EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Zwei seltene, legendäre und empfohlene EMT® Reverbs – in einem günstigen Paket

Das EMT® Classic Reverb Plug-In Bundle für UAD-2 und Apollo Interfaces beinhaltet zwei der größten Reverb-Legenden und bietet einen Preisvorteil von 20% gegenüber den Einzelpreisen.

Das durch die EMT International GmbH autorisierte EMT Classic Reverb Bundle beinhaltet die einzigen Emulationen dieser Geräte und bildet sie mit allen Funktionen –vom satten Plattenhall des EMT 140 Plug-Ins bis zu den raumgreifenden Reverb-, Phaser und Chorus-Effekten des EMT 250 – authentisch ab.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Zwischen den drei verschiedenen, absolut einzigartigen Hallplatten des EMT 140 wählen

Mit der einzigen durch die EMT International GmbH autorisierten Emulation des EMT 140 Signalen natürliche Tiefe und Glanz verleihen

Den Raumklang der Hallplatten mit den exklusiv in der Plug-In-Version verfügbaren Reglern Balance, Width und Modulation zusätzlich betonen

Über die einzige Emulation des EMT 250 Hallgerätes aufnehmen und mischen, die von der EMT International GmbH vollständig autorisiert wurde

Üppiges Delay, Phasing, Chorus und Echo-Effekte hinzumischen.

Im EMT 250 Plug-In exklusive Funktionen wie Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo und Hard Bypass einsetzen

EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb Plug-In

EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb Plug-In

Das EMT 140 Plug-In bietet dir jenen organisch-üppigen Raumklang, den nur Hallplatten liefern können. Durch drei fachmännisch modellierte, einzigartige und unterschiedliche EMT 140 Einheiten aus den kalifornischen Plant Studios in Sausalito, kannst du mit dem EMT® 140 Plug-In deinen Klangquellen die unverwechselbar warme und wunderbare Schönheit dieses legendären Hallgeräts einflößen.

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator Plug-In

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator Plug-In

Das EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb Plug-In für UAD-2 und Apollo Interfaces ist eine originalgetreue Emulation des ersten digitalen Hall- / Modulationseffektgerätes, das 1976 veröffentlicht wurde und auch heute noch als eines der am besten klingenden Reverbs aller Zeiten gilt. Die UAD Plug-In Version wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Konstrukteur des EMT 250, Dr. Barry Blesser, entwickelt und verwendet den gleichen Algorithmus, der auch in der ursprünglichen, extrem seltenen Hardware, zum Einsatz kommt. Das EMT 250 Plug-In wurde auf Grundlage des legendären EMT 250 von Allen Sides modelliert, das sich im weltberühmten United/Ocean Way Recording Tonstudio befindet.


EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Basierend auf drei EMT 140 Hallplatten aus den Plant Studios – jeweils mit einzigartigem Klangbild

Autorisiert durch die EMT Studiotechnik GmbH

Hochgeschätzter, geschmeidiger und natürlicher Plattenhall

Modellierung der mechanischen Dämpfungsregler der Original-Hardware

Hochpassfilter in der EMT 80 Hz Werksvariante und mit Martech-Elektronik

Zu den exklusiven Funktionen der Digitalversion zählen ein zweibandiger Shelving-Equalizer sowie die Parameter Predelay, Width, Balance und Modulation

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface

EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator

Originalgetreue Emulation des allgemein als eines der am besten klingenden Reverbs angesehenen EMT 250

Der exakt gleiche Algorithmus, der auch in der Hardware zum Einsatz kommt, für den Einsatz im Plug-in in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Ingenieur des ursprünglichen EMT 250, Dr. Barry Blesser, umgearbeitet

Das Plug-In basiert auf dem Referenzgerät von Allen Sides aus dem United/Ocean Way Recording Tonstudio.

Weitere Delay- und Modulationseffekte im EMT 250: Delay, Phasing, Chorus, Echo und Space

Als einzige authentische Emulation vollständig von der EMT Studiotechnik GmbH autorisiert

Die exklusiven Plug-In-Funktionen wie Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo und Hard Bypass können über das leuchtende EMT-Logo abgerufen werden

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

P. Drake

28. Dezember 2015

EMT 250

It's great. Buy it. I am forced to write more, as the text length I wrote was too short. I repeat: it's great. Buy it.

E. Halterman

27. November 2015

Sheer beauty, like a girlfriend you cannot live without!

This along with the EMT 140 is out of this world! Enjoy them both for different reasons, but the 250 has the character I like most and also a touch brighter and cuts through the mix the way I like it to!

B. Boykin

1. April 2015

This plugin is awesome!!!

I've searched everywhere for a good sounding all around universal plugin and I must say this plugin is now in my heavy rotation of go to plugins.

D. M?ller

14. Januar 2015

EMT 250

...nicht übel...hat was ... was nostalgisches.
Könnte mehr Presets vertragen !!!

