Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Softube® Amp Room Bundle


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Die komplette Sammlung erstklassiger
Gitarren- und Bass-Amp-Modelle von Softube

Das Amp Room Bundle für UAD-2-Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces wurde von Softube entwickelt und bietet eine überragende Sammlung aktueller und klassischer Gitarren- und Bassverstärker-Emulationen. Das Amp Room Bundle liefert Klänge von Oldschool bis hin zu markerschütterndem Metal und eine flexible Mikrofonplatzierung per Mausklick, mit der du die Sweetspots der Sounds auswählst.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Softube´s ultimative Sammlung an Gitarren- und Bass-Amp-Emulationen bei der Aufnahme und Mixing einsetzen

Mit dem Vintage Amp Room amerikanische und britische Amp-Klassiker verwenden

Über Metal Amp Room auf extrem aggressive Distortion-Sounds zugreifen

Im Bass Amp Room die absolut authentischen Sounds klassischer Bassverstärker aus den 1970er-Jahren auswählen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Vintage Amp Room

Vintage Amp Room

Vintage Amp Room enthält die drei akribisch gemodelten Gitarrenverstärker-Emulationen White, Brown und Green, die auf drei legendären Amps der 1960er-Jahren basieren – jeweils Ikonen der Musikgeschichte. Variiere im Vintage Amp Room die Mikrofonposition und damit den Sound direkt mit der Maus und höre diese direkt vor.

Metal Amp Room

Metal Amp Room

In Metal Amp Room findest du ein perfekt nachgebildetes Modell eines der druckvollsten und aggressivsten High-Gain-Amps überhaupt. Metal Amp Room verfügt über einen weichen, lebendigen Höhenbereich, ein gefühlt endloses Sustain und ein blitzschnelles, absolut exaktes Gate. Die zwei verschiedenen 4x12 Boxen-Modelle werden mit zwei Stereomikrofonen abgenommen, die sich direkt mit der Maus positionieren lassen.

Bass Amp Room

Bass Amp Room

Alle Abstufungen von clean und fett bis verzerrt und aggressiv – Bass Amp Room bietet ein umwerfendes 1970er-Bassverstärker-Modell sowie drei wählbare Bassboxen. Darüber hinaus steht eine DI-Sektion zur Verfügung, die sich separat mit EQ, Kompressor, Filter und Limiter bearbeiten und mit dem Signal der mikrofonierten Box vielseitig mischen lässt.


Softube® Amp Room Bundle

A. Weiss

17. Januar 2015

The Best Amp Emulator for Bass line

I have the NI RIG 5, IK Multimedia Ampeg, S-Gear 2.
None takes the bass line as well as the Softube Amp. Actually, not even closer...

S. Renius

27. Juni 2013

Softube Bundle

Hey guys,

The tool sounds very warm and makes the experiment imagination.
A good Idea from you!!! Cool!
Stephan :-)

How about emulations of Elysia products? That would be a good idea for the future :-).

A tool for editing the voices (and Bass) would be great. In the manner of (Waves Vocal/Bass Rider, The Breath)

B. Hoener

18. Februar 2013

Softube Amp Sim

Its Finally nice to see other People that don't appreciate these plugs. I demoed them Before from Softube. I can say the UA Versions sound exactly like the others. But to me that sounds bad. I really wanted Bass amp room to be awesome, but the only way to get a clean tone is to use the DI? I want the sound of an Ampeg SVT into the 8X10 Cabinet.
Comon UA! I know you can do better!

M. Gervasi

16. Februar 2013

Nice to finally have UA Amp Modeling

I've been a long time user of amp and effect modeling from the long time makers of that line of products (Line 6, Amplitube) and this is a very good sounding set. I like that you can bypass the amp or the cab model. I had a 24 track mix using other modeling and did a test switching over to these and the sound was very good. However using an Apollo Duo, UAD Duo, and Solo I maxed out on resources for tracks already recorded so to save resources in the future I will definitely use the Apollo to record the tracks wet and save the processing for the Studer/Ampex and other processors. Also would be nice if they sold each set separately as I don't usually use any metal type amp sounds.
Otherwise it's great.

