Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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u. labus

14. Dezember 2015

vertigo vsm 3 very usefull

I have used a lot of gear to freshen up the final mix, beginning with the aural exciter, then other Software, later the Hardware spl tube vitalizer.

The vertigo made a production, recorded 14 years ago with less professional gear, sound very expensive, detailed and 3d. It seemed to have a better noise Ratio.

And that with 4 or 5 mouseclicks in 4 minutes.

I was really excited.

it is fun to experience with it

T. Munck

12. Dezember 2015

A wonderful harmonics shaping tool

Like other reviews have stated, the VSM-3 really does work! I have used it mostly on the master bus, and almost everytime you can improve things, either subtly or for jaw dropping improvements. The modelling on the VSM-3 is exquisite, certainly one of the best brainworx efforts. Two thumbs up!

If the frequency bands could be configured continously instead of just having LOW/MID/HIGH/etc stepped controls, woulda given this one 5/5. Maybe in VSM-4..?

E. Zambrano

11. Dezember 2015

Distortion control in acid

I jusst love this one , I can control the amount of distortion of a desired frequency range . Super !!!!

L. Claudio

11. Dezember 2015

Just WOW

Its simply amazing on what it does!! Highly recomended!!!

S. Tanner

11. Dezember 2015

Very usefull and so

I like the plug-in very on virtual Keyboards and so. It's great that you can regulate the various harmonic distortions.

J. Escalona

17. November 2015

Hello Harmonics!

Pulls things out and lays it on your face for you to hear what the instrument/vocal/track/mix is all about. Makes things sound more pro... Harmonics is the lock and VSM-3 is the key.

J. Escalona

17. November 2015

Hello Harmonics!

Pulls things out and lays it on your face for you to hear what the instrument/vocal/track/mix is all about. Makes things sound more pro... Harmonics is the lock and VSM-3 is the key.

J. Escalona

17. November 2015

Hello Harmonics!

Pulls things out and lays it on your face for you to hear what the instrument/vocal/track/mix is all about. Makes things sound more pro... Harmonics is the lock and VSM-3 is the key.

J. Klein

13. Oktober 2015

Amazing sound, interface not great

When I tried it on my drumbus and on acoustic guitar, I was totally impressed. This tool makes everything larger, nicer and wider.
It makes it easy to change space and perspectives in your mixes.
The yellow beast goes from subtle to beefy and juicy, the MS-mode is a fantastic feature.

BUT - the interface is terrible for its size, almost unreadable.
You have to learn the manual and try to get to know and love it.

Come on UA, is it realy that hard to design software with resizable interfaces (like many other - even smaller - companies do) ?
Therefore, I don´t love my massive passive - and this yellow thing is even worse.
So 6 ou of 5 stars for the sound, but the interface sucks. Therefore, I won´t buy it (right now....)

D. Duarte

12. September 2015

Amazing saturation plugin!

Works great on everything from vocals to drums. Not the most DSP efficient but is extremely useful.

c. morrison

11. September 2015

Incredible plugin.

Best distortion plugin period. It's more than that but the other reviews go into detail. Makes everything sound better. I don't know what else to say. It's superb. Bravo Brainworx and UAD.

P. Magyar

17. August 2015

Error code -38. Does not work on Intel PC with win 7 64 - No answers from UAD

VSM-3 is unusable for me. Loading VSM-3 gives a -38 code and the plug becomes disabled.

I run Cubase 6.5 on a common intel-chipped motherboard with win 7 64. I never had a single plugin from any other manufacture NOT work on my system. High DSP UAD plugin cause issues despite buying a UAD 2 Octo PCI card.

I spent 3 month emailing and calling UAD to help get VSM-3 to work. Despite hours troubleshooting. No luck.

Most of the time they ignore email.

If you call UAD support, be prepared to wait 30 minutes to an hour to speak with someone. Once I spoke with someone, they were friendly but ultimately did not resolve anything.

No answer for UAD!

F. Brendle

6. August 2015

Depth, Depth, Depth

This thing is totally amazing! Take the few presets as a starting point and tweak from there. The VSM really adds depth and hair (if desired) in a beautiful way. I don't know of any other plugin with this kind of quality and work. This one is really above them all. Great job from brainworx! I add this plugin along with the Ampex really to every project to extend the digital sound to a f**** awesome sound! (Just don't overdo it...)

P. Helsdon

23. Juli 2015

If you like music you'll love this plugin. EOS! (End of Story)

Until recently I was a total 'clean sound' snob where distortion was relegated to electric guitars only. I have spent decades uncovering clipping, masking and unpleasant harmonics until I heard this guy and fell back into the grace of good days (70s) when records just had that phat, warm glorious sound. Speaking of Alan Parsons it is the interplay of harmonious frequency bands that please my ears and makes me listen to favorite recordings over and over again. - real instruments by real musicians..
This plugin does wonders to my mixes (mastering mostly).
The effect is very subtle and like few other plugins by UA I can't finish a track without this baby. It really is magic, like other reviewers have said.

Save up your $$ and GET THIS !

E. Dahlberg

13. Juni 2015

Buy the native version instead

This is an amazing plugin but make sure you buy the native version, not the UAD version. The native version is much more efficient and doesn't require much from your CPU, whereas the UAD version takes over 40% of a DSP!

J. Rostrup

9. Juni 2015

The plug you didn't know you needed.

Fullness, grit. space and depth.
Nothing else comes close with the same amount of detail and so many possibilities.

D. Harewood

9. Juni 2015

The First Plugin I Truly Love!

More presence and more depth just by merely using a preset when I first demo'ed this plugin. It provides a sound and 3D soundscape that is warm and detailed; extremely please to my ear. I'm hearing what I know as a really good mix become amazing!

H. Lundqvist

5. Juni 2015

Perhaps it was true..

I seem to remember someone stating that this was the best plugin in UAD-arsenal and i kind of thought "well, well...". I demoed it and didn`t intuitively quite get it. I then read some, demoed it again and as someone else said: "Booom!". There`s a lot of great plugins in the UAD-arsenal but this one is really, really something special. It`s the first digital saturation i`ve actually ended up using over an entire mix. Perhaps someone was right. Great work Brainworx.

C. Huber

31. Mai 2015

great distortoion and saturatoin

love this plugin.. did demo it once, didnt do anything for me.. demoed it a 2nd time.. boom!!
try out the preset "2nd Wave Bass" and for some lowend madness

D. Davis

19. Mai 2015

You don't know you need it until you hear it...

I cannot stress how much this has done for the sound I hear in my's all in there. I never used a plugin that, strictly by using this one plugin, has me wanting to go back and remix/master previous projects. This plugin is one of the best tools ITB that I have come across in a long while.

81-100 von 128 Ergebnisse