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Neue Lebendigkeit und Höhenkorrektur für langweilige Aufnahmen.

Das Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio-Interfaces ist ein intelligentes, intuitives Werkzeug, das dumpfen oder schlecht aufgenommenen Spuren mehr Lebendigkeit verleiht. Dank der fünf unterschiedlichen Enhancement-Modi ist der Precision Enhancer kHz für fast alle Klangquellen und Mixes vielseitig einsetzbar.

Das Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In lässt sich nach Bedarf für die vorsichtige Bearbeitung der Mitten und Höhen eines Mixes oder zur drastischen Bearbeitung der Präsenzen und Dynamik einzelner Spuren oder Gruppen einsetzen. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Enhancern, die mit Laufzeiteffekten und Verzerrungsfiltern arbeiten, basiert der Precision Enhancer kHz auf speziellen EQ-Techniken und einer Erweiterung der Dynamik, die du extrem flexibel verwenden kannst.

Intuitiv kleine Retuschen oder umfangreiche Veränderungen an einzelnen Quellen oder dem Gesamtmix vornehmen

Mit dem Blend-Regler eine einfache Parallelbearbeitung durchführen

Zwischen fünf Enhancement-Modi auswählen, um beliebige Quellen von Gesang bis hin zu Drums und Bass zu optimieren

Bei Gesangsspuren den essentiellen Höhenbereich dezent aufwerten


Von Universal Audio konzipierter und entwickelter Enhancer

Sowohl für kleine Korrekturen als auch drastische Bearbeitungen ideal geeignet

Fünf Enhancement-Modi für unterschiedliche Anwendungsbereiche

Bearbeitetes Signal lässt sich dem Original stufenlos zumischen

Stimmbare HF Bearbeitungsauswahl

Speed Regler für aggressive oder weiche Ansprache

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision Enhancer kHz



P. Ribeiro

5. August 2023

Tenho usado muito!!

incrivelmente satisfeito com essa aquisição, facil, pratico e rapido...!!!

A. Lee

24. Juni 2023

Very exciting!

Incredible how much more noticeable a mix element can become using a little bit of this thing. A must in every mixing session, especially with automation.

A. Miranda

2. April 2023

Makes your ears and mixes breath!

Definitely worth checking if you need to add some air to your mix or master or anything; it makes your ears breathe too and can make a muddy song shine again, my only problem for not giving 5 stars is that the GUI needs an update it looks very old, overall it saved me my day!

L. Baca

18. Mai 2022

Precision Enhancer kHz Amazing!!!!

I am able to make my track shine with the Precision Enhancer A1 plugin.

c. maskell

10. Dezember 2021


Subtle magic sparkle that is a whole new level.


2. Dezember 2021

perfect in conjunction with Hz

Perfect to add nice harmonics to vocals and mix, i really have lots of plugins to do this but this one is really special. i would add that all the UAD Precision are really efficient and adds a lot to productions

B. Vladimir

5. Oktober 2021

The best!

I use it on vocals and master buss.

N. sveinungsen

23. September 2021


Gives new demention to the tracks

F. San Filippo

2. Mai 2021

Unique, still.

A lot of enhancers like this are available, but this seems to have a little something different. It can really make a buried acoustic guitar track come through a mix, without imposing itself. It’s an older plug, and thus a good value on sale, but it doesn’t sound dated. Used sparingly, it can probably help out any mix.

L. Pauselli

15. Januar 2021

Precision Enhancer khz

It is easy and quickly to get a different result respect to classic equalizer.

C. Rusu

19. Dezember 2020

Good Stuff!

Performs exactly as advertised. Good purchase!

I. Ács

15. Oktober 2020

Vitamin for the Highs

I'ts a game changer when you deal with dull snares!

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

It makes wonders

Can be used for everything, if the mix is very week, all buttons mode for mastering makes wonders.

R. Robertson

15. Juli 2020

R Robertson

The Precision Enhancer KHz works well with Precision Enhancer Hz on my sub group channel in mix down for over all sound. It works as advertised.
PS: I would like to mention that All the UA Precision plug ins (have most of them) work very well. Lovely discovery - the DSP load on them is low by comparison to other brand name plugins. This obviously means more instances to help your mix go where I need it to be.Thanks UA.

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

Great little piece of gear

Works as advertised. Finds its place on almost every mix.

M. Coutausse

25. Juni 2020


Fait le travail est dommage de ne pas pouvoir zoomer les interfaces ..

R. Jacobi

7. Mai 2020

Does its job

The Precision Enhancer kHz does its job well and is a handy tool to have available in your mixing toolbox. I would see myself use it more often if the interface was not so tiny. UA, please update the interface. Thank you!

J. Steffen

1. Mai 2020

Absolutely FANTASTIC

This has become a staple in every single one of my mixes (the Precision Hz as well for basslines and kicks on every mix). It brings clarity and presence to every single track. I pretty much use it on every single track in a mix inserted right before the EQ. This plugin should be a part if everyone's toolkit for mixing, it is absolutely invaluable, ESPECIALLY for tracks lacking high end and presence. I used so much out there including Zynaptiq's Intensity which is $349 and this does a way better job. I won't even be using Intensity anymore, so now I have to figure out how to sell it. LOL

A. Guryanov

21. April 2020


I recommend it to everyone!

J. Napolitano

12. April 2020

Precision Enhancer KHZ

Great sound adds a lovely sound to my master and adds a lovely low end to
With out sounding muddy