Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier


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G. Gaia

25. September 2014

Search for perfect amp sim is done!

The Chandler plugin finally ended my search for a great amp simulator. I have tried many different programs and this one fits all my needs. The drive gives my guitar the right sounding boost and breaks up very nicely. When I used the chandler with the ocean way studio the amp sounds like its in a real studio environment. i also like the differnt cab and microphone setups. I am very pleased and thanks for the coupons guys. i have been a UAD user for years and I will keep on supporting you guys and your amazing products.

D. Piredda

19. September 2014

great to have him in the house!

really sound very processed and full of corpo.ottimo for the guitar solo where the sound must have character and incisività.veramente only!

D. Kalligas

2. September 2014

Sounds great

I own a few different GTR amp plugs and I feel this one really has a great sound. IT is very flexible with clean and dirty sounds. the effects are pretty nice. the one negative for me would be nice to have a simple reverb in addition to the delay.

still it's pretty nice to have. I recommend it.

B. Herle

13. August 2014

Super impressed!

I was trying out the engl amps and was thinking "this is pretty decent for a emu". Then I decided to try out the Chandler. Night and day! The tone is just SO much more open and real amp sounding than the engls. This is the first time I have felt so good playing through a plug, it actually reminded me of when I used to have a marshal tsl 1000 and jcm900 cab (the sound of it recorded that is... not the feeling of standing infront of the beast).

To those saying it's 1 dimensional garbage, I think you need to realize that you need to add some of your own fx and compression after the amp to give it some depth and width. It's emulating the sound of one mic in front of 1 cab, and IMHO it's the best out there if you aren't doing metal. Clean too!

S. Hlavsa

7. August 2014

Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In

Awesome with Apollo. Playing through this plug in is just great. Rich and smooth with very good string detail. Highly recommended.

M. Allums

6. Juli 2014

Needs Work

I really want UAD to create a great guitar amp sim. But this ain't it. I create mods for pedals. Been doing it for 10 years. I know great tone. You guys seriously need someone like me to help you. None of your amp sims are useable IMO. You want to hear good amp sims look at Waves GTR.

L. Jongsu

6. Juli 2014

Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In Review

Speaking only conclusion,

I have rung the Kemper Profiling Amp & AXE-FX II.

It is software that does not outdone all external effects.


J. Perez

17. Juni 2014

Chandler Limited GAV19T

An unbelievably real sounding amp!! Combine that with zero latency and what else can you ask for!!!

L. Lesage

6. Juni 2014

The best emulated amplifier I've ever eared

Boy if u need that rock sound, this is the best emulated amp I ever eared. Get a UA610A into your Preamp slot and then the Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier. It is amazing...

S. Kozlowski

29. Mai 2014

Takes some experimentation but this plugin is amazing

At first, I agreed with comments that the Chandler GAV19T sounded overly muddy. After reading the manual and tweaking, my opinion did a 180.

Initially, I was using my PRS Custom 24 and even the presets labeled "clean" sounded unpleasantly distorted. My real break through happened when I tried my Strat. Suddenly, everything sounded much sweeter and clean patches did indeed sound clean. Big, fat, twang began to pour out of my monitors to go with the crunch. Everything clicked and I fell in love.

In the manual, you'll find mention of the input gain control in the FX section and how tweaking it for hot guitars can be useful. Once I did this, my PRS also began to sing beautiful tones too. A super-versatile plugin, 5 stars, no question.

D. Oastler

28. Mai 2014

Great sounding Amp

I really was excited about getting this amp and I was not disappointed at all.
Great sound and so many features.
Love it

M. Gervasi

23. Mai 2014

Nice amp sim

Sounds great as a second amp in the rig with a ENGL. However after reading comments about the Scuffham Amp sim I tried it and bought immediately. It was 100.00 less than the Chandler and FAR more flexible with a ton of headroom.

L. Nadjiri

21. Mai 2014

Really great

I've got the ENGL amps but this one is really something. It is the most authentic amp simulation I ever heard (played the real one on Musikmesse, but not to much to compare that but to ask if it sounds like a real amp). The way one can control how driven the sound is simply by playing reminds me of my brothers Bogner Ecstasy Anniversary. This made me want to play more and buy me a new guitar. Although I like its character most of the time I sometimes wish I could dial down the vintage sounds it (ever so slightly) produces in every note.

A. Kamal

13. Mai 2014

Guitar player´s heaven.

I have my own studio which is full of beautiful vintage amps(1969 plexi marshalls,71 Hiwatt,Blackface Super Reverbs,Tremolux,57 Tweed Deluxe,Diezel etc...). Also with this system I was able to A/B between my fantastic sounding set up an the Chandler GAV19T emulation!!!!I am thrilled the way the set up oozes and breathes tube sound w/o having any!!!!!!Pick attack and amplitude very musically determines the amount of drive and grit. I even put vocals through the amp for a "portishead-ish" sound!!!I luuurve it!!!!

J. Cummins

7. Mai 2014


The Chandler is smooth! I found I could just dig in a sound without too much madness lots of chew but under control. Everyone should try it. I love it!

S. Strandberg

6. Mai 2014

Chandler Amplifier

Really Sound Like a True Tube Amplifier...Sounds just Great..!!

S. Woolgar

4. Mai 2014

Love it...

This is probably my favorite Amp simulator I have and I have them all. The only thing that is equal to this is my AxeFX II. The CPU usage on the Apollo is quite high though.

S. Daunt

2. Mai 2014

No headroom

As much as I like EL84 amps, this amp really misses the chime and clarity that you get from an AC30 etc. found it nearly impossible to get a clean tone. The crunch is ok and I'm sure with a lot of tweaking could be usable but overall this emulation seems pretty underwhelming and CPU intensive.

J. Taylor

30. April 2014

Holy Smokes C King is right

This is a fun amp to play but Scuffham Amps is REALLY impressive. I think I will keep my UAD plugs to front end plugins for now I've bought enough to keep me happy for awhile

P. Boshart

23. April 2014


I found the presets a great place to start, but the real charm to this beautiful amp is in the tweaking! I found myself pulling guitar after guitar off the wall in the studio and found this amp brings out new and exciting things from guitars that I haven't heard before.

This is a very retro sound. Americana / Bluesy sound up to and including a very cool growl! The recording chains are very good and bring out another layer of goodness to the tone you have to sit up in a mix and say HELL YEA!

This is a studio workhorse that offers a completely different sound set from the Engl amps, which also kill me. Brainworks have created something with these guitar amp pluggo's that smoke the competition.

81-100 von 105 Ergebnisse