DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Flexibel anpassbares Stereo-Reverb und Room Modeler.

Für das DreamVerb Room Modeler Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces wurde das bahnbrechende und unschlagbar flexible UA RealVerb Pro Plug-In um eine intuitive Benutzeroberfläche erweitert, womit sich eine fantastische Vielfalt von Räumen erstellen lässt. DreamVerb ermöglicht nicht nur die Anlage von Räumen auf der Basis einer Vielzahl von Materialien und Raumformen. Diese Räume lassen sich durch Überblenden oder „Morphen“ von Formen und Oberflächen weiter anpassen und auch der Luftdruck kann verändert werden, um unterschiedliche Umgebungsbedingungen zu simulieren.

Darüber hinaus bietet DreamVerb einen flexiblen aktiven 5-Band-EQ sowie einzigartige Pegelverläufe für die erste und die nachfolgenden Reflexionen für einen absolut realistischen Raumeindruck. Der von Universal Audio entwickelte Glättungsalgorithmus lässt sich in Echtzeit ohne hörbare Artefakte auf alle Parameter anwenden. Anhand dynamischer Grafiken erhält der Anwender eine direkte Rückmeldung, wie sich die aktuellen Einstellungen auf das Reverb auswirken. Von einem lebendigen, dynamischen Raum bis zur riesigen Kathedrale lässt DreamVerb all Deine Reverb-Träume Wirklichkeit werden.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit variablen Parametern ein perfektes akustisches Umfeld gestalten

Deinen Raum mit unterschiedlichen Materialien feintunen

In Echtzeit zwischen Raumformen und -größen überblenden

Die Intensität, den zeitlichen Verlauf sowie den Zeitpunkt der Erstreflexionen und die Parameter für die Hallfahne anpassen


Benutzerdefinierte Raumgestaltung

Einstellbare Raummaterialien

Grafische Auswahl der Raumform

Mischen zwischen Raumformen und -größen in Echtzeit

Separate Einstellung für Intensität, Timing sowie Einsetzen der Early Reflections und des Nachhalls

Umfassende Benutzeroberfläche für detaillierte Parameterbearbeitung

Justierbare Diffusion-Einstellung (Streuung des Reverbs)

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


DreamVerb Room Modeler

J. Cays

1. Oktober 2015

Don't Underestimate DreamVerb...

I think DreamVerb might be one of the more underestimated reverbs in the UAD family. It's very diverse and being able to basically create a custom space with different materials, shape, etc is really cool. I have (and love) both the EMT 140 and the EMT 250, both have a very distinct sound. But often times DreamVerb, with its incredible flexibility and warmth, ends up being the one I choose. Highly recommend!

S. Austwick

22. April 2015

Best Soft Reverb system I have ever had

After using a Sony Dr 77, I thought i would never be able to replace, after using a whole load of other Soft Reverbs, I have finally got a pretty damned close replacement plus its a whole lot more convenient and I am not constrained to a single unit.
Fantastic and easy to use.

V. Romanov

13. Januar 2014

Dreamverb Plug-In mix it with synth sounds.

The recently purchased Dreamverb Plug-In proved that reverberation should be diverse. I mix it with synth sounds, it distinguishable M/S EQ Brainworx.

S. Gordon

2. Januar 2013


Hy everybody,

after 1 1/2 years of building our new studio facilities, we'd decided to work with UAD.
We have the Apollo and the UAD Quad with most of the Plug-Ins. Our Computer is a Mac 2 x 2,66 GHz Quad-Core with 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM. We use 500 GB SD Disk for the System and for the instrument samples.

We are just finishing our first - all self made - production.
We have recorded, mixed and mastered all 13 songs using UAD tools.

Especially for reverberation we are happy to use:

Lexicon224 mainly for vocals
EMT 140 for brass section and Piano
EMT 250 for guitar and special effects (doubler/chorus)

Dreamverb for guitar and solo instruments. We are very happy with the sound of the presets. Exactly what we were looking for!! Thanks.

A. Norris

21. Juni 2011

Reverb is by far the most complex of calculations in audio production, and only the highest quality of algorithms provide the smooth tail required for accurate room modelling. I run several reverb devices in my system at "ToKwerX" but the latest addition is the DreamVerb from UAD.

I am currently mixing a jazz album featuring a real 9 foot grand piano, double bass, female vocal, drums, guitar and alto saxophone. The ability to create lush, rich reverbs without swallowing definition is by far the first noticeable difference with this processor.

I happily use it alongside TL Space with real Impulse Responses from acoustic spaces and the comparative sound quality is wonderful. Note though the TL Space takes up several TDM chips to render the sounds I prefer. The DreamVerb lets me dig a lot deeper and without the processing appetite, fine tuning elements of not just decay but room shape and diffusive materials within that room. Add to this an ability to blend or "morph" these elements and I struggle to find a reverb processor that gives me such control whilst still sounding natural.

