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Hol Dir perfekt mikrofonierte Studio-Sounds und Effekte aus einem Pedal.

Auf den Schultern unserer preisgekrönten OX Amp Top Box stehend, bietet das OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator Pedal ein vollgepacktes Profi-Studio mit authentisch klingenden Gitarrenboxen, Mikrofonen, Raum-Modeling und Effekten in Studioqualität — direkt zu Deinen Füßen.

Erhalte dreidimensionale, albumreife Gitarrensounds aus Deinem Verstärker-Emulator dank Dynamic Speaker Modeling

Erlebe unglaubliche Lautsprecher-, Boxen- und Raumemulationen, die weit über die üblichen IR-Loader hinausgehen

Füge 1176-Kompression, Plate Reverb, EQ, Modulation und Stereo-Delay-Effekte in Studioqualität für perfekt produzierte Sounds hinzu

Teste, optimiere und speichere Custom Presets und mehr mit der UAFX Mobile App


Verabschiede Dich von statisch klingenden IRs

Verabschiede Dich von statisch klingenden IRs

Das bahnbrechende Dynamic Speaker Modeling von UA geht weit über die eindimensionalen Erfassungen von Impulse-Response-Systemen hinaus und emuliert auf überzeugende Weise Speaker Breakup, Drive und Cone Cry — mit Obertönen und klanglicher Komplexität, die von einer perfekt im Studio abgenommenen Lautsprecherbox nicht zu unterscheiden sind.

Erlebe preisgekrönte Raum-Emulation

Erlebe preisgekrönte Raum-Emulation

Zusätzlich zu professionell platzierten Kondensator-, dynamischen und Bändchenmikrofonen an den Boxen ist OX Stomp das einzige Effektpedal, das eine komplette Auswahl an Raummikrofonen mit Dynamic Room Modeling bietet. Dies gibt dir das authentische Gefühl, Luft zu bewegen, während Du Deinen aufgedrehten Verstärker in einem erstklassigen Aufnahmeraum aufnimmst.

Genieße Effekte in Studioqualität

Genieße Effekte in Studioqualität

Über Mikrofon- und Lautsprecherboxen-Modeling hinaus ermöglicht OX Stomp das Gestalten atemberaubender Gitarrensounds mit UA-Effekten wie echter 1176-Kompression, Plate Reverb, Chorus, Flange, drei Delay-Typen und Vierband-EQ mit High und Low-Cut-Filter.

Erweitere die Sounds eines jeden Amp-in-a-Box Modelers

Erweitere die Sounds eines jeden Amp-in-a-Box Modelers

Egal, ob Du ein UAFX Amp-Emulator-Pedal oder andere gängige Amp-Modeler, Multieffekte oder Profiler verwendest — selbst den Line-Out Deines Lieblingsverstärkers — OX Stomp liefert Dir über 100 kuratierte RIG-Setups, die Dir inspirierende Sounds für jeden Verstärkertyp oder jedes Genre liefern, direkt nach dem Auspacken.*

Gestalte Dein OX Stomp ganz individuell mit einer voll ausgestatteten mobilen App

Gestalte Dein OX Stomp ganz individuell mit einer voll ausgestatteten mobilen App

Mit der UAFX Control App kannst Du ganz einfach Boxen und Mikrofone austauschen, Effekte feintunen, RIG-Presets zuweisen und Fußschalter konfigurieren, um Sounds und/oder Effekte sofort umzuschalten — für die Klangvielfalt eines professionellen Studios auf Deinem Pedalboard.

UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

*Beachte, dass OX Stomp nur für Instrumenten- und Line-Pegel ausgelegt ist — es ist keine Lautsprecherlast oder Leistungsabschwächer/Attenuator. Der OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator benötigt ein modernes, isoliertes 400-mA-Netzteil (separat erhältlich). Hier klicken für Empfehlungen zu Netzteilen.


