Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Vielseitiges Mastering-Toolkit – seit Jahren Favorit der UAD-Anwender.

Mit den drei leistungsstarken Plug-Ins empfiehlt sich das Precision Mastering Plug-Ins Bundle für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces als unverzichtbares Werkzeug für Toningenieure und Produzenten – professionelle Unterstützung bei der Fertigstellung überzeugender, edler Mixes und Master.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Aufnahmen mit einem intuitiven, preisgünstigen Bundle mastern

Dynamik eines Summenmixes gezielt kontrollieren oder eine Einzelspur mit dem Precision Multiband Plug‑in deessen

Frequenzen mit der analog anmutenden Ansprache des Precision EQ Plug‑Ins formen

Das extrem transparent klingende Precision Limiter Plug‑In für dynamisch optimierte Master verwenden

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Precision Multiband

Precision Multiband

Precision Multiband ist ein hochspezialisiertes Mastering-Werkzeug, das die dynamische Steuerung in fünf Frequenzbändern ermöglicht. Es ist die ideale Wahl für die dynamisch anspruchsvolle Bearbeitung und auch für einfaches De-Essing.
Die Kompressor-, Gate- und Expander-Funktionen des Precision Multiband können unabhängig voneinander für jedes Band genutzt werden. Aufgrund der intuitiven Bedienoberfläche empfiehlt es sich gleichermaßen für den Einsteiger als auch den erfahrenen Mastering Engineer.

Precision EQ

Precision EQ

Das Precision EQ Plug-In ist ein 4-Band Equalizer mit separatem Hochpassfilter, der im Stereo- oder Dual-Mono-Betrieb zur Entzerrung des Summensignals dient. Der Precision EQ wurde nach dem Vorbild echter, analoger Mastering-Filter gemodelt und nutzt die klassische, parametrische Anordnung der Bedienelemente. Um das Audiomaterial mit maximaler akustischer Präzision zu bearbeiten und etwaige Artefakte in den Höhen zu minimieren, arbeitet der Precision EQ intern mit Samplingfrequenzen bis zu 192 kHz.

Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

Das Precision Limiter Plug-In ist ein einbandiger Brickwall Limiter mit Look-Ahead-Funktion, der in erster Linie für die Bearbeitung des Summensignals entwickelt wurde. Dieses intuitive Plug-In bietet durch das auf 1,5 ms angelegte Look-Ahead-Zeitfenster maximales Attack, wodurch Übersteuerungen vermieden werden und gleichzeitig ein Überschreiten des Grenzpegels ausgeschlossen ist. Sowohl die Attack- als auch die Release-Kurven sind für professionelles Mastering optimiert und Aliasing wird minimiert. Der Precision Limiter bietet darüber hinaus umfangreiche, hoch aufgelöste Pegelanzeigen und erfüllt die Spezifikationen für Pegelanzeigen des „K-System“ von Bob Katz. Durch diese Pegeldarstellung kann der Anwender in höchster Präzision erfassen, was im Audiomaterial passiert.


Drei leistungsfähige Plug-Ins für dynamisch-optimierte, professionelle Mixes und Master

Precision Multiband – umfassende dynamische Steuerung in fünf Frequenzbändern, die sich für eine dynamisch anspruchsvolle Bearbeitung ebenso wie für einfaches De‑Essing empfehlen

Precision EQ – ein 4-Band EQ mit separatem Hochpassfilter, für die Entzerrung des Summensignals im Stereo- oder Dual‑Mono‑Betrieb

Precision Limiter – ein 1-Band Brickwall Limiter, der mit1,5 ms Look-Ahead-Zeitfenster maximale Attack erzielt und Übersteuerungen effektiv verhindert

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision Mastering Bundle

H. Terstiege

14. März 2016

Great sounding BUT: NO TPL -> not ready for the future!

Great sound, very little distortion, open, rich sound if you don't push it too hard. Useless for True-Peak Limiting which is getting more and more important. I never liked True Peaks on CD but it's even worse in streaming and mp3 and with normalized volumes (iTunes and others).Superloud doesn't make sense anymore, so clipping-free is the way to go. UAD please add TPL feature so I don't need my NUGEN limiter after the precision anymore!!

R. Gun

16. Januar 2016

Usability and easy

I like the meter.
It simply works and it´s easy to use.
I use it always on Master.
It only lacks the function : intersample peak reduction.
It´s a little overpriced for 199€ but sometimes you get it cheaper.

M. Fekjær

10. August 2014

My go to limiter

I've tried a lot of limiters, but this is still the king in my opinion :)
Always on the end of my master chain.

R. Barley

27. April 2014

Very intuitive plug, needs sidechain!

