sound Analouge brings warmth to any sound and has a super compression. It can only recommend it.

J. Gilpatrick

19. Juni 2012

Great sounding unit, lots of warmth. Great job guys.

D. Mizuta

13. Juni 2012

It really sounds warm and fat, one of the most usefull tools in my UAD collection!

F. Tavares

12. Juni 2012


S. Bushman

29. Mai 2012

Single best UA plugin ever IMO. no other software processor comes close. I have gotten to know the sound of rich harmonic content imposed by transistors, transformers and tubes. While subtle it's so distinct that once you hear it you'll always identify it in a heartbeat.

Since I started collecting preamps like my Neve, API, John Hardy boxes I have enjoyed listening for their character in recorded music and I love to hear that goodness these types of designs impart.

This plugin does that! REALLY! it's not just reminiscent of analog saturation...it adds that smooth, buttery character that makes your source sound like it's covered in molten chocolate. Even transients behave the same! You may not hear it at first, but once you do....!

K. Sheikh

24. April 2012

I readily admit I do not have "golden ears", which is probably why I love this plug-in so much - because it is so blatant! What it does to drums, guitars and vocals really adds weight and crunch to the sound. It can even have a corrective effect on clattering drum machines, taming their spikiness and making them easier to balance within the rest of the instruments in a mix. On the master bus, it does that "glue" thing that so many people talk about - it makes a multitrack recording sound like a complete mix. It is a bit of a resource hog, but I find too many instances tend to mush things up a bit too much. Overall, another top plug-in from Universal Audio.

J. Heil

20. April 2012

use this to make sounds SO FAT! and that is the end of the story....

G. Palmutti

16. April 2012

Great compressor, great fatness, great plugin..!!!

G. Tisdale

30. März 2012

No other plugin in the world will give you the warmth and punch that you get from the UA Fatso! I rely heavily on my plugins and UA plugins are a permanent staple in all of my mixes.

A. Oye

28. März 2012

After 1 minute of demoing this on the master bus I was sold....it's as close to real magic as you can get.
Andrew Oye

J. Fischer

22. Dezember 2011

Ok so I admit, ive only tried the demo since I just picked up my first UAD card. But I could tell within 10 min of using this plugin that it really is that good. I slapped this baby on the output bus of a test track I put together a while back and everything really just came together. I compared the mxidown using this plug to some mixdowns using other saturation plugins and the mix with this was by far the best. Took a break and compared again..yep...still easily the best. I know what my next plugin purchase is!

P. Putzolu

4. September 2011

My go-to Plug-In for the snare drum. I just can't resist to make use of the warm and close to analogue sounding fatness on guitar and bass tracks also. Get this little fat maker!

I. Komlinovic

19. Juli 2011

This thing really blows away! I tryed it on different sources(it works great on drums, vocals, even guitars), but using it on master bus. Fatso is probably first high end plufin that could fool me on blind test. I would never guess such warm andn sound can be pulled out of DSP card!
As a producer of dance music I find Fatso greatest new weapon in my arsenal, and missing link from digital production to analog sound.

381-400 von 447 Ergebnisse