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Neve® 33609® / 33609SE® Compressor

Neve® 33609® / 33609SE® Compressor

Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Komprimiere Einzelspuren oder den Mix-Bus inklusive eleganter Färbung oder mit Brickwall Limiting.

Seit 1969 ist der Neve 33609 Stereo-Buskompressor Standard und Eckpfeiler in professionellen Tonstudios. Sein sanfter Klangcharakter, gepaart mit der Fähigkeit sowohl transparent als auch extrem färbend zu komprimieren machen ihn zu einem zuverlässigen und vielseitigen Limiter – nicht nur für die Musikproduktion, sondern auch für Anwendungen in Mastering, Postproduction und Broadcasting.

Von Neve exklusiv lizenziert, bietet das 33609 Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces meisterhafte Emulationen der extrem musikalischen Kompressionskurven und Nichtlinearitäten dieses legendären Limiters. Das Neve 33609 Plug-In ermöglicht zudem moderne Workflows, die in der Hardware nicht zur Verfügung stehen, wie etwa die Steuerung von Ausgang und Headroom und einen Link-Schalter für die verknüpfte Links/Rechts-Kontrolle aller Parameter.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit musikalischer Kompression und Nichtlinearitäten des Neve 33609 individuelle Instrumente oder einen Summenmix veredeln

Einen Drum-Bus mit färbendem Kompressionscharakter oder subtil gezügelten Transienten aufwerten

Pianos, Background-Gesang und Streichern Dynamik hinzufügen oder diese verbessern

Die einzigartige Persönlichkeit des 33609 mit den hilfreichen, exklusiven Plug-In–Zusatzfunktionen vollständig verwenden

5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Das Neve 33609 Compressor Plug-In erklärt.


Exakte Emulation des legendären Neve 33609 (rev C) — basierend auf dem Original Neve 2254 Compressor

Exklusiv lizensiert von Neve und gemodelt von Universal Audio

Exakte Übertragung der Kompressionskennlinien und der nichtlinearen Eigenschaften

Auto-Release Einstellungen ermöglichen Programm-abhängige Komprimierungen

“Software-exklusive” Regler Link, Output Gain und Headroom

Ideal für Stereo oder Mono Anwendungen

Inklusive SE Version zum Laden mehrerer Instanzen

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

D. Ollivierre

29. Mai 2020

On every mix buss

I've used this on every mix buss for the last 5 years

J. Desfosses

24. Mai 2020

Punchy grabby

Wow, this thing just grabs as good as the best hardware compressors I've used. An astoundingly good plugin.

S. Hawkins

13. Mai 2020

Colossal power unit and a worthy investment

Superb sounding plugin. Great on drum, mix and group busses. I've gotten a lot of milaege out of this purchase. The 100ms release option is a welcome addition. Due to the transformer (emulation) the low end becomes well rounded and defined. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a solid bus Compressor/Limiter.

S. Allí

26. April 2020

Secret Weapon

I have an original 33609 , and the diferences so close , this one of the my go-to compressor por Group Drums and Mix Bus / Master

G. Livingston

25. April 2020

Sensational emulational plugin

I was in need of some Neve in my life and the 33609 is the one! It's got that color I want. It's snappy and buttery all at the same time. It brings out the characteristics of the sound while adding that color I mentioned early creasing some wonderful depth.

A. Feygin

14. April 2020

this sound!

I was really impressed when i heard this one. Bought it in a second.

M. Purcel

10. April 2020

Really good comp with deep soul


J. Lacroix-Cardinal

21. März 2020

Like the real thing!

As a user of a hardware 33609 unit - this thing really does it!

C. Mays

16. März 2020

Great Modern Compressor

The 33609 has a different flavor then the 1176 and LA2. I love it Bass and Guitars that need more squish for aesthetic purposes then just taming. It's well known for being great on any Buss. Drums, BKV, Subgroups of any kind tend to work really well with this model. I've found the UA emulation to be easy to dial in the desired effect while still having the extra scrutiny not found in the earlier compressors. It's not as simple as the LA2 but it's a great tool to have for it's own unique sound and extra control over the audio source. I know the hardware versions had a few different models. I couldnt really tell the difference between them when in actual use but when I started most studios had one of the versions and they were usually working somewhere in a mix. Definitely a good candidate to emulate and UA always does a superior job getting it as close to the hardware as possible.

태. 김

2. März 2020

Cool compressor!

Very suitable plugin for drum bus tracks.
I like the good sound and great presets.

I. Giovedì

29. Februar 2020

Smooth and Punchy sound

This compressor is a good choice for drum buss or even for mix buss.
It has a punchy sound but not so much coloration.

s. yang

27. Januar 2020

Compressor that is very clean and makes the instrument come alive.

Compressor that is very clean and makes the instrument come alive.

My favorite compressors are the SSL G bus compressor, the 1176, LA-2A, and analog tape recorders.

Nevertheless, I bought the Neve 33609 because it has an impossible replacement.

It's a very clean and very effective compressor to make the instrument stand out.
It is especially effective for rhythm instruments.

Also, if you use it very shallowly for vocals and guitars, you can see the effect very well. (As with all compressors, excessive use can ruin the original source.)

One of uad's plugins that have been out of date has been a bit unsatisfactory in design, and so is this one. Perfect sound I love you!

K. hyuck

8. Januar 2020

best plugins

best Compressor .
natural Compressor

S. Burgan

7. Januar 2020

Compressor like no other

Sounds awesome

k. adjei

31. Dezember 2019

Top top

Ich wolte es habe es behalte es

R. Whitney

23. Dezember 2019

Great for Piano

I purchased this for use on stereo piano, which it brings forward and gives a sense of depth without squashing the attacks, but I've found it to be also great on the 2-buss and mono instruments as well.

s. matthews

14. Dezember 2019

Good on certain instruments

I bought this plugin because like most producers I have an addiction to all things neve. I found it to be good on certain instruments like piano, strings and others with a high harmonic content. It smooths them out allowing them to settle in a mix. That’s not to say that you cannot get it slamming and squeezing the life out of your content. I like it. Needless to say you do need a palette of compressors to deal with different content and this compressor is definitely one I’d recommend.

G. Chan

3. Dezember 2019

I like it!

Always used for drum mixing

D. Ferrera

29. November 2019

The essential stereo compressor plugin

Man, do I love this plugin. I can put this on my mixbuss with the threshold all the way up and with the lowest ratio, and it just adds that extra "oomph" I want out of my track. Also great on piano, drums......and everything else.

G. Strickland

26. Oktober 2019


This thing works better the harder you push it. Smooth and shiny is what I would call it. I have had it for a year and I don't always have a need for such power but when I do it is incredible. I can only imagine what the hardware must be like... but maybe I don't have to?