Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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P. Magyar

17. August 2015

Error code -38. Does not work on Intel PC with win 7 64 - No answers from UAD

VSM-3 is unusable for me. Loading VSM-3 gives a -38 code and the plug becomes disabled.

I run Cubase 6.5 on a common intel-chipped motherboard with win 7 64. I never had a single plugin from any other manufacture NOT work on my system. High DSP UAD plugin cause issues despite buying a UAD 2 Octo PCI card.

I spent 3 month emailing and calling UAD to help get VSM-3 to work. Despite hours troubleshooting. No luck.

Most of the time they ignore email.

If you call UAD support, be prepared to wait 30 minutes to an hour to speak with someone. Once I spoke with someone, they were friendly but ultimately did not resolve anything.

No answer for UAD!


3. März 2016

3D Bass

This plug bring the bass to another dimension!!

J. Skouborg

2. Januar 2016

Nice piece of work


Just purchased the VSM-3 during the christmas sales. And oh boy... This is the best UAD plug in I have bought yet.

BUT I can only give it 3 stars, because of 2 things:
1. Too low instance count. Waaaay to low.
2. Rumours are saying that this plug in sounds different in the various sample rates. Havent tested this yet, cause I just got it. Going to test it when I have time.

J. Poole

12. Juli 2019

Resurrect the dead

I am restoring some recordings from 1964 and the content is fairly dull but between the VSM-3 and the UAD Precision Enhancers, an engineer can work wonders on old recordings...

W. Hendriks

11. Juli 2019


In one word....Great. Absolute musthave.

D. Watts

14. Juni 2019

MS Master = gamechanger

Worth buying the plugin just for the MS Master preset alone. Mix Bus Heaven. I did an A/B against the Plugin Alliance Native version and in my opinion the UAD version wins by far. Sounds HUGE. Also, the two plugin's don't 'null' as far as my testing goes, so anyone who accuses me of UAD bias, try explaining that one. Peace out.

A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Impressiv Tool

I am very pleased to use it on serveral Instruments. The VSM-3 Plugin gave me the the perfect Control to the harmonics on the right Place. Very usefull.

R. Arafat

4. Februar 2019


Doing great job when needed in some setuation

K. Lima

23. Januar 2019

Beautiful low mid harmonics...Love it.

the best one for me on low mid section...warmth

J. Barthélémy

20. Januar 2019

Magique !

Le résultat de ce plug in est incroyable, le traitement des harmoniques fait des miracles sur les basses et sur les clavier. Il peut aussi faire ressortir subtilement un instrument tout comme transformer complètement le son. Un outil indispensable pour réussir un bon mix !

D. Zahn

13. Januar 2019

Top 5 UAD plugin

This plugin is so good that I use it on every track, but the DSP usage is so inefficient (40%) that its laughable. It may not seem like a "fun" plugin to buy, but it's insanely handy.

I. Arteaga

14. Dezember 2018

Not what I expected

First time I regret buying something from UA

L. Sanders

25. November 2018


This is what you need to make your music sound just like a hit record.

UAD User

20. September 2018

The Desert Island Plug

I use this more than any other UA plug. Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, 2 Buss, Anything. It's amazing.

W. Longmore

10. August 2018

Top Five Desert Island Plugin

The VSM-3 is one of the most important plugins of the 106 universal audio plugins I own. It does so much, so well. It thickens and warms bass sounds while making them punchier and clearer. It takes the piercing edge off high frequencies. A huge range of tape saturation effects and raw distortion are easily created. It easily moves low freq items like kick and bass forward or backward in the mix. On vocals it emphasizes or deemphasizes specific parts of the singers voice, allowing them to stand out and sit properly in a mix. For sound design it adds that big, wide cinematic quality to sound. Digital synths mutate into 1980s synths dripping with analog warmness and saturation based imperfections. Muddiness is controlled, brightness emphasized. All these things and more are done without increasing the actual dB level even though things sound louder or softer. It is an amazing plugin producing very noticeable changes. Get it, get frustrated by it, then figure it out and love it up. It will show it's appreciation for you in return.

T. Varga

14. Juli 2018

Love it

It is an amazing harmonics tool!

D. Iljes

24. Juni 2018

Best buy.. last year. Stunning results!!!

D. Iljes

12. Juni 2018


Really great plugin that will blow your mind.....

R. Martine

20. Mai 2018

Very quick to get quality results.

I had spent days, going through different plugins to find the proper saturation for my some of my bass guitar tracks, but everything (including tape machine saturation) how the "home studio" sound. I decided to spend the money for a dedicated saturator, and couldn't be happier. What began as a tool for the bass, is now also in my mastering chain. I don't have to spend much time at all trying to fine tune (as I did with budget plugins). The quality is so high, I could almost use the presets alone. I'm usually leery of reviews that heap praise, because it's likely someone from that company, but be assured, I don't know those folks, I'm just really happy with the quality. Makes my workday faster.

P. Gharapetian

2. April 2018

a little goes a long way

as destructive as this beast can be. using it in the tiniest amounts really goes a long way to make your mix stand out.

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