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Klassischer Röhren- und Transistoren-Charakter mit Kompression im 1176er-Stil sowie professionelle A/D-Wandlung.

Durch die Verbindung der besten Eigenschaften aus UA´s klassischem Analog-Design-Ansatz mit intelligenten, modernen Funktionen und Workflow-Verbesserungen ist der 4-710d der flexibelste Mikrofonvorverstärker im Sortiment von UA.

Der 4-710d verfügt über vier Premium-Mic/Line-Vorverstärker mit einer einzigartigen Überblendungsschaltung für die gebotenen Röhren-/Transistoren-Charaktere. Zudem bietet er auch die klassische Kompression im Stile eines 1176 für jeden Mikrofon-Kanal und eine Vielzahl an digitalen I/Os zur Erweiterung deines Setups.

Über den akribisch entwickelten UA-Mikrofon-Vorverstärker aufnehmen

Röhren- und Transistoren-Texturen mischen und so wesentlich flexibler agieren

Für jeden Mikrofonkanal Kompression im 1176er Stil anwenden

Jedem Apollo-Interface über den optischen ADAT-Anschluss acht zusätzliche Eingänge hinzufügen

Belebe deine Mikrofon-Sammlung mit den Klangfarben des UA-Preamps

Belebe deine Mikrofon-Sammlung mit den Klangfarben des UA-Preamps

Das Herzstück des 4-710d bilden die vier Kanäle des Tone-Blending "Twin-Finity" Mikrofonvorverstärkers. Jeder Kanal bietet jeweils einen 100% Röhren- und einen 100% Transformator-Signalweg, wie auch die Möglichkeit die beiden Schaltkreisen stufenlos zu mischen. Damit erhältst du extrem flexible Texturen von cremig bis knackig und bist jederzeit in der Lage, den perfekten Anteil an Griffigkeit des Röhrensounds oder Transistoren-Schimmern einzustellen.

Eine legendäre Kompressionsschaltung

Eine legendäre Kompressionsschaltung

Jeder der vier Kanäle des 4-710d enthält einen Kompressor im 1176er Stil mit echtem Bypass, einschließlich der speziell abgestimmten Einstellungen "fast" und "slow". Dadurch können schnelle Optimierungen im laufenden Betrieb vorgenommen werden, um eine Gesangsstimme etwas fetter klingen zu lassen, einen Bass besser im Mix zu verankern oder um Synthesizern und Bläsern etwas Bruzzeln und zusätzliche Texturen zu verpassen.

Zusätzliche Eingänge und <br>professionelle A/D-Wandlung

Zusätzliche Eingänge und
professionelle A/D-Wandlung

Mit seinen acht analogen Eingängen eignet sich der 4-710d perfekt für die Erweiterung Deines Studios. Über äußerst hochwertige 24-Bit A/D-Wandler in wählbaren Samplingraten bis hin zu 192 kHz digitalisiert, kann der 4-710d sehr einfach mit den meisten Interfaces über seine dualen optischen ADAT-Anschlüsse oder die AES/EBU DB-25 Anschlussblöcke verbunden werden.


Jeder der vier 710 Twin-Finity™ Mikrofon-/Line-Vorverstärker, die mit einem TEC Award ausgezeichnet wurden, bietet die folgenden Eigenschaften:

Zweipfadige 285 Volt Class-A Röhren- und Transimpedanzvorstufen

Phasentreues „Tone-Blending“ (Mischen) der Röhren- und Transistoren-Schaltungen, von cremig bis knackig

Neu entwickelter Kompressionsschaltkreis im 1176er Stil pro Vorverstärker-Kanal

JFET Direct Input mit 2,2 MΩ ultra Hi-Z Impedanz mit automatischer Eingangswahl

Große hintergrundbeleuchtete VU-Meter für flexibles Metering der Eingangsverstärkung, Verstärkungspegel und Verstärkungsreduktion

Symmetrische Send/Return Inserts (halbnormalisiert)

48 V Phantomspeisung

75 Hz Low Cut Filter

Schalter für die Polaritätsumkehr

Einteilige, symmetrische Ausgangsstufe

Acht Kanäle mit hochwertiger 24-Bit A/D-Wandlung:

Wählbare Sampling-Raten bis hin zu 192 kHz

Digitalausgang über duale, optische ADAT- oder AES/EBU DB25 Buchsen

8-Kanal Soft-Limiter (an allen Kanälen umschaltbar)

Clock-Subsystem mit extrem geringem Jitter

LED-Pegelanzeigenreihe mit Clip /
Hold Anzeigen

75 Ω BNC Workclock I/O

Schutzschaltung für die Digitalausgänge bei Einschaltvorgängen

Weitere Merkmale
Internes Netzteil mit universaler Spannung

Hochbelastbare Metalkonstruktion, Rackgerät mit zwei Höheneinheiten

1 Jahr Hestellergarantie


4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics




2. Dezember 2021

Reliable product

Realy nice reliable product, I am using it in live classical recordings, very smooth, rich sound..One more good place to record with it is the bass guitar line in, fantastic...

b. avner

5. Februar 2021

1 word

this is my go to dream preamp when recording, Bass, Drums and FET mics. The sound of the classic 710, very rich in harmonics, unbeatable for the price, this is really a worthy and accessible pice of equipment for any professional or home studio.

R. Byers

19. September 2020

Transformer to Tube Bliss

Among other uses, this unit really shines for me as a DI for my guitar. The Trans to Tube blend knob pushed to the tube side really helped tame that digital bite of my amp sims. Paired with the UAD Marshall Plexi it gets deep sounding.


