UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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B. Hölle

22. Juni 2017

just great

It reacts just like the hardware.. really awesome .. i always loved to record with the real hardware because of the smooth texture it gives your material. now i can throw it on everything and just enjoy :-D great product indeed. worth every cent.

B. Krueger

20. Juni 2017

Easy To Use Preamp

The 610-A is easy to use, and difficult to get a bad sound out of.

T. Wise

20. Juni 2017

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

I really like the UA 610 preamp. It delivers great tone and allow me to dial in the right attitude for the vocals, I'm trying to record. I can cut the low end out and set the vocals so that they sit correctly in the mix for the song I am working on. I like the fact that one setting doesn't fit all. Changing the EQ allow for creating different textures.


16. Juni 2017



F. Fransman

16. Juni 2017

Great Tool

Lots of color, tried in on an UAD solo, sound very good! Only a pitty it's not Unison-enabled for UAD Solo (UAD-2 PCIe card). I still hope in the future it will be enabled for PCIe expansion chassis.


16. Juni 2017


J'adore sur les voix, mais également sur une guitare classique. Je suis vraiment surpris de la qualité encore une fois, et j'avoue que je ne comprends certaines personnes qui mettent une seule étoile. J'ai déjà travaillé sur le LA-610 MkII, et franchement le UA 610 tient le cap! C'est du son lourd. On peut rentrer dans le grain, tout en respectant le timbre. Top, et en plus pilotable de la twin...du bonheur!

S. Gough

11. Juni 2017

Unique Dual Gain Pre

You can get some great drive with this pre since it has two gain stages. Treat the first one like the drive knob and the second as the actual level control. Can add some hairiness to incoming signals in the best way.

D. Sofra

25. Mai 2017

610 x Super

Genialer Preamp

J. Franco

11. Mai 2017

Sweet Sounds!

This plugin collection is a super sweet tone maker. Drives and saturates in beautiful ways. Fills my ears with nice.

F. Abel

1. Mai 2017

My UA 610B is perfect

Its almost like have the 610 hardware!

T. Spaniel

18. April 2017


I use the La 610 mkII Preamp(Hardware) and now the 610 Plug In both are great! : )

J. Vela

8. April 2017

I couldn't be any happier with these pre's

I've been using both the "A" & "B" non stop for all of my recent mix downs and have achieved great results. I really like the color and depth I'm able to get out of the pre amp and can't get enough of the driven sound it's able to give when pushing the pre pretty hard. It has a brilliant sound when using and gives my channels so much more life and depth. I would highly recommend this to my colleagues.

K. Johannessen

28. März 2017

Unison or not to Unison

The difference it significant. Without the Unison it has the smoothest and most wonderful drive I can recall, but using it as the Unison unit, the drive is almost impossible to get...

J. Vela

27. März 2017


The color and dimension these pre amps have added to my mixes are incredible. I don't think I could ever go back to NOT mixing with them. Having the Unison feature truly makes these a double threat in the studio and I'm one satisfied customer!

E. Lee

22. März 2017

great for vocals

Love this plugin, even tough i don´t track using it as i don´t use an apollo, just inserting the plugin after its been recorded sound pretty cool, analogue warmth and the eq it´s suer helpful. Nice addition to my collection.

J. Holt

18. März 2017

Love this

With the Unison feature in the Apollo, this collection produces a very recognizable result. Plenty of hair, if you want that.

P. Johnson

8. März 2017

Fantastic Warmth and Saturation!

I use the UA 610A with my synth and the full spectrum of warmth - crunch is very three dimensional. Its a DSP hog as a unison plugin but well worth the results.

t. appert

20. Februar 2017


It sounds great. Thought I had a my drums where I wanted them. Added this. Very impressive. Excited to track with it.

S. Debontridder

15. Februar 2017

Must have!

Lovely & warm, fat sounding preamps with precise EQ's. I have to admit I've never worked with the actual "real deal" but this plugin changed things drastically for my recordings. Great stuff.

j. elliott

14. Februar 2017

610a has got the vibes.

not sure how they did it, but this thing rips like the real thing!

181-200 von 428 Ergebnisse