UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection



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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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A. Brereton

5. Januar 2015


This is coming from an old music guy. I grew up around hardware preamps, compressors etc. Firstly I hesitated to purchase this UA 610 Tube Unison preamp plugin doubting it's ability to emulate the hardware version. UAD gave away the 610B with the purchase of it's UAD apollos. I used it a few times an it sounded pretty good. However I purchased the 610 collection. I inserted it on the preamp insert and was quite surprised. I can now hear the difference on recorded tracks. Richer and fuller sounding vocals. Imagine I ordered a Shure SM7B just because of this. Getting it today. This thing is definitely a money saver. Believe me. Thanks UAD.

J. Helminen

1. Januar 2015

uad 610 collection

The most i like about the a version is the the varmth it gives you for bass guitar and drums. i owned the B version hardware and when i got plugin version i sold it. its very good for vocals and about any audio makes a cheap microfone to sound expensive .

K. Baum

26. Dezember 2014

Damn fine product

Great plug in especially when used for DR880 drum set. I have the 1176 channel strip and the 610 B is pretty close to the "real thing."

G. Goldberg

25. Dezember 2014


I got the 610-B included with my classic pro bundle and um'ed and ah'd about buying the 610-A. When I eventually did, I was totally blown away by the tone and distinctiveness of it. Well worth it.

Two very distinct vibes. 610-A is old and gooey. 50's / early 60's American tone. 610-B is less vintage but very solid and forward sounding. Gives balance and authority to acoustic instruments.

Totally awesome sounding plugins. They are DSP hogs though, so be prepared for that. I ended up adding an octo to my initial quad purchase to better utilise gems like these.

L. Toman

23. Dezember 2014

Good- better-610Tube

There is only one word, i can say: "GREAT"
Use it on vocals
Use it on instruments
and use it as a Tube-mastering-Tool

Lui Toman

G. Piazza

15. Dezember 2014


Although I don't have the Apollo, this plug-in is still very useful. It warms up samples and lifeless virtual instruments nicely and adds character to tracks recorded through my ADAT connected Focusrite OctoPre.
I am glad UA put quality over efficiency. I have a 6176, and the 610B is very close to the hardware unit. It really sounds like tubes and transformers!
Along with the Manley Vari Mu, UA has once again beat the competition with this plug-in.

D. Kim

15. Dezember 2014

Smooth Yet Powerful

610A, 6db lowend boost for Kick - It'll change your world.
3db highend boost for Strings - Silky, Smooth like a cup of Cappuccino.

J. Arseneau

15. Dezember 2014

UA 610!

Awesome plug-in! Love the unison technology with my Apollo Twin.

P. Tazo

13. Dezember 2014


This plugin is excellent. Wonderful sounding, full and rich.

Z. Chong

12. Dezember 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In

A very good emulator plugin?I often use it to record?The sound is very stronI ?

liked it a low-frequencyg?It was very warm?I sometimes use it to mix?Processed vocals?

Compared with the hardware?Very close?

H. Summers

12. Dezember 2014

Great plug, shame I was overcharged!

Love the 610 collection, they sound great, but I was charged $149 (pre vouchers) on black friday deal when it was listed at $89!! By the time I noticed, I'd completed the transaction. Raised a query through UA online support but several weeks later and I'm still waiting for a response. Online customer service is very slow if not non existent in my experience which is a shame as I love UA and use loads of their hardware and plugs. Always great on the phone but I'm in the UK so timing can be a problem!

I. Duarte

10. Dezember 2014


This plugin ads instant warmth and character. A must have one!

S. Murdoch

3. Dezember 2014

Quick Flavours!

This is a go to first plug for giving character to many musical sources.

A. Hallada

29. November 2014

Favorite Preamp Plugin So Far!

What a surprise this was to open up my plugins and see this plugin as activated after purchasing my Apollo Quad. This is the warmest , smoothest preamp plugin I've experienced in my collection so far. I also have the Neve 1073, Neve 88R, and API Vision Channel strips. If you are looking for something smooth and warm, look no further.

Great job UA!

S. Velarde

13. November 2014

Love them both!

I have both the hardware and the software version of the 610,and I love them both!

N. Anzai

11. Oktober 2014

Time to shift to In A Box Mix.

First time ever, I felt that whole TUBE reality from plug in. Amazing!

S. Corbett

29. September 2014

Vibe n' Goodness.

I bought the UA 610 Collection mostly because they were the cheapest unity preamp plugs, expecting it to be pretty much a one-trick pony. Oh how very wrong I was.

The 610 A has a beautifully lush Tube character that makes it wonderful for overdrives sounds. It's the more extreme pre of the two, with some major (and good) coloring and much more noticeable saturation and EQ sound. I love using it to rough up some of the synths I own, or add some (much needed) crunch to a snare or break.

The 610 B is a bit different animal. It's more subtle in its tonal coloration, and the EQ is much more forgiving, with switchable freq. options and more play in boost/cut. I'm using this one on everything, even just to add a little character.

Ace stuff!

C. Husband

15. September 2014

UA 610a

Just got an fund raiser Multi cd finished for a friend, started on old system. I was ok with it , but wanted to chop a three song classical guitar set down so it would get played. Just for fun I popped the 610a in the front of the signal chain, wow !!!
It blew me away, I'm talking 15% improvement big open air! this was recorded with studio live on location. I think the unison pre's will be my new go to tool, along with some VTM on the tail. Thanks

J. Seung

2. September 2014

UA color

this collection is all about tube color and saturation.
do you like ua preamp color? just get this!

J. Kuse

28. August 2014

Reminiscent of a 610, but not the same.

Using the 610B that came with my Apollo:

I've done a couple vocal shootouts with regular clients whose default signal chain involves a real 610. The real 610 both times was the obvious winner in body & depth. The UAD 610B does add cool functionality to the Apollo preamps, but with real 610s in reach I don't think I will bother trying it again unless I need the channels.

I will say that the EQ sounds exactly the same as the hardware unit. It doesn't saturate quite the same as a hardware version, but I've got to wonder about the reviewer saying they use it as a distortion effect... even a real 610 does not saturate musically like a 1073. The 610 is not a goto distortion box for me in either case.

PS - The DSP usage is out of control, guys

321-340 von 438 Ergebnisse