Rich and clear, unobtrusive and above all - natural. DreamVerb is a wonderful addition to my choices of reverbs. P.S. Haven't actually used another processor since getting this one.

D. Petersen

17. Juni 2011

a lifesaver.

as a producer of radio dramas I often need very specific 'other' rooms, not the standard Hall, Chamber etc...
A good exsample is a scene where I needed to place the narrator into a huge underground parking garage and about 20m away from the listener. I 'build' the space around him quickly and easily and was quite surprised to find that even with a pretty wet mix the intelligibility didn't suffer. Next, I added some traffic noises on another track, added another Dreamverb with the same preset, set distance even higher, some eqing and had transformed a pretty lengthy monologue into an exciting soundscape that really pulled you in.

I only regret trying so many IRs before I opened Dreamverb ;)

M. Pyykkö

11. August 2004

Dreamverb is way more dense and sound a lot better than the Realverb. I agree that it has some of the sound from the Realverb but much more dense!

I almost didn´t buy it first when some persons wrote that it´s only a minor upgrade from Realverb, the sound is definately a MAJOR upgrade!

In my opinion it´s in the same class as TC and Lexicon reverbs!

I recommend it!



T. Frisk

5. April 2004

Sounds large and deep. Its not the best part of UAD-1 (thats the Pultec), but I use it much - because I like it. No more metallic reverbs in my computer :-)

G. Chantraine

15. Februar 2004

Impressive results can be obtained with this baby, but overall, it's more an upgrade of the RealVerb Pro than a different reverb unit.
It has the same color, the same parameters to play with and a different look.

The differences are 5 band EQ instead of 3, 3 choices of material instead of two... The rest is the same.

In terms of DSP usage, it's pretty much the same.

So, sure, you can get more different results. But the Realverb Pro is close enough to prevent you from buying this one.

E. Hanson

15. Juni 2011

Dreamverb sounds really nice, but can someone please update this GUI? I mean seriously....

E. Grammenos

20. Oktober 2012

Great sounding Reverb

I think the Dream Verb ist an excellent sounding reverb with a lot of posibillities to edit the parameters of the specified room. Especially I like the DIstance fader which makes it pretty easy to place the signal at the exact right spot in the room/on the stage you virtually created. The only disantvantage with this method is that you have to put a Dream Verb Instance on every Track the you wanna mix with a diffrent distance, a method wich cost a lot of DSP-Power.

E. Perin

1. März 2014

Need an update

This reverb generator sounds very artificial and most of all "metallic".
Like a bit crucher on the tail that makes "Criiinnnn…"

This was an hep full reverb 10 years ago but now it's completely unusable compare to new reverb plug ins.

Need to be updated !

T. Auger

5. Juli 2012

The dreamverb has a very natural sound. Great character. It is my now favorite reverb. It is simple to set up. The pre-sets sound great.

D. Wray

30. April 2012

The name says it all really! I have tried countless reverb plugins in the past,
And this is the 'must own' for me. Perfect sound, which I am %100 happy with.
I can also recommend this to anyone for its ease of use & price!
Quality all-round.
Thanks UA!

L. Walker

14. Januar 2015

Forced to buy the plugin again

This review will be scathing, not because I don't like the plug-in. I like the plug-in enough to purchase it twice.

Forced to purchase it twice, and lose a couple of thousand dollars I've invested in many other UAD plug-ins because of UAD's despotic product policies. My investment in plug-ins is largely associated with an unsupported UAD-1 card, which I cannot transfer to my Apollo Twin because I purchased the Twin after the drop-dead date on UAD's support of the older card. I was told prior to purchasing the Twin that all plug-ins would transfer automatically, but I was locked out of my UAD-1 account, presumably because EOS had passed, had to create a new account to register the new product. No resolution possible is the final response.

S. Mikolai

18. Juni 2011

This one's my least used plugin. It may be great sounding and really flexible, but the enormous complexity goes with that. I'm just so much faster with the EMT plugins to get great results I'm not even thing about trying the DreamVerb. That's one of the moments you're a little sad you can't sell UAD plugins

L. Cruz

24. Juni 2013

Dont Like

It sounds bad. I really do not like it. And thats it.

A. Fragkos

20. Dezember 2012


this is from the best plugins ive used.excellent plugin.period!

V. Andreev

19. Dezember 2012

DreamVerb Room Modeler Plug-In

Not review to low price and specific exterior, sounds much even fittingly, not worse some dearly. Much possibilities for reception of the miscellaneous volume Handle good.. I help in work.

H. Kwang

11. Juni 2012

My slowly songs used DreamVerb(vacal,bass,guitar ...)
I use weakly Because If I use strongly, It is too old. ^^
But I expect too . Because Uad-2 I will use Strongly and Strongly and Strongly
It 's Dangerous? ^^ Bye !