Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle



Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Drei herausragende Marshall Verstärker von Softube in einem günstigeren Bundle.

Das Marshall Legends Bundle wurde von Softube exklusiv für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces entwickelt und umfasst drei legendäre Marshall-Amps.

Vom vielseitigen Bluesbreaker 1962 Combo bis zu den leistungsstarken Plug-In-Modellen des Plexi Super Lead 1959 und Silver Jubilee bekommst du hier den begehrten Marshall Röhrenklang sowie mächtige, mehrfach abmikrofonierte Sounds für Gitarrenaufnahmen in Studioqualität.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit Apollo’s Unison Technik deine Aufnahmen direkt durch die einzige authentische Emulation der Marshall Amp Emulationen latenzfrei einspielen

Bereits aufgenommener Spuren mit jeder UAD-2 Hardware re-ampen

Mit unterschiedlichen Mikrofon-Kombinationen, -Typen und -Positionen deinen perfekten Studio-Amp-Sound mixen

Deine Gitarrensounds mit über 100 Presets des legendären AC/DC-Toningenieurs Tony Platt fein abstimmen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Marshall<br>Bluesbreaker 1962

Bluesbreaker 1962

Das Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-In ist die erste Emulation dieses Amps, der auch auf dem legendären Album Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton von 1966 zu hören ist und weit mehr als nur eine „Blues Machine“. Mit seinem hinten offenen 2 x 12er Gehäuse und der mit zwei KT66 bestückten Endstufensektion macht er mit seinen glockigen Clean-Sounds, dem prägnanten Tremolo und seinen satten Verzerrungen auch bei Pop und Country eine gute Figur.

Marshall <br>Plexi Super Lead 1959

Plexi Super Lead 1959

Der Amp, der den Rock-Sound definiert hat. In Kombination mit einer historisch passenden, gut eingespielten Marshall 1960BHW 4x12er Box fängt das Plexi Super Lead 1959 Plug-In das für diesen Amp typische Knurren, das Sustain, die Ausgewogenheit und den ungeschliffenen Charakter des Originals perfekt ein. Die Ingenieure von Softube haben auch die für den Super Lead typischen „Ghost Note“-Obertöne perfekt emuliert, mit denen sich unterschiedlichste High-Power-Röhrensounds erzeugen lassen.

Marshall<br>Silver Jubilee 2555

Silver Jubilee 2555

Das Marshall Silver Jubilee Plug-In bildet einen der klanglich vielseitigsten Marshall-Verstärker aller Zeiten penibel ab. Mit seinen Preamp-Modi Clean, Rhythm Clip und Lead hat er massenweise Texturen, von satten Crunch- bis hin zu schwebenden Sustain-Sounds in petto. Über den Pentoden/Trioden-Schalter lässt sich die Leistung für seidigere, weniger aggressive Sounds halbieren.


Marshall® Legends Bundle

F. Andersson

8. Februar 2020

The distorsion you are looking for!

This is the first amp emulation that made me feel confident that I have an amp, period. I have a Marshall! This works for good clear distortion that sits well in a mix. If the 80's style, not too overdriven, sound is what you are after...this is it! With a Les Paul you become a member of Lizzy or Whitesnake, I love it! Roll off the volume on the guitar and it's super dynamic. This gave me hope as far as guitar amp emulations! Best yet for me.

C. Dagostino

1. Februar 2020

What a cab sound from the 1959 Marshall Plexi.

After plugging a 1996 Nocaster, the sound was similar to a Ritchie Blackmore sound. Lots of mids.

M. Duarte

23. Januar 2020

Life changing

If you know what this beauty is about and that’s what you need/want, you’re about to get mind blowing. I love this plugin! The sound is on point, the mic system is fantastic and easy to deal with, awesome presets... the list goes on.

