Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Plug-In-Version des einzigartigen Delays,
basierend auf dem mechanischen „Gartenschlauch-Prinzip“

Als mechanisches Delay auf Basis eines Gartenschlauchs ging der ursprüngliche Cooper Time Cube 1971 aus einer Zusammenarbeit von Duane Cooper und Bill Putnam hervor. Das Gerät hat als eines der ungewöhnlichsten Delays, die jemals gebaut wurden, Kultstatus erlangt. Viel gerühmt für seine spektakulär kurzen Delay- und Dopplungseffekte – und seine Fähigkeit, sich perfekt in den Mix einzubetten – ist der Cooper Time Cube wohl eines der ausgefallensten Geräte überhaupt.

Das Cooper Time Cube MkII Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces ist eine absolut exakte Nachbildung dieses ursprünglichen und zudem absolut alltagstauglichen Geräts. Das Cooper Time Cube MkII Plug-In kombiniert den ursprünglichen Delay-Sound des Geräts mit modernen Delay-Funktionen zu einem einzigartigen Raumeffekt mit einem unvergleichlich satten Sound.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Delay-Texturen mit dem außergewöhnlichsten Delay-Effekt aller Zeiten erstellen

Gesangs-, Gitarren-, Synth- und andere Aufnahmen mit intensiven Dopplungseffekten anreichern

Durch Anpassen der Tempo-Synchronisierung der Delay-Lines A & B aufregend rhythmische Delays erzeugen

Über die Regler Treble, Bass, Color und High Pass Filter die Echos bis ins Detail einstellen

5-Minute Tip
5-Minute Tip

5-Minute Tip

In diesem 5-Minute Tip erfährst du, wie du mit dem Cooper Time Cube MKII Delay Plug-In ein Wurlitzer verbreiterst, Gitarren mit einem atmosphärischen Slapback-Delay veredelst und synchronisierte Delays zu einer Gesangsspur hinzufügst.


Entwickelt von Duane H. Cooper und Bill Putnam – eines der außergewöhnlichsten Delays aller Zeiten

Den kompletten Vibe des Originals, mit modernen Funktionsverbesserungen

Zwei Delay-Wege können unabhängig voneinander konfiguriert und über die Regler Delay, Decay, Pan und Volume individuell eingestellt werden

Getrennt einstellbare Tempo-Synchronisation für die beiden Delay-Wege A & B

Der Wahlschalter "Coils" bildet den Originalklang des Cooper Time Cube authentisch nach, unabhängig von der Delay-Einstellung

Mit Reglern für TREBLE und BASS, Hochpassfilter (HP FILTER) und WET SOLO sowie einer VU-Pegelanzeige im Analogstil

MIMO, MISO and SISO Betriebsarten (SISO ist true stereo)

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay

B. Eli

14. Dezember 2013

Cooper Time Cube

I have used the hardware version of the Cooper Time Cube many times and I must say the the plug in faithfully re creates the original..only better

A. Picciafuochi

1. Dezember 2013


briefly: indispensable for voices, lead and solo...

S. Tanner

22. Oktober 2013

Very characteristic

A very great and unique delay... delay...delay....

However, it would be useful if we could see the values ??of the buttons. So I always have to switch to the generic control panel of Cubase 7. The marks on the buttons are a bit too small.

Because I use a 27 "screen it would be great if I could zoom the Plug-In for a better view. In the evening my eyes are sometimes very tired when I have to adjust things so small on the screen.

I. Glam

16. Oktober 2013

good delay plugin

delay plugin that will give you all you need from delay, one big missing for me was that there is no filter and resonance for the delay signal - but i know that it was not on the original cooper time cube MK || but i wish it will be this thing inside...

G. Mikula

15. September 2013

One of a kind

You don't need this but you'll want it. It has a unique sound unlike any other delay I've tried.

R. Rodriguez

22. August 2013

Delay Precision

very very good at getting precise increments of delay time dialed in. also very good at adding subtle width wherever you may see fit.

I use it all the time and thank my lucky stars every day for the tools UA has created for my toolbox

S. Constance

21. Juli 2013

Not Quite What You Expect

Not just your regular delay..

First and foremost, this is an extremely effective tool for widening the sound field.
Secondly it is a different sounding delay module, with really effective filtering.

