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Mach Dich bereit und tauche ein in eine Delay- und Reverb-Traumwelt.

Del-Verb Ambience Companion basiert auf der preisgekrönten UAFX Dual-Engine Verarbeitung mit atemberaubender klanglicher Authentizität und liefert sofort einsetzbare Emulationen klassischer Reverb- und Delay-Effekte in einem Pedal, das für unmittelbare Inspiration konzipiert wurde.

Erhalte drei klassische Reverbs: 60er-Jahre Röhren-Amp-Federhall, Studio-Plattenhall und Vintage-Digitalhall.

Erforsche Vintage-Tape, analoge Bucket-Brigade und digitale Delays in Studioqualität

Gestalte dreidimensionale Klanglandschaften ganz leicht mit einfachen Steuerelementen und Dual-Stereo Effekt-Engines

Füge Tap-Tempo hinzu, lade Custom Effect Voicings herunter und vieles mehr mit der UAFX Control App

Hör’s Dir an

Erweitere Dein Pedalboard um drei “Desert Island” Reverbs

Erweitere Dein Pedalboard um drei “Desert Island” Reverbs

Von den röhrenbetriebenen Federn eines amerikanischem Mitte 60er Combo über den eindringlichen Sound eines deutschen Plate Reverbs bis hin zur Üppigkeit eines 80er Jahre, digtitalen Studio-Klassikers bietet Del-Verb die gleichen Hall-Algorithmen wie der Golden Reverberator, der TEC Award Gewinner für Best Effects Pedal im Jahr 2022.

Verlier Dich in legendären Delay-Texturen

Verlier Dich in legendären Delay-Texturen

Sei es die warmen Wiederholungen eines Maestro EP-III Bandechos aus den 70ern, die dicke Farbe eines Electro-Harmonix Memory Man oder UAs modern klingendes Precision Delay — Del-Verbs Koffer ist vollgepackt mit den maßgeblichen Effekten, die in UAs Mothership — der Starlight Echo Station — zu finden sind, um blitzschnell Zugang zu Killer-Sounds zu erhalten.*

Duale Stereo Effekt-Engines für eine unvergessliche Reise

Duale Stereo Effekt-Engines für eine unvergessliche Reise

Die leistungsstarke Engine des Del-Verb Ambience Companion betreibt separate Stereo-Instanzen für jeden Reverb und jedes Delay — so kannst Du Effekte mit einer beeindruckenden dreidimensionalen Stereotiefe kreativ kombinieren, die von keiner anderen Stompbox übertroffen wird.

Gestalte Dein Pedal ganz individuell mit einer Mobile App

Gestalte Dein Pedal ganz individuell mit einer Mobile App

Mit der UAFX Control App kannst Du Tap-Tempo hinzufügen und custom Voicings für jeden Effekt herunterladen.

UAFX Control App & Bedienungsanleitung

*Alle Marken und Markennamen sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer und werden nur verwendet, um die Effekte zu repräsentieren, die als Teil des Del-Verb Reverb Companion gemodelt wurden.

Bitte beachte, dass Del-Verb Ambience Companion ein modernes, isoliertes 400-mA-Netzteil benötigt (separat erhältlich). Hier klicken für Netzteil-Empfehlungen.


Die authentischsten Vintage-Hall- und Delay-Effekte , die je in einem einzigen Effektpedal festgehalten wurden

"Golden Unit" Federhall-Tank, aus einem klassischen amerikanischen Gitarrenverstärker aus den 60er Jahren

Vintage deutscher Studio-Plattenhall von The Plant (Sausalito, CA)

Bit-für-Bit 80er Jahre Vintage Studio Digital Reverb Algorithmen

Detaillierte Emulation des legendären Bandechos und legendären Preamps

Klassische Bucket-Brigade Analog-Delay Effekte mit der Farbe, Textur und dem Klang der Original-Hardware

Makellose, digitale Delays in Studioqualität mit dynamischen und inspirierenden Modulations-Texturen

Füge Tap-Tempo hinzu, lade Dir custom Effekt-Voicings herunter und vieles mehr mit der UAFX Control App

Lautlos schalten, gebufferter Bypass, analoger Dry Through, optionale Spillover/Trails, Stereo/Dual Mono Betrieb


Del-Verb Ambience Companion



D. Hamric

14. Mai 2024


This looks to be a good unit, unfortunately there is NO way to access any of the promised functionality of this unit! It would sure be nice if they supported Windows! They wont allow me to pick ZERO STARS, so I will give it an undeserved 1*

D. Hamric

16. April 2024

Not Windows compatible!