V. Azevedo

15. Dezember 2014

Sounds lovely

I'm a very great fan of reverbs and have some ones I like to use.
I was watching EMT for a while and, after test it few hours with some of my real mixes, I noticed the it sounds much better than my favorite Plate. I mean it is dense, warm, with nice resolution.
It sounds like a non digital. It sounds real. Good for a lot of things.
It's graphical interface is pretty, simple, fast and easy to use.
EMT now figures my session's Plate's Bus. My favorite reverb now.

Vinnie Azevedo
Mix Eng

G. Mutandwa

14. Dezember 2014

best reverb ever!

This is my go-to reverb, ppl demo this asap it will transform your mixes!!!

T. Spielmacher

15. Januar 2014

Wanted this amazing plugin for awhile now...

Classy, smooth, versatile, elegant and truly professional sounding. So easy to be used in a tasteful way. Brings things to life without the fuss. A terrific and affordable weapon and tribute to the past.

V. Romanov

13. Januar 2014

EMT 140 Plug-In always "at hand"

I often use EMT 140 Plug-In vs Vocal BUS, great space emulation always "at hand". Rival Music pays respect to UAD

B. Lynch

13. Dezember 2013

EMT 250

One of the best sounding plug-ins I have heard let alone used. Excellent on most all Vocals and Acoustic Instruments, flawless!

G. Noteris

11. Oktober 2013

Nice multi FX

The reverb part of the plug is really special. A very "light" kind of sound that have the ability to become almost unoticeable in the mix. So if you want to apply a lot of reverb on a source without muddying your mix this unit really is a must.
As the EMT 140 this unit is very easy to use. 4 parameters only but a lot of different results.

The chorus part is really nice too. It can be very large and rich while supporting a mono reduction without sounding weak and phasy.

The echo/delay part is nothing special.

The space part doesn't compete against the Eventide Black Hole... but this is not an everyday FX.

The reverb only would get 5 stars from me !

J. Kehm

19. Juli 2013

fantastic reverb and more

This ended up being my go to UAD reverb. It is not so much a dreamy reverb as it is a clean reverb that helps ground the source to the mix. The other FX are also wonderful.

C. (buck)

14. April 2013

Killuh Dilluh

Wow ,,,,What a slick verb. I have the 224 which is way the deal! But!!!! when I add this puppy with it I get some very nice lush verb's. It's little bit of a tric to get it figured out as far as using it, so use the presets to get started and tweek it from there. By starting with the presets you also learn how it's being set up for the different verb and chorus settings stored. I really am hung up on it, I spent the better part of all nite last week playin with it. I got into it way deep on my BV trac's using the chorus side and it blew my mind right outta my head. Just a touch of it here and there made the tracs sit right down in the mix. Reminded me of the concrete delay room at Studio In The Country a studio Katrina killed. Git it.

C. Freitas

8. März 2013

EMT 140

On 80's I mixed a lot of classic albums here in Brasil at Transamérica Studios in São Paulo using the original EMT 240 and EMT 251 reberbs and when i tried the 140 UA Plug ins i came back 25 years and the new experience was amazing!

D. Gallant

19. Februar 2013

UA Greatness!

Love it...
My new go-to reverb!
Thanks for 12 years of fabulous plugs UA!!

Davy Gallant
Dogger Pond Music inc.

J. Cabrera

14. Februar 2013

Great Digital Reverb!

The EMT 250 is worth every penny. Not only does it sound beautiful as a Reverb unit, but it also comes packed with 4 extra FX (and they are all great!). The Chorus is so amazing and works wonderfully on background vocals and electric guitars. But the Reverb is definitely my favorite. It's so lush, yet it doesn't muddy up your tracks. So good! I personally liked it better than all the other UAD offerings, YMMV.

WARNING: Be careful when you demo this thing, you may end up wanting it :P.

P. Sweeney

17. Dezember 2012

EMT 250

Great emulation once again from Universal Audio ! Im using a quad apollo at the minute which is complimented by the 4-710D.

Thinking about the Ampex and Studer plugins next (maybe the studer first though)

B. Trimpe

13. September 2012

The Best Reverb Plugin I have ever used

Jaw dropping. This is the kind of plugin that makes mixing more fun. It adds depth, width, and ambiance. It sounds great on all source material. Reverb plugins usually have really brittle, tinny, a/o false decay tails. I have tried a bunch of other plugins from IK Multimedia, Waves, and a few others. This thing buries them all in terms of sound and usability.

I have been really impressed with most of the UA plugins but this thing is off the scale. I use it on every session now and get amazing results quickly and without fail.

G. Bordarampe

15. August 2012

Sounds just like the original, lush, clear, and great tweaking capabilities. It's my go to plate reverb.

D. Lamb

3. August 2012

The DAWs I use have their own built in reverbs, so to buy another reverb for a back bedroom studio seemed overkill to me. Then I tried the EMT140 Demo...... I expected it to sound great (and it does!) but the surprise was how EASY it was to get a great sound. In very little time, and with only a few tweaks, you're there, you have a reverb that sounds great in your mix.

S. Wissnet

29. Juli 2012

I`ve been working with the real EMT 250 in the early 80`s.
The PlugIn sounds and behaves just like the real thing.
it´s fantastic.
Thanks for the brilliant work you do at UA.
it makes my work so much easier!

Stephan Wissnet