C. Mays

23. Januar 2020

Bluesbreaker 62 Emulation is Excellent

I love this amp and the uad emulation is really well done. I've used this on a few sessions now and as far as R&B, Blues, Classic Soul or Rock vibes this gets you just right for the tracking to the mix. The cleaner settings are just plain great and could sit well in any genre that needs the guitar to shine. I did a whole say of slide sessions and the stock heavy slide presets were so good ( playing an SG) I barely tweaked anything. That means I got right to the creative playing parts and that's what I love in a plug like this. Barely tweaked in mix either....tracked and delived as advertised. Thanks UAD

R. Hortensius

14. Januar 2020

Great Sounding Plexi !

The lead guitar was done with the Plexi, a demo speaks more than words !

D. Fornes Berenguer

27. Dezember 2019

Adios a los cabezales!!

Tengo un 1987x y he tocado con el 1959HW en directo y no tengo palabras ... el plugin te hace meterte dentro con un feeling brutal. Para sacar estos tonos tendrías que pasar horas y horas en un estudio profesional y gastar una burrada en conseguir un sonido que se le acerque ... si no lo ves crees estar tocando con un autentico hand wired....Gracias Universal!!!

P. Jacobsson

20. Dezember 2019

Plexi character it is

Works great in use with the Unison technology in Apollo.

S. Nikides

14. Dezember 2019

UAD Bluesbreaker ON the $$$!!

Previously NOT a fan of amp modeling technology. I successfully resisted until my fairly recent purchase of the UAD Bluesbreaker (and 55 Tweed Deluxe). Who in their right mind would succumb to this pervasive trend when they've got the real thing at their disposal? I've owned an original Marshall 1961 Bluesbreaker (4 x 10) and currently own the excellent Louis Electric 'Baby' Bluesbreaker (1 x 12), among many other rare pieces. My home studio is in an apartment building, and late night tracking of live guitar amps is a non-starter. Given the situation, I figured what have I got to lose? Inserted into the Unison slot of my Apollo Twin, with the guitar plugged into the Hi-Z input is quick, easy, and painless. Tonally speaking, finding a wide variety of harmonically rich settings is a no brainer. And it works equally well with single coil F style guitars and humbucking G style guitars. Dialing in something complementary to track an overdub literally takes seconds. No more moving mic's around looking for the sweet spot. No more measuring. No more baffle. I'm kicking myself in the ass for being such a Luddite for so long. Thanks UAD!!

L. Orlinski

26. November 2019

Real amplifier.

Greate sound like real gear. Thanks for amaizing amplifier. Fantastic ready sets helpful for create own sounds. Thank you Universal Audio.

W. Peche

25. November 2019

Great Sound!

You have to get familiar with this plug to get the best sound. Total recommended


25. November 2019

Gros gros son Marshall !

Juste parfait. Et avec un OD en façade, in obtient un très bon son heavy. Les potards et différents micros proposés ouvrent des possibilités infinies. On peut pousser l’ampli dans ses retranchements (dans la vraie vie on deviendrait sourd si l’on le faisait). Bref, très très bon plugin.

J. monlleo

22. November 2019

Must have!

Is the most close that i stay- in software- of my old marshall the best thing that i can say...incredible!

g. Kesidis

14. November 2019

Great amp

Great amp.

UAD User

13. November 2019

At first I didn’t, then I did....

At first this plug in didn’t impress me. Not sure why I didn’t like it, perhaps it was too harsh, or not enough bass. Then I played with it and figured out the mojo. This one sure gets used a lot. Try it out, mess around and you will certainly like it too.

J. chaney

13. November 2019

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C. Vonarb

26. Oktober 2019

Marshall sound !!!

Pure sound and crunchy guitar !!! I love it !!!

G. Funes

22. Oktober 2019


Simply amazing, the best valve amp emulation I have, is perfect for all types of music.

J. von Matt

21. Oktober 2019

Rock n roll

What you can expect from Marshall?

All the same is included here!

Pure Marshall!

Atrongly recommended and used!

D. James

7. Oktober 2019

Sounds amazing with my Gibson!

Just plug in to your interface and bam! Instant magic. Then start dialing in those tones...perfection. Great job, UAD!

s. smades

17. September 2019

pretty much what you pay for

nothing stellar, nothing terrible. what you think this amp would sound like, Is probably what it does sound like