30. Mai 2020

Perfect choice for a mobile rig

I own an Apollo x8, that coupled with this pre, offers an easy way to travel with 16 channels. Just link my API Audio 3124V to the 4-710d and that's it. 4U=16 tracks.
4-710d offers an incredible pallete through its blend mode (tube/discrete), and the 1176 style compressor is very handy. Definitively very good investiment.

P. M

11. April 2020

A perfect with Apollo

I own a UAD Apollo8 & 4 710D, It's a perfect 16 channels setup mobile or in studio. The best of analog Pre's to digital mixing. 4-710d shines on Trans to Tube with a 1176 style compressor that comes very handy on Drums.

M. Di Lorenzo

23. März 2020

My best investment so far

I got the 4-710D around 6 years ago, thinking I would add a different preamp toaste to the ones I already have. Pretty soon I ended up using it in almost everything. A mix with some valve setting, with a fast comp is ideal for voices; full valve at DI and you've got a great bass preamp; full transistor and snares are bright and solid. Do yourself a favor: get a patch-bay and use EVERY ins and outs, possibilities are endless with this unit. I couldn't be happier. Thanks.

B. Lena

27. Januar 2020

a well conceived preamp with super quality/price ratio

I use it on all. Great upright bass with transistor and a touch of tube and compressor. Low gain. Perfect. Thanks

l. helan

13. September 2019

a great preampli

Since that I use the 4 710 d channel my recording are better and more clear. I like specially the compressor

R. Van Belle

29. Oktober 2018

Works on all types of microphones and electric guitars

Awesome piece of equipement: high quality. Very musical compressor, more versatile than you would expect. Also the ADC sounds very transparent, on par with more expensive tools. Will keep this box in my studio forever.

C. Knox

3. Oktober 2018

Swiss Army Knife????

Absolutely amazing piece of gear! incredible - all kudos to the team at UA - I have spoken to Bill Junior on the phone he's a great guy running and building a-great company with great products...keep up the good work guys!!

C. Scott

30. September 2018

Sounded Pretty good...When it worked

I had this for 6 months and it spent about 2 months in the shop. 1st trip channel 1 had a drastic (~15dB) Difference at same settings Sent to sweetwater for repair. 2nd trip about a month later Meter Failure followed by Loss of channels 1 & 4. Sent to UA for repair and promptly sold. I really liked it when i had it but i was so discouraged by all the fixes that i just bought a 2nd apollo instead. Do yourself a favor and just get a 2-610. I liked all the features on the unit, the compressor the extra converters the tube transistor knob but it just didn't work.

J. Griffin

15. Juli 2018

4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

Beautiful sounding preamps from clean to mean. The wide tonal range available allows full control of harmonic content and character. Simple dynamics controls work well on all types of sources. Converters sound fantastic and have an analog vibe that is full, with a tight low presence, detailed mids, and bright high end that is pleasing and never harsh. This is one of the best deals available on the market. 4 Preamps w/ dynamics and 4 Inserts for a total of 8 channels of AD conversion on DB-25 or ADAT! Definately a lot of bang for the buck and an outstanding unit.

J. Griffin

22. Februar 2018

Four fantastic preamps and 4 inserts of UA A/D Conversion is a fantastic deal!

This 4 Channel preamp allows a blending of Tube & Class A in the preamp to taylor to your liking and source material. Has "1176" style flavored Dynamics on each channel w pad / phase / 48V Phantom and 2 settings for compressor. Features 8 channels of excellent A/D conversion up to 192, 4 for preamps and 4 as inserts you can use for other studio equipment. (At 192 only 4 of the 8 channels work) This unit is worth twice what they are asking for it! Preamps are the 710 and sound great on all sources. I start in the Class A side and blend in the tube warmth and character needed. If you put it all the way to the tube side you will notice the noise floor, though class A side has negligible noise. I have used the inserts for converting many sources and the converters sound warm and musical. I really like the built in compressor when recording electric guitars or ambient / Room mics. The pre also really shines on vocals. I bought mine when they were offering a free Octo-Core which helped me decide to pull the trigger. Even without it, it would have been an excellent purchase for what I feel I received. A studio full of these pres really would need no others.

C. Posada

16. Februar 2018

Versatile and powerfull machine!!

This preamp is a really good choice if you need more channels with great quality in your studio.
The sound could be transparent if you want, and you can also feed the tubes and get big warm sound. It is very versatile-
Having an 1176 compressor on the chain is one of the greatest features of this machine. It is a dream to have 4 channels of an 1176 ready to use. Having 8 AD converters with the quality of UAD makes this unit even sexier.
If you need only one channel look somewhere else. Like the 610 or another brand. But if you need more than 2 channels with great features this thing is hard to beat.

i. Keszeg

28. Januar 2018

amazing tool

this is exactly what i was looking for for versatile capability and great sound. i use it in combination with the apollo. it's the perfect team together.
the tone blending knob is great, helps you find the exact sound you want for the source. i recommend this amazing preamp.

G. Gunn

7. Dezember 2017

UA 4-710d

Simply stunning quality from UA again. Can't recommend it highly enough. Four channels of quality in one unit.

I. Arteaga

16. November 2017

Great Box!!

I love the sound of the Pre Amps plus the digital out makes it perfect complement for Apollo interfaces!

T. Koeroglu

16. November 2017

UA Apollo and 4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp Together!...

UA Apollo and 4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp Together!...is absolutely easy and great sounding solution for mobile recording. Thanks UA!...

J. Mayer

13. November 2017


I love my 4-710d. Use it to record everything and get great sounds every time. The compression is fantastic as well and the quality of the A-D conversion is stellar. I've recommended this box to several friends who've all had similar results in their studios.

l. helan

17. September 2017

uad 4 710 very great

This apparatus has completely transformed my home studio. This is a very great maschine.