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Volt 276


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M. Earl

13. September 2022

Volt 276 - Mobile Studio

For mobile studio use it’s legit. Too bad UAD plug-ins aren’t compatible. This does the job for sure.

T. Perkins

29. August 2022

Best Interface I've Had So Far

I've been using and owned the Volt 276 for a couple weeks now, and I really love it! My other interfaces I've owned before this, I've only bought the most basic cheap ones around the $100< mark. I'm so glad I made the upgrade this time. For my needs,I don't see myself paying more for one in the future, but there's also no need for it, the Volt 276 does anything most of us need to do in our project studios. What really shines for me on this was when I recorded my first acoustic with this interface, I engaged the onboard "vintage mode" preamp, and also the analog compression, it made all the difference! My acoustic track sounded closer to final product, which we all know is the goal when recording anything is to make it sound best as possible without adding extra plugins at first, and this is a great means of getting that accomplished. I've already told another producer friend of mine who's buying one as well. I've always been a fan of UA, but couldn't justify spending the amount for an Appollo, but I feel this gets me the sound I need/want and I'm very happy with it. I haven't found one negative thing about it since I've been using it.


10. August 2022

276 volt

ASIO не можу зареєструвати допоможіть

D. Doke

8. August 2022

Way too complex for me…

I’m returning the Volt276. For me it was all to confusing. With that said, I have very little experience and knowledge of recording. I wanted to play my guitar through the 276 using audio backing tracks. All the free and discounted software are great but to me it is all overwhelming! I just wanted to record my guitar directly to achieve better sound on my YouTube videos, but I give up. I want to be a musician not an audio producer. Nothing really bad to say about the product, I’m just not ready to learn all the audio Nuances!

K. Kulbekov

6. August 2022

worst shit I ever used

terrible, not working and glitches out. support never reached out.

C. Smith

4. August 2022


This is the best A. I. I have used yet. And the plugins that come with it are enough to sound high quality and artist ready. I never thought Id say this but I'll never use a focusrite again. Don't stop with this. Can't wait to save up enough for an Apollo, I can only imagine. Thanks for everything you guys do for us.

D. Ruzek

29. Juli 2022

Sounds Amazing

I’ve been using another brand’s interface, a very reputable brand too. But the quality of the signal from my 276 is so much better especially with the compressor, feels like I need to re-record everything I’ve done in the past 5 years!

a. Vietri

8. Juli 2022

ASIO Drivers have buffer underruns on the latest Win 11 OS, Alternative drivers would be nice

The Unit itself is pretty sold. Preamps sound good, the 76 Compressor has amazing curves for both VOX and Guitar. My main issue is the drivers for the product. I have a new I9 processor and the number of buffer underruns is pretty bad. I pretty much hear pops and crackles ever few minutes when working on traces which makes it very diffcult to say the least.

This is likely due to the new win 11 OS but It would be nice to have non-asio drivers as an option. Past that, it works great on my Mac. All and all a good little box

T. Walls

4. Juli 2022

Happy with audio quality, functionality, price and design, with one small little niggle.

I'm happy with the unit for what I purchased it for. I particularly like the 76 Compression modelling as it immediately lifted the sonics for vocals in a positive way, yet to try it with guitar though. Functionality is what it should be for a unit like this although I would VERY MUCH prefer if you could operate the volume output level via the Mac keyboard which you cannot as it is only variable through the 'Monitor' Dial. As I am also using it for System output and it's slightly out of reach (not changeable in my setup) it can be a bit annoying. I'm sure a small software patch could sort this.

Otherwise I would have given it a 5 star review.

S. Shaikh

25. Juni 2022

Annoying software, crackling audio, poor latency

I am super disappointed/annoyed with this product. All the included software requires registration after registration. Additionally even as low CPU utilization (5-10%) I'm getting random crackles/pops in the audio. Furthermore I seem to have less room before hitting buffering issues (using test tone in Ableton I'm hitting the wall at 35-40% cpu utilization at 128 ms buffer) working on returning

r. jackson

17. Juni 2022

Loving it

Great value! Outstanding sound quality. Highly recommend.

E. Cody

8. Juni 2022

Very Nice for the Price!

The 276 is an affordable, great sounding, and fairly straight forward 2 channel audio interface. Solid build with a feature for to toggle some 670 Mic Pre saturation and some limited but usable 1176 compression. There’s some raised noise from the compressor but that’s not unusual for analog gear. The unit’s no latency monitoring works but it’s implementation is rather limited. I’ve a fast CPU, so I don’t even bother to use it and opt to monitor through my DAW, at a low buffer for a much better monitoring and tracking, experience. I’d prefer the phantom power weren’t dual channel but there’s also an instrument switch that does turn simultaneously. So, maybe you could track vocals and guitar at the same time. MIDI I/O rounds out this unit for a great overall value.

E. Piesczek-Ali

7. Juni 2022

No mindjob about that device!

That is just what I needed for my outdoor recordings. With an iPad Pro, just Plug n’play. It sounds like the rest of my gear, awesome!

J. Choi

3. Juni 2022

very good

very good

N. Headon

1. Juni 2022

Really happy!

Sounds great and amazing build quality - really glad I got this!

O. Cvekic

31. Mai 2022

Great interface

It's a really good sounding interface with lot free plugins, very usable compressor and vintage mode.
Only thing I don't like is lack of mute button per channel. This interface has no soft mixer and when you use a second channel for talkback, there is no way to switch off quick. Only to turn gain down.

UAD User

25. Mai 2022

Toller Sound, gute Verarbeitung und schöne Extras

Bin wirklich sehr zufrieden mit dem Interface was Sound und build quality angeht!
Nutze es nun schon seit ein paar Wochen in meinem privaten Studio und konnte es so ausgiebig beim Aufnehmen von Vocals (Gesang und Rap), Akustischen Instrumenten, abmikrofonierten Amps und direkt eingesteckten Instrumenten Testen und bin wirklich zufrieden. Sehr klare Aufnahmen und gute sound Reproduktion aus den Boxen. Vintage preamp mode sowie der Kompressor mit seinen verschieden Modi haben sich auch wiederholt als nützlich erwiesen und machen was sie sollen, auch wenn sie dediziertes outboard Equipment (welches hingegen meist aber mit ordentlichen Kosten verbunden ist) nicht ersetzen.
Verarbeitung ist top genau wie der Preis/Leistung!

苏. 123123

17. Mai 2022



c. saporito

4. Mai 2022

Very good

I purchased this as opposed to the gen3 Scarlett. Already using a gen 1 2i4, I decided it was time to upgrade. The noise floor difference is unreal. No problems setting it up, the latency is very low, controls easy to operate. Midi out works excellent with pedals. Compression and pres are great as well. The design is superb, merely because it's very visible, and reachable, as well as intuitive.
I've been recording at home since 4 tracks, and have had several interfaces over the years. For home and small studio recording, the 276 is going to live up to any needs you may have


P. Clementi

4. Mai 2022

Not fully satisfied

Good preamps and good overall sound for vocals and acoustic intruments, but the built in compressor is too noisy. Amost unusable with plugins. In the "vintage " mode many plugins (I play guitar) sound not clear and a bit harsh. I got a better distort sound from runnning my plugins into my old Scarlett 2i4. This UA interface needs some updates.

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