Die authentischsten Lautsprecher-, Boxen-, Mikrofon- und Raumsounds, die je in einer Stompbox emuliert wurden

Authentisches Speaker Modeling, einschließlich Speaker Breakup, Drive und Cone Cry

Über 100 kuratierte RIGs, perfekt für jeden Amp-Emulator oder jedes Genre — für endlose Inspiration

Effekte in Studioqualität wie echte UA 1176-Kompression, Plate Reverb, EQ und Stereo Delay (Dual, Crossover, Ping-Pong) für perfekt produzierte Sounds

UAFX Control-App zur Feinabstimmung von Mikrofonen, Effekten und Fußschalterkonfigurationen

Silent Switching, Buffered Bypass, analoger Dry Through


OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator



M. Becker

14. April 2024

Awesome device, great sound, app is almost unusable

The Ox Stomp is just amazing. It sounds exactly like what I'm used to hearing from miked up speakers. The range of cabinets, microphones, and room mic options covers almost every sound combination you could think of. I'd love to see a Mesa Oversized box with Celestion V30 and an effects box from Pignose added, but that's just a nice-to-have, not a necessity.

I used to be a Two Notes Torpedo user and now I'm absolutely thrilled with the OX Stomp hardware box. However, the app is a disaster. It's impossible to quickly do anything since you always have to grab the tablet next to the computer, hold it with one hand, and operate it with the other, which completely disrupts the flow. With the Two Notes computer app, I can do everything with just two mouse clicks. Even taking your right hand off the guitar, click, click, and you've got a different sound. That's usability.
Additionally, the app constantly needs to be reconnected to the Ox Stomp via Bluetooth since the connection drops out regularly.

I love the OX Box, but if it were connected with a stable desktop app via USB, I'd love it even more. Then it would be perfect.

A. Mtz

14. April 2024


sorry to say — as many reviews before— i don’t know who told you that having the app in the cell for hardware like this one could be a brilliant idea ?
it’s annoying !

C. Jäger

21. März 2024

Sound 10 - App 0

Love the tones but editing is a drag. Give us a desktop app with better usability and adjustability. Can’t be that hard for a company like yours? Just get it done soon!


14. März 2024

I beg you, create a desktop application

It sounds good, but like all the other reviews, it's an unfinished product...

M. Terracol

7. März 2024

Very disapointed by the sound. The bluetooth app is a mess.

Regarding the sound, I found it OK, but far from being extraordinary as the commercial videos claimed. After two weeks of testing and tweaking, I much prefer my old Torpedo CAB M, which sounds more lively and natural with a wider choice of speakers. Regarding the additional features, the delay is ok, I didn't like the reverb and the compressor seems unusable. The “room microphones” feature is interesting, but it quickly sounds artificial to my ears.
The biggest mess is the MANDATORY Bluetooth app. UA simply should not sell this product. It is almost impossible to connect the app to the pedal. The only way is to "forget device completely" in your phone settings every time you want to change something on the pedal. This is unacceptable!
In conclusion, I found this to be a very expensive and unfinished product. I returned it for a refund, with no regrets.

A. Cooper

6. März 2024

Outstanding....and no problem with the App

The quality of the sounds that come out of this pedal are amazing. Its almost too good as there are so many factory presets and the majority of them sound superb with my Dream and Woodrow. I suggest finding a handful of presets you like and then sticking with them. Its very easy to tweak the sounds to taste anyway. I had some apprehension buying the OX Stomp as almost every review I've read, including nearly all of the reviews here, noted how awful the App was. It seems that mobile screen lock seems to be at least partly to blame for the connectivity issues so I adjusted my mobile settings before staring the UAFX Control App to prevent screen lock. I've been controlling the OX Stomp with the app now for a couple of days and I haven't encountered any connectivity issues yet...touch wood. I've got the latest version of UAFX Control installed on my phone which is running on Android 14, in case that helps anyone.

t. fuji

5. März 2024



M. White

1. März 2024

Great product - Crappy App

Out of the box, the OX Stomp is a 5 star product. The ONLY downside is the app. On both, my Android phone and IPad, the app started about 25% of the time. I bought a new IPad Air, it works 100% of the time. The logic is still too laggy to enjoy. Fix the lag and bluetooth reliability, it's a 5 star experience all day, every day.

a. constantin

1. März 2024

Issues with the app

I love the way it sounds, but it don't work with Android system... Can you design a computer application please ?

M. Durno

14. Februar 2024

App & Bluetooth Fail Befuddling for UA Product

Majority reviews below already speak to the shortcomings that make it essentially useless to comment on the actual sound of the pedal. The app and Bluetooth functionality is so poor that it's borderline inappropriate to sell this version of the pedal (certainly not compared to any other UA product I have used or read about). The UAFX app is terrible for any pedal, but for the Ox Stomp it's the only way to use the damn thing. It's an unacceptable miss that everyone rightly expects to be corrected "yesterday."