R. Huard

22. Dezember 2013

great amp

i been waiting a lot to be able to buy me this little piece of art
now i cant live without, love the true sound of it

N. Palmer

15. Februar 2013

Not Nigel...

That's it really. For a guitar modelling plug with a straightforward interface and a killer sound, this doesn't even come close to Preflex + Gate Comp. In absolute terms, it's a decent enough offering, but Universal Audio already had this one least for guitar.

B. Li

15. Februar 2013


Outstanding plug in. This plug in rocks. Long overdue. Well worth the wait. Super practical and easy to use. Lots of fun. Gets everything rolling without much effort.

Great visuals and explanations. It really ROCKS!

R. Masters

14. Februar 2013

So glad it this

Happy again :) we really need this. The most wickedest plug for a guitar amp. Love this thing.

P. Bilak

18. August 2019

P. Bilak


l. wilson

14. August 2019


Awesome Awesome Awesome

m. stallings

14. Juli 2019

simplicity an effort to simplify handling bass, I dusted this off and gave it a try. I own the Ampeg SVT and B-15, and while these are legionary and awesome, I was fiddling with them a bit too much. Ive been working with recording bass through my Century channel strip, then blending the amps in. with this plug in I can dial in a great sound very quickly.
What concerns me is that its very old, ( like me)? But I guess if it sounds good, it is good.
Bottom line....I can dial in a great sound very quickly without having to create a second track. The Hiwatt amp is a cool idea also. Selfishly, Id like to see this updated, but they might over complicate it. As a hobby guy, I have to limit my choices

J. Bell

30. Mai 2019

Internal monologue:

me: Hi, I'd like my bass to sound like its going through an amp.
also me: Sure try this.
- Loads Plugin -
me: This sounds like ass!
- Continues tweaking -
me: it doesn't matter where i set any controls, it just sounds bad!?
also me: yeah - I agree; nothing sounds better than this... Like , literally nothing..
End scene.


10. Mai 2019

So Realistic and warm

It is like you pull your instrument into the old hardware gear - nice and warm!!!

L. Brown

13. Februar 2019



h. mayanja

7. Februar 2019

This is the benchmark for amp emulation?

I this bundle on sends for group colouring

S. Muscio

26. Januar 2019

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

I've loved these amps for years. Lots of flexibility and they sound great.

R. Hortensius

1. November 2018

Amp Room sounds great !

The key to getting a great sound from the Amp Room Bundle is to be easy on the input as I noticed some negative reviews, I am really happy with this bundle and use it often for keeper tracks, also fantastic for bass !

c. henry

21. September 2018

Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Indeed and outstandingly uaudio as dun it again and keep doing great things, well I have previously bought softube bass amp. Works perfectly, with the ability to adjust the mic to any position is great. To find the same abilities with the gtr amp is very comforting, I have had my eyes on this good amp for a while, I have used logic gtr amps just to get a good verb mix and a light amp feel, but putting the soft tube at the end is extremely powerful, I needed some thing that could give me the final and real feel of an solid amp, it's indeed the final word I always want in my mixed. That uad rich amp final sound and the end of my gtr mix. Is indeed the final word in my mix, as always that's my anolog rich sound I need, putting uad plug ins, soft tub bass amp or gtr amp to be the final word in my. Mix is a perfect touchdown. Well dun uad for making my mixes shine like a ⭐️ star!


12. August 2018

Simple et naturelle

Les graphismes sont un peu ancien mais le son est là. Il ne paraît pas très impressionnant au départ mais il est surtout immédiatement exploitable dans un mix.
Pour l'instant c'est le seul plugin que j'ai testé qui permet d'avoir instantanément un son naturelle et exploitable dans le mix avec en plus des réglage simple.
Les autres plugin doivent être combiné avec des simulateurs de baffle d'un autre plugin celui là est autonome.
L'idéal serait que softube sorte d'autre plugin de la série amproom pour varié un peu plus les plaisirs.
Un must

D. Hughes

10. August 2018

Solid Tone

Great way to get the tone you need for your guitar tracks. I find that the ability to adjust the mic gives a bit more control over the shape of the sound. It’s nice to have a few amp variations to choose from when you want to A/B. The sims have a “real” tone and have been getting a good response from clients. It’s nice to have these in the toolbox and be able to put them to use when I need to use the DI track in the mix.