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Distortion Essentials Bundle


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UAD User

29. November 2017

Excellent pedal effect

Really like the effect of the Raw and I’ve applied to many different sounds structures. No limits and a must for any producer or sound designer.

R. Trevor

29. November 2017

Lots of crunch !

I own a plexi and a TS-9 Tube screamer. The plugin emulations don't really sound the same but I can still dial in a cool over the top distortion when I need it !

A. Avelin

21. November 2017


This is a goldmine! Three amazing pedals in really good emulations. Even the non bypass signal from the Tube Screamer is there, which happens to sound really nice! Awesome!

L. Herve

16. November 2017

sound good but need MIDI remote

the three pedals sounds amazing. But... please add a MIDI support to map the bypass on a MIDI pedal board. The sound was very important, but the second advantage of the pedal is to leave the hand of the player free for remote it by foot... why this capability is not emulated?

P. McCosh

22. Oktober 2017

Fat, Warm & Rich

I haven't been lucky enough to try an original Big Muff Pi, let alone one form the 60's which this one is modelled from. What I can say is that it provides a warm, sweet fuzz.....even with just the tone & sustain controls you can get a very wide variety of sounds....impressed. I use this guy as a unison plug then going into the Marshall 2203. happy days :)

R. Trevor

16. Oktober 2017

Extra grit !

I used the tube screamer on a recent track with the Bluesbreaker and I got the extra sustain I needed without the unwanted fuzz.

W. Music

15. Juli 2017


These pedals together with the Friedman DS are all you need to get the tone shaping needs! Couldnt be happier. Good Job!

t. takamasa

14. Juli 2017


Amazing guitar tones

B. McDade

11. Juli 2017

Must buy!


C. Kohl

9. Juli 2017

Does what it says on the can.

I like these pedals a lot. They are super useful, especially when used in conjunction with a quality amp sim.

M. A

8. Juli 2017


Seriously this makes me wish they would make more pedals !! Their so great

Y. Senba

3. Juli 2017



M. Antonides

30. Juni 2017

Useful for lots of things

Great trio of distortion flavors that can be used on many things besides electric guitar. They may not sound 100% like the hardware, but they are so much more versatile as a plugin. They don't always sound great at all settings or with every guitar, but the same is true of the hardware. I give 4 stars because they are pricey unless on sale (same is true of all UAD plugins IMO) compared to the competition.

S. Zahle

23. Juni 2017

Like the real thing

Beeing a guitarist for 35 years, these plugs sound as awesome as the real thing. Maybe better!

B. Krueger

19. Juni 2017

Upgrade for guitar emulations

This package was a big upgrade for my guitar emulations. Sounds especially good on the Fender 55.

m. thibault

19. Juni 2017

Lets rock!

I love it sounds like the real thing!!!!

M. L

16. April 2017

Amazing Tone

I am planning on buying these...

M. Nigro

14. Dezember 2016

Great value!

Great companion for the Marshal virtual amps collection!

j. osorno

13. Dezember 2016


real sonido en la emulacion... se pueden trabajar en cualquier mezcla y su sonido se siente muy analogo para ser un plugin

C. Lee

11. Dezember 2016

Essential Pedals for your guitar rig.

I'm not a guitar player. I just use electric guitars for demo recording. So I'm learning how to control guitar and amp tones. But still, I'm not sure these simulations works as they should. They sound not bad, but the range of 'fine' tones are very narrow with sims. Do I have to wait for 5 to 10 more years?

81-100 von 128 Ergebnisse