Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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C. Richard

2. April 2015

For analog lovers

Get analog punchy groove to your poor digital drums, bass and vocals . HiFi your mix preset is just amazing.

UAD User

1. April 2015

Impressive! Fun!

This does was I was hoping other saturation plug ins that I have bought would do. Expand the width and power of your tone wherever you want with an intuitive creative interface that can color gently or destroy. Very clean sounding. Hard to believe clarity can be achieved with distortion. Having 2nd and 3rd harmonics that you can blend and shape while choosing the amount of crunch and THD provides a huge range of possibilities and options. This will go on my drum bus and the final stereo mix down from now on. It adds warm tones and sparkle without getting in the way of the clarity. Who knew dirt could be so creamy without being muddy... and so much fun to apply!

B. Schulz

16. März 2015

Warm and full sound on the masterbuss

I red a review from S. Wiley and where he proposed to use the "HiFi your mix" preset on the masterbus. I demoed the plugin and absolutely agree - it is awesome . It is now on most of my Projects on the masterbus. I don't want to miss it anymore.

It is changing the entire sound of your DAW, makes it warm und full.

Works also great to refresh dull sound samples.

a. fung

9. März 2015

Amazing Mix Buss weapon.

My first review for a UAD plugs ever! This is one insane cool shxt! Snap in on ANYTHING with the Hi-Fi presets and tweak the 2nd harmonics low end lvl according to your needs. THEN you probably need no Sterling Sound mastering anymore....

D. Sokolov

1. März 2015

very, very cool!!!

I like how it works!

M. Penn

24. Februar 2015

Have To Buy!!

Used it on Drums and a Master.. I'm Sold!! One of the Best Secret not so Secret weapons in your Plugin Tool Box!!

Thanks UA!!! ;-)

S. Wiley

15. Februar 2015

Makes things easy

Really, just throw this on the master and select the "HiFi your mix" preset and move on. For extra goodness I put the ATR-102 after the VSM-3 and that's really about all you need. Major props to UAD for making it so easy with this one. This might be my favorite UAD plug yet.

C. J

2. Februar 2015

Just amazing!!

Wow! This plugin is the BEST plugin I have EVER used at this point. Just putting it in the signal hugs the source in such an analog fashion. I love how i can selectively manipulate the 2nd and 3rd harmonics on a master. This plugin is the one you have always needed, yet you didn't know you needed so bad until you try it. You have been warned!lol ;~)


J. Perkins

28. Januar 2015

Best UAD plug-in yet...

I don't often leave reviews but this plugin is so great that I felt to need to give it a 5 star review. The ability to solo just the distortion is so useful, it allows me to dial in some subtle distortion or overwhelming distortion in a way that is so effective.

If I could only choose one UAD plug-in, this would be the one.

Very well done!

S. Xenokottas

17. Januar 2015

Just love it

A really great plugin to process vocals, makes them warm and crisp. Had the best result in parallel mode.

G. Hall

3. Januar 2015

How did I make it this far without this!!

Absolutely stunning plugin. This is my most valued UAD plugin, there is no limit to what this saturation box can mean for your sound. 5, 10 stars. This is a must have
dig it.

H. Zwarts

14. Dezember 2014

very useful

Easy to use and sounds great.
the MS function is very handy and you get a good result in no time.
Use it on your mix or drumbus and you get more space and power. Really love this brainworx plug in!

S. Kemper

11. Dezember 2014

Oh my god!

Take an already good sounding mix. Remove everything from the master bus. Place an VSM-3 there and bypass it. Select the "Hifi up your Mix" preset. Press play and de-bypass it when you are ready. It is like a sunrise! It is unbelievably good. This is in fact so good that this is by far my most loved UAD Plugin. In combination with the Ampex ATR Plugin on the Master Bus you won't need any bus compression on the master.

It is so fascinating how the Vertigo VSM-3 give Reverbs an extra depth. How it add compression - even if this isn't a compressor. It is worth every single penny! Thank you UAD. Thank you so much for this one -_ Been using it even on my home hifi to add some loudness when listening at low volume!!!

M. Kartashev

9. Dezember 2014

saturation control

This is groundbreaking at the amount of control and precision it gives you over saturation and distortion of a given material.

could find both creative or corrective methods using this on any source or on buses.
love the tone and the fact it could be pushed to extreme settings and still sound good!

if you look for a deep and easy tool to get saturation control this is the best one so far...

G. Vandy

4. Dezember 2014


Great plug. Love using it parallel to drums. Easily brings out the snap of the stick. Also does nice things to cello and acoustic Guitar

M. Olsen

3. Dezember 2014

Very Pleasant Noise

I've been testing this puppy on bass and mastering. In short, it excels in both arenas. I am thoroughly impressed. It occurred to me that this might be released natively by Plugin-Alliance, but I want the ability to use it with zero-latency monitoring in the Apollo. Also, I didn't want to wait. :) The distortion in this unit is unique, fat, and very analog sounding. I'm impressed!

M. Trujillo

28. November 2014

Get it

I fired up the demo and used this on rock snare and that was enough to convince me it was a must have. Get it.

F. Jara

20. November 2014

The best plugin

Sounds good in almost everything.
thanks universal audio

M. Coninx

20. November 2014

Excellent Plugin

Very good plugin, brings the right colour and sounds very wide.. It's very easy to use and it can mix the 2 harmonics together in serie or parallel. I never used or heard the real one so I can't give opinions about that.. it's just a nice plugin to make your music phat at the end mixing.. i'm glad to see something else then compressors or gain knobs, hope UAD will reduce the price of this unit at the december sales as well ;)

J. Eli

16. November 2014

Glad I waited!

i took my time on picking the 3 plugins that came with my thunderbolt satellite and I.m glad I did! This came out, my three were switched around a bit and after messing around with it on my baritone guitar, I'm so glad I got it! So cool how you can set different distortions for center and sides! Really making for some interesting sounds! I'm setting up the baritone with a nice solid main sound with some nice fuzzy warmth on the sides! Super excited to try it on everything else! I'm sure it will become a staple in my tracks!its only been a few months since I got the Appolo twin and I'm completely sold on Universal Audio!

101-120 von 122 Ergebnisse