SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Röhrenbasierter Effektprozessor für Mixes mit
mehr Transparenz und Lebendigkeit.

Das SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces bietet die perfekte Emulation des beliebten Vitalizer MK2-T Röhrenprozessors – schon lange Standard im Arsenal der renommiertesten Mastering-
und Postproduction-Studios.

Als Korrektur- und Optimierungswerkzeug formt das Vitalizer MK2-T Plug-In den Klang musikalisch und effektiv. Dabei erzielt es in den bearbeiteten Spuren und Kanälen mehr Lautheit und größere Stereobreite sowie harmonische Tiefe und Wärme.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Deinen Mixes ganz einfach eine größere Stereobreite und Transparenz verleihen

Einzelne Spuren oder Summensignale mit der für Röhrengeräte typischen Präsenz und harmonischen Tiefe veredeln

Ganz einfach einzelne Instrumente oder Gesangsspuren herausarbeiten und im Mix positionieren

Überlappende Klänge „auftrennen“, um mehr Lautheit und Transparenz zu erzielen


Authentische Plug-In-Emulation des legendären SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

Modelliert den gesamten elektronischen Signalweg der Hardware

Verbreitert Stereomixe und verleiht ihnen mehr Transparenz und Klarheit

Einzelsignale lassen sich im Mix besser positionieren und herausheben

Liefert den typischen warmen Röhrensound mit seidiger Präsenz und harmonischer Tiefe

Vier sofort wählbare Preset-Buttons

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

A. L'homme

13. Juli 2021

One of my best choices

When I purchase the Vitalizer I wasn't expecting this surprise. you need to try this!!!!

J. Neves

8. Juli 2021

Amazing Tool

This ‘thing’ sounds absolutely amazing…I’d been using the PA version for quite some time but the UAD one sounds completely different, so now I own both. Love it to bits.

G. Creasor

21. Juni 2021

Sounds really good!

So far I’ve used the Vitalizer on guitars … sounds fantastic!

D. Vlcek

24. April 2021

space enhancer

Im using Vitalizer mostly for the vocals and mix buss stems, its amazing how you can expand the space and make your mix bigger.

A. Lythgoe

23. April 2021

Less is more

I've been eyeing this plug for sometime now, so i finally took the plunge! First things first, it's a brilliant mastering plug, the stereo enhancement is the best, most natural that I've heard in my many years, the bass adjustment section is also brilliant. The Mid-Hi Tune and LC-EQ can create some useful glimmer and body, but should be used sparingly, in fact, that's really the key to whole plug, when the different sections are sprinkled lightly over the mix, they add an extra wow factor. Due to my mistrust of what these type of enhancers may do to my precious mixdowns, I held off buying anything like it for too long, needless to say, it's going on everything from now on, sprinkled sparingly of course!

D. Willis

9. Februar 2021


I played around with this for hours. Tried it on female vocals, snare, and the mix buss. Sounded good on the snare (Crips Snare preset) but not on the others. Added distortion and muddiness. It was either too subtle as to make no difference, or too strong as to be unusable. Maybe more for hard rock or rap or something, but not for pop. 2 stars for the Crisp Snare.

K. Frost

23. Januar 2021

XPL Vitalizer Pushes past the edges

So, I have used this on Main Out w/ Luna. This gear can really widen the sound. Easy to use but still very tweak-able for those who need to turn knobs. What amazed me was, after I bounced a song out and air dropped to my phone ( for those don’t know, laying your phone on its side, make music/audio sound better) the higher frequencies were going way past the ends of the phone.
Demo it, glad I did.
Life on a sand bar- OBX NC

B. Schumacher

4. Januar 2021

Sound is broken (lacks midrange) - fix only has been rolled out to the native version

This Plugin has been developed by the same people as the Plugin Alliance Version. However, to my surprise (opposed to - say - the SPL TwinTubes), the Plugin Alliance and UAD versions do not null out, they are different (no matter the sample rate). Further Investigation revealed that the Plugin Alliance Version had a "Sound issues" fix in version 1.6.2 which apparently never got rolled out to the UAD platform. Comparing them by ear revealed that the Plugin Alliance Version is capable of adding sweet sounding midrange which totally lacks in the UAD Version.

U. Gerstenmeyer

4. Januar 2021

Great Stuff!

Great Stuff and a real god sound !

T. Gol

17. Dezember 2020

Great for mastering

I generally use it on my master bus or in my mastering projects to tighten lows and and adding stereo width. Great tool.

UAD User

15. Dezember 2020

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Review

Never heard of this plugin until I saw Ali mixing YG, TY Dolla Sign, and Gunna! I could hear the difference on my cheap Dell laptop! I ended up investing into this product and now I am a firm believer that the guys over at SPL and Universal audio really know what their doing when it comes to hardware development and software emulation!

W. McBeath

2. November 2020


Demo'd the Vitalizer and really enjoyed it. Sounds great on a lot of sources, from master buss to taking the mids in individual tracks. A must have.

L. Newell

29. Oktober 2020

Put this on your lead vox buss

And it will change your life. Adds a shine. Sometimes use it on my master buss and it widens so subtly. Very pretty sounding.

C. Kiraly

26. Oktober 2020


If you need a little extra snap or shine to cut through your mix, this is THE tool for you. Simple to use, you can’t really screw it up! No wonder it’s been so popular for so long.

S. Shaw

8. September 2020

Widening with mojo!

Vitalizer is a special plugin for doing stereo widening, because some mojo makes things more effective than a typical widening. I agree it can sound thin and labored, but that's what we do to reach a mix :) I may not trust it on master buss, but for mixing it's an A+ tool. Check out the user manual!


23. Juni 2020

Not hearing much impact

Compared to the version from Alliance the impact of the one from UAD is quite marginal. You can hear a difference only when everything at max. Disappointing. Or am I not using it right ?

A. Shaddix

23. Juni 2020

Brite and shiny

Clean up your drums, bass and vocals!! This is really great. Highly recommend!

M. Fowler

7. Mai 2020

The Glue

My 'Go to', finalizer on my master buss. Sub Bass, mid & hi's, stereo expander, gain, compression. Was impressed from the start; (14 day trial), had to have. AllInOne plugin.

A. Breyer

13. April 2020

Pretty mixed feelings.

When I auditioned this one it did add something nice to the tracks I used it on, so I bought it. But the more and more I use it I'm just not hearing enough of impact to make me want to use up DSP resources. Kind of wish I had bought the SPL Twin Tube instead.

H. Hackmann

22. März 2020


... macht genau das, was es soll und das sehr gut