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Ein legendärer wie spektakulärer Dynamikprozessor.

Das Dyna-mite Limiter/Gate/Expander Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Softube entwickelt. Es handelt sich um eine detailtreue Emulation dieses klassischen, fast mysteriösen, Dynamikwerkzeuges.

Die Ursprünge von Valley People reichen bis in die 50er-Jahre zurück – bis zu den ambitionierten Analogentwicklungen von Paul Buff, Gründer des historischen PAL Studios in Südkalifornien. Das Modell Dyna-mite war Buffs letzte Entwicklung für Valley People und gleichzeitig ohne jede Frage seine berühmteste.

Mit einem der vielseitigsten Dynamikprozessoren aller Zeiten Klangmaterial formen, quetschen und zerstören

Mit der Limit-Funktion Schlagzeug zum Schmatzen bringen oder die Perkussivität einer Akustikgitarre erhöhen

Die Gate-Funktion zum Ausblenden ungewollter Signalanteile nutzen, ohne die Transienten zu beeinflussen

Mit dem De-Esser-Modus harte Konsonanten oder ungewollte Artefakte durch stärkere Kompression unterdrücken


Authentische Emulation des Valley People Dyna-mite Limiter/Gate/Expander

Limiter reicht vom harten Verdichten bis zur subtilen Anhebung von Pegelspitzen

De-ess Modus zur Kontrolle harter Konsonanten beim Limiting

Expander/Gate ermöglicht hartes oder unterschwelliges Expdanding

Ultraschnelle Attack Zeit

Mode-Display zeigt Schnellhilfe und Parameterwerte

Emulation des gesamten elektronischen Signalweges

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Valley People Dyna-mite™

V. Trendel

31. Januar 2023

Amazing !!!

The best gate plugin \o/

V. Trendel

31. Januar 2023

Amazing !!!

The best Gate plugin \o/

C. Turbiville

29. Mai 2022

Best UA gate for Voice Over

I have a dedicated treated studio for voice over and good mic technic to start, but having a transparent gate for slight noise has been invaluable. The amount of time I save by recording broadcast ready clean voice over to my clients and ad agencies pays for this plugin multiple times over each day.

T. Taivalaho

10. Dezember 2021

Great for drums

I use it with overheads and drumbus. Dynamite!

D. Samakli

27. April 2021

When recording in an untreated and a little noisy room, this plugin it can save you the day

Sometimes it happens that there are computers with slightly noisier fans and the only solution is a Noise Gate that allows you to set a threshold, Dyna-Mite is the answer to these problems.

P. Spierenburg

15. Januar 2021

Superior on drums

Very good especially as parallel bus plugin.

V. Sgargi

17. November 2020

The gate I was looking for

It works great! I use like gate or heavy compressor. It does its job and I always have a great sound.

A. Sooukian

8. September 2020

So good that I don't even use it in parallel!

Best ITB drum compressor I've ever used. Love the unique thump and attitude it gives to transients. Very close to a DBX 160, but on steroids, with more attack, pumping and breathing. If you're like me and love pushing compression on drum loops, you will be more than happy to have this crazy comp in your arsenal. This plugin - full of character - is absolutely fantastic. Thanks Softube/UA.

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

True dynamite

The most aggressive compressor I've ever seen. Totally indispensable in my studio.

B. Studio

12. Juni 2020


It's amazing.

D. Fornes Berenguer

9. November 2019

Imprescindible en el drum buss

Fantastico para buss en paralelo de bateia , solo como limitador y realce de las cajas ya es una pasada!!!

t. taeksu

23. Oktober 2019

대단히 유용한 플러그인

소리를 깨끗하게 만드는 중요 요소
이것은 컴프레스이기도하며 디스토션이기도 하며 이큐가 되기도 한다.
매우 유용한 플러그인

t. taeksu

23. Oktober 2019

대단히 유용한 플러그인

소리를 깨끗하게 만드는 중요 요소
이것은 컴프레스이기도하며 디스토션이기도 하며 이큐가 되기도 한다.
매우 유용한 플러그인

T. Adams

3. August 2019

Instant dynamics!

Slammed this on my guitar and instant dynamics! Great pulsing pumping big bottoms on my Strat and a real fatness rapidly achieved. So easy to apply! UA keep up the quality work!

M. Cartwright

16. Juli 2019

like it for kicks, snares, or any other percussion with a fast attack

does a good job of helping kicks and snares jump out. Has some other tricks too, but I like it for drums.

A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Punchy Drums

I allways use the Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin on drums. I get very clear an punchy Drums when i use it on the single channels but i use it also on the drum bus to get it glued together. It is also nice on the bass guitar and mix busses.

D. Wilson

7. Juli 2018

Valley People Dynamite

I've used it on drum tracks, I've used it on vocal tracks. Another great UA plug-in.

M. Hermann

28. Juni 2018

Secret weapon

This dynamic tool is my secret weapon for any kind of extreme and obvious compression/limiting. Really great!!!

D. Webb

31. Mai 2018

Wow. Just wow.

UAD makes a lot of great plugins. This one was like finding a Pearl of Great Price. This adds tremendous life and control to nearly everything thrown at it. DSP memory friendly, too. It shoves to the forefront or buries in the background; controls transients and or finds them if they are missing. Excellent job, folks! This hidden jem has found an appreciative audience. Thank You!

C. Paschall

14. März 2018


I came across this guy when looking for some aggressive drum parallel compression. Wow. Took about 30 seconds for me to go buy it. A sound all it’s own for sure.