Precision Buss Compressor

Precision Buss Compressor


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Zwei-Kanal-VCA-Dynamikprozessor für eine transparente Pegelreduktion – von UA entwickelt.

Der Precision Buss Compressor ist ein zweikanaliger VCA-Dynamikprozessor für eine modern klingende, transparente Pegelreduktion. Er wurde speziell dafür konzipiert, die Einzelelemente eines Mixes zu vereinen und so den homogenen, geschliffenen Gesamtklang zu erzielen, den man von den Kompressoren der Master-Sektion von Mischpulten gewohnt ist.

Als flexibles und intuitives Werkzeug empfiehlt sich der Precision Buss Compressor in erster Linie für den finalen Abgleich deiner Mixes. Zusätzlich bewährt er sich aber auch bei der Bearbeitung unterschiedlicher Quellsignale von Drum-Bussen oder Overheads bis hin zu Gesangsensembles und sogar als Channel-Kompressor in Einzelspuren.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mixes mit diesem effektiven und transparenten Dynamikprozessor von UA bearbeiten

Benutzerdefinierte Fade-Outs und -Ins von 1 bis 60 Sekunden Länge festlegen

Den Hochpassfilter zur Erhaltung des Druckes im Bassbereich einsetzen, wenn der Summenmix komprimiert wird

Mit dem Mix-Regler die Dynamikbearbeitung parallel zum unbearbeiteten Signal verwenden


Von Universal Audio konzipierter und entwickelter Summenkompressor im Stil großer Studiokonsolen

Auto Release für transparente Buskompression

Automatische Fade Ins oder Outs, 1 bis 60 Sekunden

Mix Regler zum Mischen des komprimierten mit dem unbearbeiteten Originalsignal

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision Buss Compressor

D. E-clyps

16. September 2014

This has become a solid go-to in my arsenal of bus comps!

I tried the demo first and was full convinced to grab this plug, and couldn't be more pleased. Perfect for drums and vocal busses, and what makes this stand out is the ability to adjustable low end frequencies to let the kicks sneak through.

On drums this is an awesome tool, especially if you work in dance and urban music where you need your drums to really pop out in the mix yet still have controlled compression to tame all you're throwing at it.

Can't say enough good things about this Buss Compressor, love it.

D. Kane

12. März 2013

A really nice Buss Compressor.

I've been using this on my main buss and it's been stellar. Very nice to have a mix control - very handy, indeed. I'm not using it for pumping or deep compression effects, just as a nice gentler 2:1 before the Limiter and it's fantastic! I've been able to achieve a nice balance of headroom and volume.

D. Wray

7. Februar 2013


I can highly recommend the precision buss compressor, Its one of my favorite plug ins to use on drums. I make a lot of deep/house records, and for me the biggest sell point is the ability to control your compression with the smoothest of controls! .
Perfect for glueing sounds, New york/parallel Compression, among other sonic duties like mastering.

F. Medina

4. Januar 2013

Precission Buss Compressor

Well, I liked this one because of its versatility.
Pretty accurate like the other precission plug-ins, and you have almost the same
options that you will find in every buss compressor.
BUT, it has the FILTER that allows you to select the frequency from the buss compressor will start to compress and leave the same all the frequencies that are
under the frequency chosen on the FILTER option. IT'S AWESOME.
And it has the MIX option that lets you make a parallel compression if you want.
You can compress heavily but the signal doesn't become harsh...
The meters are very accurate and sensitive.
Excellent plug-in :D

A. Kasirivu

26. Dezember 2012

the soft touch

i call it the soft touch compressor cause it gives a soft touch to everything it touches... works well on raw ruff mixdowns and smoothes out the kinks

S. Crane

17. Dezember 2012

Precision Series

As always, it does precisely what it says on the tin...

...however, I'm now beginning to think I should've bought the Precision Limiter instead.