Initially I didn't get it, now I couldn't work without it!

L. Hughes

19. Mai 2013

Best delay - period.

Just love this plugin. I have a few different delays, but this one is overall the best and often come back to this after trying others. The immediacy of it makes it a breeze to use and it just sounds great! Never used the original so can't comment on it's authenticity but who cares! I use it on vocals, drums (mainly snare), acoustic / electric guitar. Pretty much works on anything in a lead or backing context. Awesome!

M. Walker

17. Mai 2013

Nice Time.

Nice sounding delay, good for the usual subtle delay stuff, great slap back but if you go mad with it you can get some great looping effects, it becomes a bit of an instrument. Good stuff.

J. Kehm

10. Mai 2013

A useful effect

This is one of the better delay/doublers I have used.
It has an organic feel and always feels within my control.
I agree with those who praise it's quality of sitting well in the mix.

B. Sand

15. Februar 2013

Snare drum magic

I did not know exactly what to expect from a plugin meant to model a garden hose. However, it has come to be my favorite snare drum enhancer of all time. It adds heft to drums while providing as little or much delay to each channel as dialed in. Very nifty!

M. Weiler

13. Februar 2013

The Garden Hose

The Cooper Time Cube MkII made my life a lot easier and more fun, too.
From subtle to extreme there are lots of options to get creative juices flowing.
The ability to create space around a singer or instrument with two different very short delays gives outstanding results. You won't even notice that it is there until it's gone.
No Handbook needed - instant fun!

E. Enjetti

18. Januar 2013

Wow , Cooper Time Cube creates depth and character

I love the cooper time cube. When I saw the video Fab did with Joe Chicarelli I was blown away by what it could do for a vocal. After getting the apollo i got the plug in and was blown away how easily i got to the same settings he used for the Young the Giant song. My clients always smile when I hook up this plug in. UA ROCKS!!!

J. Valentovich

22. Dezember 2012

demo surprize

tried the demo was surprized how good it sounded on guitar also used on vox had to buy this plugin . Make instruments & vox fit well in mix with a warm sounding delay

N. Anzai

11. November 2012

Great Surprise!

I purchased this as I got a coupon. I've never used the hardware so I didn't know what I could expect. Next day I had a mix down session. I need a kind of stereo spread short delay. Tried some thing else first, tried Roland Dimesion or CE1, they didn't sound right for me. Put this Coopers in. Wow, everyone in the mix room say "That's it!" . Job done!
Can't explain technically. just great sound. Must have for me now.

D. Tartar

30. Juni 2012

I've been looking for a delay for quite a while that is easier to get the results I've wanted. Dials that allow for more precise manipulation of the left and right delay time. Delay that's not muted and muddy. This unit has a nice clear delay and is quick to set. Nice pre-sets as well.

A. Greening

20. Juni 2011

This plug-in produces a very pristine (yet, not harsh) sounding delay. No muddiness or unwanted artifacts are left behind. If you have the Cooper Time Cube and the EP-34 tape delay plug-in, you're set with all the delay flavours you could possibly need to create great sounds!

I personally use this delay unit the most out of 8 different delay plug-ins as I focus on R&B, Rap and new-age Soul music and most of the time I am looking for clean delays that are easy and quick to use.

I do not have anything negative to say about this product!

C. Soulos

29. Mai 2011

My go-to Haas Effect maker.
One day I played with this and you can actually hear the garden hose clear as day on one of the settings. That was bizarre.
Every project since i bought it.

S. Wiley

28. Januar 2011

A-m-a-z-i-n-g ! Even though it's a crime for this plug to not have a wet/dry knob, I still give it five stars. My favorite delay plug ever, without a doubt. Insanely strong at beefing up vocals or creating long, quirky delays. Feed this into the EMT Plate 140 and put some diapers on!

M. Trujillo

28. Juli 2009

Am I missing something, but I compared this with the Roland Space Echo for both reverb and doubling effects and the Cooper Time Cube sounded much better for the doubling of vocals. Why all the comparisons with the Roland units reverb only? I much preferred the Copper Time for doubling and it was the best effect for that use that I've heard so far. So, if you're looking for a great vocal doubler, look no further. If you prefer the reverb of the Roland that's another question.