F. Poleri

24. Januar 2024

The app doesn't work

Impossibile to use. If the app is not fixed i will send it back.

P. Gomes

11. Januar 2024

desktop app


C. George

7. Januar 2024


The sounds on this are great and (unlike the overpriced OX box) this will be a new fixture on my recording rig, however, two glaring issues hold this product back: 1) the app is terrible and makes demoing the different capabilities of the pedal extremely tedious. The adjustment controls are covered by my fingers and are difficult to fine tune. My phone decides to go to sleep while I'm verifying the sounds and then, well, it's another slow process to reconnect the phone app to the pedal. Terrible. Make a desktop app. Like the OX Box. 2) The inability to blend different speakers and combinations of speakers and mics is really a missed opportunity. IR loaders usually have this feature and it's an obvious miss from UA. I would love to blend several speakers/mics on output 1 and then use output 2 for the direct signal only. This would make the pedal perfect. Until then, UA is missing the boat.

W. Cooper

4. Januar 2024

Great speaker emulator, needs Desktop App

Very happy with the cab sounds I’m getting from the OX Stomp. Easy to setup, no issues getting the OX Stomp firmware updated. Setup the app on my iPhone and was able to connect.

Only issue is, I have one eye, so trying to tweak the settings on my iPhone is a hassle. Since there is no Desktop App this makes it hard for me to use. I do have 20/20 vision in my one eye, but having a Desktop App for us visually challenged musicians would be very helpful.

If it had a Desktop App I would give it 5 stars.

P. Hatcher

4. Januar 2024

Found a way to get the app working

This is an update to an earlier review. I finally got the iOS app stable and I'm enjoying great tones, but still only give it 3 stars due to frustrations of the app. The problem is that the app isn't really suitable in the day-to-day context of how you use a phone: if you flip to another app, or if your phone locks, or if you get a call etc, the app will often loose connection.

Like many people, I have my phone set to lock after a minute or so of inactivity. This is the first thing you have to turn off: if the phone locks, the app can lose connection, and you're in a world of pain. After I discovered this, it's been mainly good – as long as no one calls me! (You need to remember to re-activate screen lock once you've finished using the stomp, a bit of a pain).

All this obviously points to one glaring fact: relying on a phone app to control this type of device isn't really suitable in the real-world context of how a phone is used, especially if you want to use it in a long session to explore and tweak tones. UA, please please give us a desktop app that would solve this major usability issue, and maybe it could get 5 stars.

C. Emmons

31. Dezember 2023

Just not reliable

As others have stated, amazing tones but I just dont have the time to be run through the mill everytime l want to edit a patch. Going to be shooting it out to see if its worth keeping or take it back

E. Mello

30. Dezember 2023

Did not work here so far

did not get a good sound till know and the app do not work

C. Kieninger

19. Dezember 2023

Would be perfect if there was the desktop app…

As the title says, I am a long time user of the ox box and now also bought stomp to possible replace the ox box, as I also own the best attenuator on the market - so the ox box seamed overkill additionally. The whole sound experience is the same - but it doesn’t have the absolutely beautiful desktop app the ox box has and has no digital out… if those two factors could be solved it would be the perfect device

P. Hatcher

7. Dezember 2023

App is beyond terrible

Pedal sounds decent enough, but I just can't explore its potential as I just can't get the app to work. I also have a Ruby, which previously worked fine in the app. On receiving the Ox Stomp, I upgraded everything to the latest versions. First time I tried to connect to the Ox Stomp, it just instantly crashed the app. Once I removed the Ruby from the app (obviously not ideal as I want to use that too), I finally managed to connect... once. Since then, I can't connect, I constantly get a 'try to reconnect your pedal' or 'forget the device and re-pair'. Come on UA, this is really poor. This pedal cost a significant amount - £380 - and I can't really use it. Please prioritise upgrading the app. Or better still, release a desktop app.

C. Cordes

5. Dezember 2023


First, the Audio Quality is UA Standard, top notch! But the APP is horrible! I tried iPhones, iPads and Android Devices. In a Recording Situation this unit is absolutely USELESS because the app crashes all the time, looses connection and doesnt find the pedal. The sliders jump around when you touch them and settings get lost. Why is there no desktop app?! It is needed so badly!