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Originalgetreues Design:
UA´s berühmter T4 elektro-optischer Kompressor mit Röhrenverstärkung.

Derzeit nicht in Europa erhältlich.

Seit mehr als 50 Jahren wird der Teletronix LA-2A für seine geschmeidige, natürliche und musikalische Kompression gepriesen. Mithilfe seines einzigartigen, per Röhrenstufe betriebenen elektro-optischen Systems zur Pegelabsenkung, das unmittelbare Pegelbegrenzungen ohne das Erscheinen harmonischer Verzerrungen ermöglicht, „massiert“ der LA-2A Klangquellen wie kein anderer, jemals gebauter Kompressor.

Die idealen optischen
Kompressor-Texturen für Vocals, Bass, Drums uvm. finden

Deine Spuren über klassische, in den USA von Hand gefertigte UA-Röhrenschaltungen aufnehmen

Spielend die legendäre Wärme eines Röhrenlimiters mit einfachen und intuitiven Bedienelementen hinzufügen

Mit einem echten Stück Tontechnik-Geschichte aufnehmen und mixen

Die Teletronix Story

Die Teletronix Story

Teletronix-Gründer Jim Lawrence benutzte in den frühen 1960-ern ursprünglich Fotozellen, um die Dynamik des Audiomaterials zu steuern. Seine geniale Entwicklung eines optischen Kompressors war ein technologischer Durchbruch, da diese Bauweise deutlich stabiler arbeitete und transparenter klang als bisherige Schaltungen. Später erwarb der Gründer von Universal Audio, M. T. „Bill“ Putnam, diese patentierte Technologie und setzte die Fertigung des LA-2A in den kommenden Jahren fort.

The Real Deal

Die Neuauflage des Universal Audios Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier liefert die gleiche Performance und den gleichen Klang des legendären Originals. In akribischer Arbeit wird jeder neue LA-2A Punkt für Punkt im kalifornischen Scotts Valley von Hand verdrahtet. Dabei wird jede einzelne Komponente sorgfältig auf ihre Authentizität geprüft. Das Resultat ist ein aktueller LA-2A, der Dir alle legendären Klangeigenschaften als Kompressor bietet, die auch das Original auszeichnen. Verlange deshalb immer nach dem Original. Lass Dich auf keine Kopien ein.


In puncto Schaltungsdesign, Fertigung und Performance mit dem Original identisch

Verzögerungs- und verzerrungsfreies, optisches System zur Pegelabsenkung

Verzerrungen unterhalb von 0,5 % (THD)

Limiting zwischen 0 und 40 dB

Symmetrische Stereoanschlüsse

Frequenzgang: 30 bis 15.000 Hz (±1 dB)

Ausgangspegel von 10 dBm und 40 dB Gain

Nebengeräuscharm – weniger als 70 dB bei ±10 dBm Ausgangspegel

Von Hand in den USA gefertigt; 1 Jahr eingeschränkte Garantie


Input Impedance
50, 150, 250, 600 ohms

Output Load Impedance
50, 150, 250, 600 ohms

External Connections
Jones Barrier terminals and XLR connectors

Frequency Response
+0/-1 dB 30 Hz to 15kHz

40 dB ±1dB

Input Level
+16 dB maximum

Output Level
+10 dB nominal, +16 dB maximum

Less than 0.5% THD (0.25% typical) at ±10 dBm

70 dB below +10 dBm output level

Attack Time
10 microseconds

Release Time
0.06 seconds for 50% release; 0.5 to 5 seconds for complete release

dB gain reduction and dB output

Power Requirements
35 watts, 120/240 volts, 50/60 Hz


Maximum operating temperature 160°F

19" Rackmount chassis, 3U

13 lbs.


Teletronix® LA-2A



J. Linley

2. Dezember 2021

I’ve never used the real Analog version

How is this plugin free with the Apollo units? Well I’m glad it is . This plugin alone is well worth the price of all Apollo interfaces. Buttery smooth sound on my voice over recordings.