I was led to believe that this unit was Windows compatible, NOT! Unfortunately, without buying an Android or Apple device, most of this units functionality is NOT available! So much for Windows compatibility. I gave it 3 stars, because the unit most likely sounds good, just not functional!

B. Bevilacqua

28. März 2024

Beyond disappointed

There’s no denying that this pedal sounds amazing. But here’s a cautionary tale. I experienced Bluetooth connectivity issues with the Del-Verb, so I performed UA’s recommended firmware update, which caused my Del-Verb to stop functioning completely. It won’t boot or pass any sound. I’ve updated firmware on pedals from many major manufacturers and have never experienced anything like this. But that’s not the worst part. Since I did not purchase the pedal directly from an official UA dealer, I am excluded from UA’s one-year warranty… again, this is on a pedal that is less than a year old, has been kept in outstanding condition, and was ruined by UA’s own firmware update. The sole option provided to me by UA is to try a local UA distributor in my country to see if they can perform repairs, for which I will bear 100% of the costs (including shipping), and could ultimately cost as much or more than buying a second Del-Verb brand new.

To say I am disappointed and shocked by this experience is an understatement. It sucks especially because I loved this pedal’s sounds and form factor. Really let down - this was my first experience with UA and it will definitely be my last.

A. Heinrich

23. März 2024

Great Sound - some bugs

Best sounding delay/reverb combination pedal by far!

Would be great to be able to store presets - eg with long pressing the buttons or via the app.

Makes sometimes loud pop sounds when switching effect types.

Would be great to have full parameter access to all (reverb) parameters via the app.

M. Collins

20. November 2023

Del-Verb Pedal

Sound: 10/10, really unmatched in terms of quality and feel.

Features: Limited - why no midi control? I have to give up tap tempo or reverb because you can't have the reverb on without having the delay on if you want tap tempo... what a short-sighted design. Midi integration or even the ability to add a footswitch for tap would make a massive difference.

App: Meh, it connects sometimes and sometimes it doesn't - if my phone closes it's screen for too long (because I'm not touching it and am playing the guitar...duh) it loses connection and you have to restart the app. It's also very laggy...

Overall: 3.5/5 - The sounds and feel are incredible, but the lack of midi integration and the poor functioning of the app really limit the full use of this pedal. YMMV, especially if you're a set-and-forget kind of player. All that said, I'm still going to keep the pedal because it sounds amazing...

D. Galanti

18. Mai 2023

Sounds amazing but I have 1 issue with it.

You won't find a better sounding pedal. My problem is the tap tempo. If I want to use that live I you will lose the ability to keep the reverb on. The left switch turns both on or off. If you don't gig it's not the big a deal but for me it's a deal breaker. Either I have independence or tap. Come on, really? My stupid Nux pedal could do that. Sure it sounded like flatulence but it was intelligent. So I'm going to have to throw down after all for the Golden and Starlight. In case you didn't know. Now you know. Because nothing sounds better. For real.

R. Pelletier

6. Mai 2023

Absolutely Amazing

Worth the price. Saves room on pedalboard. Provides for all my reverb and delay needs with more options and combinations than I might ever use. The sound is very full of character. I can't say enough. This pedal does everything I need it to do and leaves me without needing to look around for a reverb or delay to fit all my needs.

M. McGraw

27. April 2023

Won't Work / Won't Connect / Won't Update / Won't Pass Audio

Out of the box. Ample Power. Blinks and won't connect to app.