This plug-in operates near silently, unless you really push it to stupid limits, but I still can't tame some snare shots without compromising the track's overall sonics.

That's probably more a criticism of me and my choice of sounds during tracking than with the UAD Precision Buss Compressor.

Ah well, always learning...

D. Turney

3. August 2012

I have a beautiful Yamaha C7 piano in my studio that I record often, and I've tried many different compressors on it, but they all have issues. The Precision Buss Compressor is the only plugin that I have found that will tame the dynamics of a performance on my piano without poorly affecting the original signal. I highly recommend!!

R. Marcotte

8. Juli 2012

My favorite mix buss compressor by far! After trying a hanfull of the popular competitors, I've finally settled on the UAD Buss comp! It doesn't have that "hard" SSL style sound or a round sound..or any kind of sound for that matter, it just stays out of the way and does what it's supposed to. You get precision control over your transients with virtually no coloration. Only the essential components and knobs with no gimmicky features, which makes it a snap to use!!

M. Thomas

30. Juni 2011

Great for NY style parallel buss compression and I also use it on the master from time to time.

G. Perez

20. Juni 2011

I had this plug in for over a year now. I tried it in different situations and with diverse styles of music, I have settled for using it in the main out bus during mixing. As a main bus compressor this plug-in is excels regardless of the music style or instrumentation of the band. I use it for rock mixes as well as orchestral film scores. The sound is clear and transparent and it responds gently to gentle changes in the threshold and attack parameters. I have tried many bus compressors while mixing, including the SSL emulations, I honestly prefer this one. The only reason I do not give 5 stars is because I rather reserve that rating for plug-ins that are out of this world. This one is not quite out of this world, but I use it all the time and it always delivers.

A. Sutton

21. September 2013

Best Bus Compressor

I compared this to the SSL Bus Compressor and this is more transparent and maintains the quality of the audio better than the SSL.

Try for yourself and see.

If you want to hear a mix where this was used on the master, check out "Steppin Out" track.

I. Duarte

21. August 2012

Nice compression

I still haven't figured out exactely what to do with it...

c. turner

28. Juni 2019

A powerful "tool" for the learned

...Love this little worker bee. A very powerful "tool" for the learned. This plug puts that reel "sticky— icky" on your mix! It just glues everything together by adding sheen, and delivers that subtle boost. This is Precision, with lots of bearing. Thank yoU.AD!Love

L. Poposki

2. Mai 2019

Precision Buss Compressor

Excellent Buss Compressor...
It's one of my favorite plugins.

T. Engel

7. Januar 2019

Nicht nur für den BUSS

Spitzenteil! Wie immer eine klangvolle" In The Box" - Lösung von UAD.

M. Baric

6. Januar 2019

Tools of the trade

No SSL harshness, respect the ratios and you will get a lot out of this one. Standard UAD kudos!

e. mullano

19. Dezember 2018


Un valido compressore per voci, Chitarre e piano, ottimo anche sul bus master

K. Lima

16. April 2018

"Precision, that's it.

Amazing clarity, crystal clear.

M. Brascich

10. April 2018


I highly recommend the precision buss compressor !!!

A. Sokolich

18. März 2018

Best Buss Compressor that Exists

Honestly, I tried the demo of every single master bus compressor UAD has to offer. This honestly has the best bus compression that exists. Nothing matches it, even neve stuff, zener limiter, so on and so forth.. nothing comes close. The pump and breath preset is amazing. set it to 70% mix, for slight parallel compression and you're ready to instantly improve your master in a noticeable way. I never.. EVER stray from this now.
No other plugin on the market, even from other brands, comes close. the only thing that sounds remotely decent in comparison, is the cl1b from softube(which is also on UAD), using a master bus warmer preset or something or the other(Cant quite remember the name of the preset but still). Otherwise..nothing really matches the forwardness.. control... balance... that this can bring. Demo it if you don't believe me. Its well worth it, HANDS down.