H. Verma

19. September 2020


An amazing emulation which sounds extremely identical to the hardware like nothing else!!

M. Malinski

23. August 2020

Complement to the studio

Great on bass, great on vocals, just great on everything you can imagine.
I own the real thing and I must say that it sound very close to the real thing.
How? A much better than the products of other leading companies.
Thank you


8. April 2020

The best

One of the most applicable compression plugins there are.


8. April 2020

The best

One of the most applicable compression plugins there are.

Y. Vergara

12. Januar 2020

Simply the best!

It is hard to make things so bad with the LA-2A. The tone and level control of this unit is just superb.

J. Minimal

5. September 2019

Teletronics LA-2A

When only the best will do.

M. Draeger

11. Juli 2019

LA-2A for EU-Market?

How can a unit, any kind of unit, turn a good sound into a better sound? To me it is not logic, but I have to admit, the LA-2A d o e s a marvellous job, even at spoken text.
I use Neumann U67, Telefunken V72, then LA-2A - no questions left, no drive to search for any other solution.

Big question: Why isn't the LA-2A available in Europe?
Why not offer a 220 Volt version, straight forward to the EU-Market?

Regards from Luebeck/ Germany, Matthias Draeger

A. Mořkovský

11. Mai 2019

Teletronics LA-2A

This compressor is one of the Best things I use every time when I record Vocals. Also this piece comes handy for Bass or Guitar while mixing them up. Yeah it’s easy to understand how it works. I also tested this particular one with Waves emulation and I have to say that UAD version has some kind of analog flavour on it, so for me this is the Best weapon out there ;-)

r. avni

4. Oktober 2018



J. Cummins

14. März 2018

Wow !

The magic sauce has landed ! Perfect in so many ways...........

R. Woitowitsch

26. Februar 2018


Transparently Awesome! Just get it!

G. Mentesh

15. November 2017

The most amazing gear in my rack!

Even though it is the new and not the vintage version (I heard so much about referencing the versions..) it's still blows my mind and adds an amazing sub harmonic magic to every channel you're putting it on. since I got it it's my vocals, bass tracking go-to.. (chained after my 1176 compressor)
always the right choice for my mixes as well.. can work almost on anything. pure joy

A. Otuzbir

17. Januar 2017



T. Hinterholzinger

29. November 2016

There is nothing to improve on an already perfect design...

The LA2A is plain magic. Just try to compress a voiceover with a low male voice, and compare the hardware vs. any software modelling solution. You'll see... Same goes to electric bass... And if anybody tells yoou that optos are not for drums, try it on bassdrum just once, and the judge on your own!

N. Franks

17. November 2016

I'll say it a million times.

This is the plug you want to get out the gate when you start UAD. It's utility. Between this and the Fairchild are $. The others are as well but this will truly show you the epitome of UAD sound and power. Just a magical little plug

a. Cortez

10. August 2016

It ain't the same without the LA2A!

This vintage limiter/compressor is by far the best around. The way way the vocals. Sound so warm and the way they melt on a record is Extra ordinary, I run my neaumann mic thru my Avalon 737 to he LA2a and the results are very impressive . I don't think I could ever record anything with out it. I adds that extra element to every recording it's a must buy if you want that radio sound and clarity .

M. Giorgi

18. April 2016

Simply the best

I can't imagine recording a voice without that compressor. I used it with a preamp neve 1272 and a sony c800g microphone...what else ?!

I. Duarte

16. Mai 2013

The best ever !!!!

I have used this compressor in many studios and in all kinds of stiles all over the years, but only now I had the chance to by one of my own an I have no words to describe how happy I am.
One thing is more than clear, I won't sleep tonight. lol

D. Ralph

15. Februar 2013


Ive only ever used one hardware LA2A in my life, that is the new RI i bought last week.
The sound is amazingly lush and rich, the distortion on some sources just makes you melt.
The new LA2A plugin pack is fabulous, but as they say; close but no cigar.

I love this compressor, its beautifully made also and feels like a tank.

I use it for guitars mainly, but also some percussion, pretty much everything i send it comes back better.