I use multiband for a variety of reasons, both live and in studio, for mix and finalization. It all just depends on the need. All in all I like this plug, with one caveat: it needs the ability to accept sidechain on individual bands. To my knowledge the C6 is the only other multiband compressor that lets you sidechain. It's incredibly useful for situations where equally important voices are competing for frequency space. (For example, using a vocal to compress the 950-5kish range of a string section to handle the violin fundamentals that like to hang around around vocal intelligibility.)

If that feature is added into future updates of this plug I'd give it a 5.

P. Bogdanovic

13. Januar 2014

Excellent choice

My search for the limiter ends with Precision Limiter Plug-in. Definitely, the most useful limiter when it comes to mastering on "In The Box" mode. Now, it is indispensable in mastering chain in my songs.

E. Bragg

6. Januar 2014

Powerful tool

Extremely flexible. Each band (of 5) can be either soloed, or have its effect on the mix muted. This plug is very clean & usable. Nevertheless, one must still be careful. But because of the MB gates, expander, & built-in band leveling (effectively E.Q.) functionality, this device is QUITE versatile and powerful. Be aware, it does chew up a lot of UAD card CPU.

Some use this device in mastering. I find it a bit aggressive for this use; however, it can provide good results on the 2-buss w/ practice & light settings. I prefer it for specialized channel / group tasks where nothing else works. I wish it had an external side chain; otherwise, the plug-in seems perfect & adds little color, if any.

V. Bonev

15. Dezember 2013

Precision Limiter Rocks

I like this product so far, the metering seems to be great!. I only wish i had the option to make this and other uad plugins zoom in like the waves durrough meter. Also it would be nice to have a undo button to backstep adjustments.

B. Chaggar

21. Dezember 2012

High Quality plugins

All I can say is, money well spent. I’d be spending thousands of pounds for either buying hardware or getting my material mastered from ‘mastering engineers’ who either do nothing or squash the life out of the material! (rant over)
This precision bundle is fantastic. You can really push and craft your mixes without loosing the dynamics or uncontrollably hyping the track which is exactly what I wanted. It has allowed me to experiment with the possibilities as well as ending up with some solid, detailed mixes. Thank you UA

E. Ashaev

5. Oktober 2012

I'm delighted!

Oh, i love Universal Audio more and more. Thats plugins awesome, just try this once and you love forever. My choice for master section.

F. Pico

14. Juli 2012

Very Transparent, great sound! Will be one of my most used limiter plug as mastering engineer. Keep up the good work UA!

A. Shante

13. Juli 2012

Super control!!! For soft and gentle songs it is ideal, it would be desirable still that that on more rigid. That there would be a choice.

G. Buzdina

13. Juli 2012

Clarity combined with the power at any point of the scale- is what you expect from it.. And this is what you get without unnecessary words.

R. Levi

12. Juli 2012

Amazing Transparent Limiter .
i use it for mastering does an amazing job!!!, sounds crystal clear .

Analog Bass Digital High

G. Saint

2. Juli 2012

very good stuff, a must have for mastering of course.
but it's too bad that Precision Buss Compressor Plug-In and Maximizer are not included in that bunde

G. Piazza

17. Mai 2012

Not another Limiter!!
But seriously, as a mastering engineer, I have found that no one limiter does the right job for all mixes. Some add presence that is not always appropriate; some respond to the frequency range differently from others; some have high CPU load to get the benefit of their 'intelligent' algorithms; some give up after 6 - 9 dB (a definite risk for DAC overload and a possible sign of artifacts). When you need transparent brickwall limiting (and K-14 monitoring), this is the 'go-to' limiter of the pack. And the two attack curve choices provide a good variety for different styles and tracks. Definitely a 'top three' limiter!

P. Paslack

21. Juni 2011

I always use this during the mastering in Logic. It makes the sound a little more transparent. Again very "gentle" settings.

P. Paslack

21. Juni 2011

I always use this during the mastering in Logic and come to very good results with
"gentle" settings

D. Horoschak

19. Juni 2011

Great for loudness maximizing without adding to many extra artifacts. The degree of control and type of metering really help get everything dial-ed in and sounding great.

S. Smith

17. Juni 2011

So many noble efforts by highly respected developers have been laid to waste by this plug-in! Nothing comes close to the intuitive ease of use -- and most of all the sound -- of the Precision Multiband!

I can get it to tickle or whup-butt as needed, and it goes right where I tell it to, gets the job done, and has a smoke, before I finish thinking about it.

I guess this one just works the way I do, because it's like an extension of my ear/brain system. I feel very much in control of results.

B. Marolla

17. Juni 2011

This thing just makes it all better... The first port of call in my mastering chain to settle my freqs. A great multi band processor is so hard to find, but this one would have to be the best on the market. Transparent compressing is perfect for mastering and required to stay on top of the game.