Neve® 31102TM / 31102SE Classic Console EQ

Neve® 31102TM / 31102SE Classic Console EQ


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Berühmter aktiver 3-Band EQ aus einem legendären Mischpult von Neve.

Der 31102 EQ stammt ursprünglich aus der Neve-Konsole 8068 und ist unter anderem auf einem der meistverkauften Debut-Alben aller Zeiten zu hören: Appetite For Destruction von Guns N’ Roses. Mit seinen ausgeprägten Filterkurven, dem typischen Glanz und Biss bietet der dreibandige Aktiv-EQ 31102 erweiterte Möglichkeiten der Klangformung bei einfacher Bedienbarkeit. Er steht damit seinen legendären Verwandten 1073 und 1081 in Nichts nach.

Die Neve 31102 Classic Console EQ Plug-Ins für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces sind eine akkurate Emulation dieses leistungsfähigen EQs mit seinem charakteristischen Sound. Die Filterkurven des Originals wurden dabei ebenso exakt nachgebildet wie die Gain-Kontrolle mit seinem Gain-Bereich von 30 dB. Sie verleihen dem 31102 Classic Console EQ Plug-In alle Klangeigenschaften seines analogen Gegenstücks bis ins Detail.

Jetzt kannst Du:

E-Gitarren mehr Körper und Persönlichkeit verleihen

Den Höhenbereich mit dem typischen, himmlisch weichen Neve‑Glanz öffnen

Bass Drums druckvoller und ausdrucksstärker klingen lassen – typisch Neve!

Gesang, Bass und Drums mit mehr Persönlichkeit und Farbe veredeln


Von Neve lizenziert und unterstützt, von Universal Audio modelliert

Aktiver 3-Band EQ und Hig/Low Filter, auf Basis der berühmten Neve 8068 Mischpultkomponenten modelliert

Einzigartige Färbung mit seiner typischen Filterformung im Vergleich zu früheren Designs von Neve

Die Filterkurven wurden bis ins letzte Detail modelliert

"Level Adjust” Verstärkungsregler mit dem ursprünglichen Verstärkungsbereich von 30 dB

Lade mehr Instanzen beim Mixing mit der Neve 31102SE ‘DSP-lite’-Version

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Neve 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQs

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Smooth sound of Neve

Very helpful, natural sounding, clean bottom, clean top, nice crack on snare

D. Adlington

19. Juli 2020

Neve 31102 sounds awesome

When I first tested the Neve 31102 I was surprised by how bright it sounded. After working with the EQ controls I was able to hear how great this plugin sounds on the low end. I tested the Neve 31102 on the Snare Top and put a 1073 on the snare bottom and blended together in the mix. They compliment each other very well. I love the tone on distorted guitars after putting them through a UAD 1176. Sounds amazing and I definitely recommend the Neve 31102.

M. Franco

10. Juli 2020

Classic 80s eq for almost everything

Nice and helpfull on almost every situation!

A. Geisler

7. Mai 2020

Smoother than a 1073

This EQ has a smoother sound as the 1073 and is also more flexible in use!

a. lindsey

17. Februar 2020

Neve 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQs

Very clean EQ, works great on guitars and drums.

N. Gureev

25. Januar 2020

Get it even if you have 1073

I slept on this plugin for a while because I had uad 1073 and I love it therefore i thought rhis one could only be worse or very similar. BUT it’s quite different. Demo it. I really widh they make a MKii of this one but even though it’s old I bought it - it gives a 3d quality to the sound when you boost with this - something I was definitely not expecting. It doesnt work always of course, but when it does work for the source it’s pretty cool what you can do with this thing and I wouldnt know how to replicate that with any other plugin

C. Kiraly

12. November 2019

Great EQ

Sounds great! Simple frequency selection that covers common “musical” frequencies.

R. Gun

13. Mai 2019


If i did not own the 1081 yet i would prefere this one. So sweet and rocking, as easy to handle as it can be.
But remember, higher samplerates do not come through, 22kHz and nothing more.
So expensive (the plugin and even more the real thing)

D. Watts

5. Mai 2019

love this EQ!

love this on drums and guitars. The LF is fantastic,I normally find Neve EQ's to be a little undefined in the low end but this give s a real solidity to things.

J. Costable

2. April 2019

My go-to

One of my favorite EQ’s and a go-to plug-in. Does subtle smoothing to the heavy lifting.

R. Gun

18. Januar 2019

Sounds great

Can´t understand why but it sounds a tad better than the 1081.

UAD User

13. Dezember 2018

Like the Real Thing

Just a few knobs, but adds so much more. If you want to add Neve to your studio, this unit is a good addition. The 1073 works well, but the 31102 collection adds just a bit more to your sound.

N. Angiolucci

10. Dezember 2018

Nice surprise

I was not totally sure of this plug in, but I found it very useful on many different uses.

j. persinger

15. Juni 2018


I love it

b. berkovic

15. Mai 2018

Great emulation

After a long time I have decide to have this emulation in my collection,realy great results come out using this perfect EQs

H. Kim

19. März 2018

일렉기타에 특히 잘 어울립니다.

1073과는 다른 의미로 밝고 화려한 톤을 들려줍니다. 디스토션 기타 등의 존재감을 부각시키고 싶을 때 과하지 않게 드라이브 감을 더할 수 있습니다.

UAD User

28. Februar 2018

The Best EQ

Granted I've never tried the real thing, but I've tried just about every single software EQ plug in for my guitars that exists and this is my favorite one, along with the Tube Tech Eq. The Tube Tech has an awesome sounding sustain, but the Neve has a nice growl to it.

R. Marant

22. Januar 2018


Es un ecualizador Neve y no decepciona: brillo, claridad,presencia, aire... ...¡abre todos tus sonidos!. Es un paso más allá de Neve 1073.

t. takamasa

6. September 2017

Amazing ! use to all!

My favorite EQ!

R. Verberkmoes

17. Juli 2017

Love it!

What a great plug-in this is! Of all the EQ plug-ins I have (including other UA plug-ins) this one sounds the most analog and musical to my ears and gives great results without a lot of tweaking. If you don't have it yet I'd really suggest to give it a try!